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Can You Rent an Airbnb for a Year? Here are the Rules… (2024)

If you are looking to check out a city that you are interested in moving to, in need of semi-permanent accommodation, or simply love a place that is listed, you’re in luck! Airbnb has launched long-term stays fairly recently, granting flexibility to both hosts and guests. There are some important conditions to keep in mind, however. This article will help cover everything you need to know about renting an Airbnb long-term.

Can You Rent an Airbnb for a Year

Can You Rent an Airbnb for a Year?

Yes. In fact, Over 80% of Airbnb hosts now offer longer-term stays. It varies from place to place though, so check with your host of choice before booking for such a lengthy period of time. Although this is mostly beneficial for both the guest and host, staying longer does come with its difficulties. Let’s go ahead and discuss them below.

What’s the Longest You Can Rent an Airbnb?

This is something that should be researched via the platform and discussed with your host of choice. It all depends on their personal preference. However, the most realistic would be that 6-12 month mark. Don’t let that burst your bubble, as Airbnb can overall still be a good option for long-term housing. It just takes some planning and depends on what you and the host are looking for.

Can You Reserve an Airbnb for a Year?

Yes, it is possible! However, it may require some in advance planning. For popular stays especially, it may be a challenge to block out a full year for yourself or your family. It is not unheard of for a nice place in a bustling location to be booked out for over a year!

The safest bet when making such preparations is to message the host before booking. A year is a long time, and they may have you sign a long-term agreement of some sort to avoid a loss of profits and other liabilities. They likely also need to make the appropriate preparations for your arrival such as extra amenities or toiletries.

Another option to consider is booking monthly stays, which is much more accessible for long-term vacations or other trips. This also requires some advanced planning, as you will have to map and time out each accommodation throughout the year, but the result is more feasible.

For example, you can rent out Airbnbs for up to 1-2 months (or for as long as you are able for each stay), before moving on to the next one in the same city. This option definitely keeps you on your toes and is ideal if you travel light, but it’s great for those that often crave a change of scenery.

Can You Permanently Live in an Airbnb?

Probably not. Doing so would put the host at a disadvantage, as they likely did not sign up to be a landlord/lady.

If you wish to settle down somewhere, renting an apartment is the better option here. If you insist on Airbnbs for whatever reason, you can “property hop” and stay at different places within 1-3 month intervals, realistically. You can also look into 6-12 month stays if constant travel isn’t your style.

Is Airbnb Good for Long-Term Rent?

It depends. As mentioned above, 80% of hosts are now offering long-term stays that range from 6-12 months at a single time. That is normally the extent for most hosts in terms of “long-term” stays. After all, Airbnb was designed so property owners don’t have to play landlord/lady, given the relatively quick turnaround time. Think of it as a hotel, it is a rare occurrence for someone to live at a hotel (unless they are wealthy, of course).

The difference, however, is that hotels might be a better fit for short-notice accommodation. Keep this in mind if you intend to book an Airbnb on the same day, for example.

A lot of factors are at play when a host considers allowing someone to stay at their property for an extended length of time. Therefore, while it is not uncommon, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the most ideal. Not all hope is lost though, a quick filtered search, and messaging some hosts could result in you getting a sweet deal. Many hosts take money off for long-term or even monthly stays!

Related Questions

Is It Cheaper To Rent An Airbnb Over A Regular Apartment?

The short answer is mostly yes. It certainly can be a great temporary option if you are on a limited budget, or if you travel around often. Just like with any type of accommodation though, each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

If you intend to treat your Airbnb as your own apartment, you will likely face some pushback. With that being said, you cannot change the decor, furniture, or layout of the property you are staying at. You also cannot invite others to stay or visit with you (who have not been disclosed already) without permission or host a gathering. Among other things, the bottom line is you will never be able to make the place your own. It is important to figure out what your values are and what you can sacrifice.

If you are okay with that, however, renting Airbnbs over apartments brings advantages that can far outweigh the need for your own personal touch. For one, it does not require the same commitment a 12-month lease requires, so you can essentially pack up and move somewhere else anytime you like. Not to mention worrying about utility costs!

It’s a great option for digital nomads, allowing you to travel and still have access to the comforts of home such as a bed or wifi. The options for booking a stay are flexible, accommodating budgets high and low. You can book an entire place for yourself or share with another. If a private room with shared amenities is all you need, the platform has you covered there as well.

What is the Long-Term Airbnb Cancellation Policy?

The website states that if a stay is 28 nights or more, the following policy applies:

  • Your first month may be nonrefundable. This is all dependent on the host and when you cancel.
  • If you cancel when you have already arrived, the next 30 days from when you cancel are nonrefundable.

This all applies if you are staying a month or more at an Airbnb. If the reasoning for cancellation is due to an emergency or something similar, your host may choose to issue a refund. However, keep in mind this is not guaranteed.

Is There Any Way Around the Policy?

There are certain circumstances where you will be able to cancel a long-term stay without penalty. Not all are guaranteed and it depends on the host. If you make it clear that you will be bringing or doing something to the Airbnb that is against the rules (i.e. bringing a pet or smoking), or if the listing does not fit you or a family member’s needs (i.e. handicap accessibility) then that would most likely permit a cancelation with no penalty.

It is understandable that emergencies happen, but try to do proper research and don’t be afraid to ask questions before booking. Finally, proper planning in place will also help prevent cancelation mishaps from happening.

Can I Extend My Stay for Longer?

Sure, but you need to check with your host and the availability for the length you wish to extend. For example, if you would like to extend for an extra week or weekend, you need to check if someone has booked that out already. If they have, you will not be able to extend. If it is open, however, a quick check with your host should do just fine.

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