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How Old to Rent an Airbnb? (2024): Airbnb Age Limits at 17, 18, 21, and 25

Airbnb has taken the world by storm and has become the go-to platform for worldwide accommodation next to hotels. However, because the platform is designed to be more accessible to lower-budget travelers, it has attracted some unfortunate circumstances in the past. This is why certain age restrictions have been put into place to protect the safety of travelers, hosts, and even local communities.

How Old to Rent an Airbnb Age Requirements

How Old to Rent an Airbnb?

You must be at least 18 years old or older to rent an Airbnb or have an account on the platform. Allowing anyone under the age of 18 to create an account or book a stay is against Airbnb’s terms of service and against the law. If you wish to book within your local area, however, you must be at least 25 years of age.

Does Airbnb Have Age Restrictions?

Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from not only creating an account but also booking an Airbnb. Other than this one restriction, there are no others that would prevent a legal adult from reserving a stay. However, there are some local conditions for under 25 year-olds which we will discuss below.

Can You Rent an Airbnb at 18?

Yes. You will just need to verify that you are in fact an adult. However, you may not book within your jurisdiction or local area until you are at least 25 years old. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Airbnb had to implement this policy in order to prevent unlawful partying and underage drinking in local areas.

Can You Check Into an Airbnb at 17?

For obvious legal reasons, it is against Airbnb’s terms of service for those that are under 18 (known as a minor) to rent an Airbnb by themselves. This is not to say that minors are not allowed at Airbnbs at all, as they are welcomed as guests under a legal adult’s account. If you are under 18 and wish to rent an Airbnb, you will have to have someone who is 18 or older book and come with you. Keep in mind that regardless if you are others have an Airbnb account or not, everyone that will be staying at the property must be listed for the host to see. Failure to do so may cause issues with your stay if the host were to find out about an unlisted individual(s).

Unfortunately, there is no way around this, which brings us to the next point.

Does Airbnb Check Age? How Strict is Airbnb with Age?

Everyone (including hosts) that create an account on Airbnb goes through a verification process that involves some sort of legal documentation such as a driver’s license, passport, etc. This is to not only verify that each user is who they say they are, but also to ensure that everyone is the appropriate age to book. You can not book stays of any kind on the platform if you do not go through with the verification process.

Do You Have to be 21 to Airbnb?

There is no policy that states that you have to be exactly 21 to book an Airbnb. As long as you are an adult, you are permitted to rent. However, if the host or neighbors were to find out about underage drinking and/or partying at the location, you could get yourself and the host in serious trouble. If you are under 21 (but at least 18), please be responsible.

You may face some limitations if you are under 25 and wish to book locally, which brings us to the next point.

Do You Have to be 25 to Rent an Airbnb?

Yes and no. You have to be at least 25 or older, have at least three positive reviews, and zero negative ones in order to rent an entire place on Airbnb within your own town or city. For example, if you are located in NYC, this rule applies to you if you wish to rent an Airbnb in NYC. The exception, however, is private rooms and hotels, which under 25 year-olds are free to rent. This rule was introduced in 2020 in order to prevent unauthorized house parties in residential areas following a tragedy that took the lives of five at an Airbnb.

As long as you are at least 18 years old, you are free to rent an entire place on Airbnb that is NOT within your local area.

Is There An Older Airbnb Age Limit (over 25)?

Absolutely not! Such a thing would be considered age discrimination, which is against the law. Though unlikely, do keep in mind that hosts reserve the right to deny guests for any reason, since it is their property after all. As far as Airbnb themselves denying an individual from creating an account due to their age (aside from being a minor), that is simply not possible. As stated before, should you feel that being denied is an error, feel free to contact their customer support as it could be a glitch in the system.

Can Airbnb Deny You Because of Age?

If you are under 18, or you are suspected of using fake identification, most definitely. It is against their terms of service to allow anyone under the age of 18 to create an account, let alone book a stay.

If you meet the age requirements, there is no reason for Airbnb to deny you. Should you suspect there is an error in being denied, feel free to reach out to Airbnb customer support so they can sort everything out for you.

Final Takeaway

Bottom line, Airbnb age restrictions are fairly reasonable and thorough. It is important to not only respect those restrictions, but also the rules of the hosts. Age and the number of guests play an important role in success and safety. Ultimately, honoring the rules and using common courtesy will get you far, resulting in you and your family enjoying more Airbnb vacations to come.

Related Questions

Do I Need to Inform My Host of All Guests That Are Joining Me?

Absolutely. As mentioned earlier, regardless if they have an Airbnb account or not, you MUST inform the host of everyone, even babies, that will be staying at the property with you. This ensures that your host can make the appropriate preparations for minor instances such as sleeping arrangements and parking. It also helps prevent the host from unknowingly taking on any unexpected liabilities such as an injury, damages to the property or items, crime, etc.

Although these issues are unthinkable for (hopefully) most, it’s important to be realistic and know that things happen. Informing your host of everyone that will be on the premises during your stay helps both you, your guests, and the host know their responsibilities so that no confusion is incurred.

This also applies to temporary guests. Even if there is to be an unexpected visit from someone, do let your host know as soon it is brought to your attention. Better yet, asking your host in advance if you may have a temporary guest (even if it is not overnight) is a great way to show that you respect your host and their property. It will certainly make you appear that much more trustworthy.

Things To Consider When Traveling With Children

Although children are permitted when accompanied by an adult, there are some Airbnbs that are more family-friendly than others. Surely, you want the entire family to have a nice time, so it is important to do your research and ensure everyone is in agreement with staying at the property of your choosing.

Be Mindful Of The Surroundings

Here are some examples of things to keep in mind regarding the property surroundings:

  • Is the Airbnb in a safe area? Located in a party town? Is it quiet?
  • Are there stairs or other obstacles that could pose an inconvenience to children?
  • When looking at the photos or upon entering the Airbnb, make note of any potential hazards within (or outside) the home and if you can move them out of a child’s reach.

Check Out The Amenities

Amenities are just as important as safety. You are on vacation after all! Here are some that might be nice to have for a family:

  • Parks (can be theme parks, playgrounds, or nature)
  • A nice front or backyard. Perhaps a playground amenity depending on the child’s age.
  • Plenty of space so everyone can have some quiet time if they wish.
  • A bathtub
  • Close to grocery stores, restaurants, museums, and other fun things!
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