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How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties: Find the Perfect Airbnb for Your Next Event

If you’re hosting an event or a party and want to make it a destination event, you may be searching for an Airbnb that allows parties. While this may seem like the perfect option, it is important to remember that Airbnb has some very strict rules about hosting parties. In addition to Airbnb policies, individual hosts may have their own party restrictions. If you want to find an Airbnb that allows parties and ensure that your event doesn’t go against Airbnb and host policies, keep reading.

How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties

How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties

Airbnb has a strict no-party policy that includes an occupancy cap of 16 guests. However, if your group is less than 16 people and you follow Airbnb and host policies, you can still find a suitable Airbnb. You will need to search for a property that can accommodate your guests and has all the amenities you are looking for.

Airbnb Party and Events Policy

In August of 2020, Airbnb announced a global ban on all parties and events at Airbnb listings. Airbnb also implemented a 16-person cap on all Airbnb occupancies. Airbnb’s policy is meant to keep guests safe, protect host’s property, and avoid events that could disrupt neighbors.

Can I Still Have My Event at an Airbnb?

Whether you can host your event at an Airbnb will depend on whether you can follow Airbnb’s party policy. A smaller event, like a family vacation, bachelorette party, or birthday getaway may still be possible. As long as you don’t exceed 16 guests, your stay isn’t disruptive, and you follow all of your host’s rules, you can most likely find an Airbnb to suit your needs.

Airbnb For Birthday Party?

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, you will most likely be able to find an Airbnb for a birthday party. Just follow the steps below to search for birthdays (same as events).

Find an Airbnb to Host Your Event: Follow These Steps

Step 1: Select Your Travel Destination and Travel Dates

Before worrying about party accommodations, you will have to decide where you are going and when you will be traveling. At the top of Airbnb’s homepage, you can select your destination and travel dates.

How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties

Step 2: Select the Number of Guests

You will need a rental property large enough to accommodate all your guests. By selecting the number of people traveling, Airbnb will filter results to only show you houses big enough to fit everyone. Remember, you cannot exceed sixteen guests. If you violate this Airbnb policy, Airbnb can cancel your booking without a refund and even suspend your account.

How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties

Step 3: Find the Perfect Airbnb for your Trip

After you select your location, date range, and number of guests, hit search. Airbnb will populate a list of available rentals that fit your selected criteria. The list will have valuable information like nightly rate, number of bedrooms, and guest reviews for the property.

How Do I Know If I Can Host a Party at an Airbnb?

Many Airbnb properties that can accommodate large groups of people will have specific information on their property page about party protocols. For example, some properties may require prior written approval for events along with an added fee. Other properties may have strictly enforced quiet hours to avoid disturbing neighbors. This information can generally be found in the “About this Space” section of the property profile.

Do you want to have your wedding at an Airbnb? If you’re planning on eloping or having a small ceremony, an Airbnb may be the perfect option for your special day. Read our article about how to search Airbnb for wedding venues.

How to Find an Airbnb that Allows Parties

If the property you are considering doesn’t list this information, it is always recommended that you contact the host PRIOR to booking.

Are you having trouble finding an Airbnb to accommodate your party or event? Check out Peerspace for more rental options specifically for hosting large events and gatherings.

Should I Tell the Host About My Party Plans?

Yes. You should always contact your Airbnb host before you book and be honest about your booking intentions. If you lie to your host, or violate their policies, you could be forced to vacate the property and lose any money you paid for the rental.

Always be upfront with your hosts to ensure the best stay possible. Your host may even have good recommendations for local caterers or photographers to help make your event special.

If you are an Airbnb host, it is important that you as well as your guests follow all Airbnb party policies. For a rundown of Airbnb’s party rules and tips to protect your vacation rental, check out our article, HERE.

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