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How to Filter for Pet Friendly on Airbnb: Find the Perfect Airbnb for You and Your Furry Travel Partner

When I travel, I love bringing my dog as a companion. When it’s time to book an Airbnb however, it can sometimes be a hassle to find a pet-friendly option. That is when I found out that instead of scrolling through every listing in my travel destination and checking pet policies, I could simply use the Airbnb pet-friendly filter. Keep reading to learn how to filter for pet friendly on Airbnb.

How to Filter for Pet Friendly Airbnb

How to Filter for Pet Friendly on Airbnb: Easily Find a Pet-Friendly Rental

Filtering for Pet Friendly on Airbnb is simple. When you choose your preferences like location, date range, and number of guests, be sure to add the number of pets you will be traveling with as well. This will provide you with a list of pet-friendly Airbnb rentals.

How to Find a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Rental

Step 1: Choose Your Travel Preferences

When you log into the Airbnb website, the first step to finding the perfect rental is choosing your destination. This can be done at the top of the page under the search bar “Where.” You will also have to include the dates you plan to travel to ensure the Airbnb is available.

Step 2: Choose Your Guests

After you have filled out your travel destination and dates, you will need to let Airbnb know how many people are traveling. This allows Airbnb to provide you with search results that can accommodate your party. This is also the section where you need to enter whether you will be traveling with a pet. You can select the number of adults, children, infants, and pets using the drop-down menu provided.

Step 3: View Your Results

Once you’ve selected the number of people in your party and the number of pets traveling with you, hit search. Airbnb will populate a list of available rentals in your destination that are available for your travel dates and also allow pets!

From here, you can scroll through Airbnb options, check out various locations on the map feature, check prices, and even use more filters to narrow your results further. Additional filters available are:

  • Price range
  • Type of place (if you’re traveling with a pet I recommend searching for “entire place”)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Amenities
  • Booking options
  • Accessibility features

Tips for Choosing the Best Pet-Friendly Airbnb

When I am choosing a pet-friendly Airbnb, there are certain criteria I look for to make sure that my stay with my pup is as enjoyable as possible. Check out these tips for choosing the best pet-friendly Airbnb.

Tip #1: Choose “Entire Place” When Selecting the Type of Rental

When you book an entire place, you won’t have a host or any other guests in your living space. You won’t have to worry about other people around your pet or other pets in the area.

Tip #2: Choose “House” or “Guest House” for the Property Type

A house or guest house rather than an apartment or hotel often makes a better pet-friendly option. Although many hotels and apartment buildings may allow pets, a house or guest house will usually have a yard and more pet-friendly features.

Tip #3: Check Out Property Details and Pictures

It’s important to fully investigate a pet-friendly property before deciding to book it for your trip. Pictures and property description allow you to see if there is a yard, a fence, if the property is near a busy road, or if there will be other animals on the property at the same time you are staying there.

Sometimes finding the perfect Airbnb boils down to just one single keyword in a search. Learn how to find an Airbnb using a keyword search by reading this article.

Related Questions

Why is the Airbnb pet-friendly filter missing?

In the past, Airbnb had a “pet-friendly” option on the filter selection list. That option is now removed in lieu of the pet option under the guest selection. If you indicate on the guest selection that you will be bringing a pet, Airbnb automatically filters results to only show pet-friendly rental options.

Can I find a pet-friendly Airbnb with a pool?

Yes! Many Airbnb rentals with pools are also pet friendly. Once Airbnb provides you with a list of pet-friendly rental options, click the filter option at the top of the list. From here, scroll down to amenities and select “pool” under features. This will further filter your list to only include pet-friendly options with pools.

What are the best pet-friendly Airbnb Rentals?

Determining which pet-friendly Airbnb will be best for you and your furry friend is all about personal preferences. If you have a larger dog, you may want a house or cabin with a large yard. If you have a smaller dog or a cat, an apartment may work just fine. Be sure to read reviews from other renters and contact your host with any questions.

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