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Here’s How to See Exact Address on Airbnb (2024)

When I search for an Airbnb to stay at on vacation, location is my top priority. I want to be sure that the listing I am renting is close to all the attractions at my destination. However, if you’ve ever booked on Airbnb before, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to find out how to see exact address on Airbnb before booking. 

How to See Exact Address for AirBnb

How to See Exact Address on Airbnb

You can view an Airbnb listing’s approximate location when you search for rentals. The exact address of an Airbnb will not be viewable until after you book the rental. This feature provides extra safety and security for Airbnb hosts. You should contact the host if you have more questions about an Airbnb’s exact location.

How Do I Find an Airbnb in the Right Location without an Address?

Even though you don’t have an exact address for the Airbnb you are interested in; there are still ways to figure out if the rental is in a good location before booking. Try these tips and tricks:

Use the Interactive Map

When you search Airbnb for a rental, you can use their interactive map to determine if the listing is in the area you want to stay. When you log onto the Airbnb website, enter your destination and travel dates at the top of the page.

AirBnb Interactive Map

After hitting search, you will be redirected to a page with available listings and a map showing the approximate location of the listing. For example, if I search for an Airbnb in Austin, Texas, I will get results that look like this:

Using landmarks when finding address

Even though I can’t see the exact addresses of Airbnb listings, I can use landmarks like the Colorado River, city districts, or major roads to tell where the Airbnb is located. This will help me determine whether it will be near the attractions I want to see while on vacation.

Search for Specific Neighborhoods

Airbnb’s search bar allows you to search for cities, towns, national parks, and even specific neighborhoods. If you know that you want an Airbnb in Greenwich Village, New York City, instead of searching for “Manhattan” or “New York City,” search for “Greenwich Village, NY.” Your search results will be more precise, and you can easily find an Airbnb in your desired location.


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Contact the Host

Whenever you have questions about an Airbnb listing, the best way to get answers is by contacting the host. You can message a host before you book by scrolling to the bottom of the listing and clicking “Contact Host.”

Contact Host

Under Airbnb’s policies, your host is not required to give you the exact address until after you book, but you can ask for the nearest cross streets or how far away the property is from certain places or attractions. 

Why does Airbnb Not Show the Exact Location?

There are several reasons that Airbnb will not show the exact location of a listing before it is booked. Here are a few of the top reasons:

Privacy and Security for the Host and Guest

The top reasons that Airbnb hides addresses until the booking is confirmed are privacy and security. Many Airbnb properties are private homes or apartments that are empty and don’t have professional security. If the address is published, anyone could find out what nights the property isn’t booked, making it a prime target for burglaries. 

In addition, this provides extra security for guests too. Tourists tend to be easy targets for crime and may be traveling with valuables like cash or nice jewelry. Criminals could easily find the Airbnb, look up when it is booked, and wait for the guests to leave the property unattended. 

Airbnb is committed to protecting the privacy of its hosts and guests, but many Airbnb users want to know who they are renting from or who is staying in their house. Here’s a guide on How to Look Up a Guest and a Host on Airbnb.

Preventing Unwanted Guests

If Airbnb addresses were made visible, anyone who has searched for the property would be able to show up to the listing even if they don’t have a reservation. This would create issues for the host and guests with valid reservations.

Protecting the Host from Backlash from Landlords or Homeowners Associations

Some Airbnb hosts rent out a private room in their apartment or house for extra income. If the host rents the property from a landlord or belongs to a Homeowners Association, this could create unnecessary problems for the host. By hiding the property address, the host’s identity is protected.

Preventing Guests and Hosts from Booking Outside of Airbnb

It is vital that all rental transactions are completed through Airbnb. This protects both the host and the guests. If addresses were available, it would make it easier for guests to contact hosts to book independently. 

While the parties may benefit from saving service fees, the host and guest open themselves up to risk and liability by booking outside of Airbnb. Once a transaction leaves Airbnb, Airbnb cannot help hosts with damage or guests who break the rules, and they cannot help guests if there is an issue with the property. 

How Do I Find a Specific Location on Airbnb?

You may be wondering how you can find a specific location on Airbnb if Airbnb doesn’t show exact addresses. There are several ways to find specific locations, including using Airbnb’s filter tools or third-party search engines.

For more in-depth instructions on finding a specific location on Airbnb, check out RentalRecon’s article HERE.

How Can Hosts Help?

If a host wants their Airbnb to be booked often, it is in their best interest to make sure the property is easy to find and shows an accurate location. Here are some ways hosts can help guests with location issues.

Customize the Map Location

Airbnb offers hosts two options for listing their location: general location and specific location. 

  • General location. Guests can see the neighborhood, landmarks, transportation, and other points of interest around the Airbnb listing.
  • Specific location. Provides greater location accuracy and will show a small circle around the Airbnb listing area but not an exact location. 

By selecting a specific location, your guests will have a better idea of where the rental is located without using the exact address.

Provide a Detailed Property Description

One reason guests want to know the exact location of an Airbnb before booking is to make sure it is in a convenient location. Hosts can help solve this problem by providing extra details in the property description.

Hosts should list the time it takes to get to all major attractions near their rental. They can also include information about public transportation and the distance from major airports. It helps to note which sights are within walking distance and which will require a vehicle.

Take Accurate Pictures of Your Property

While it is rare, some Airbnb guests have had bad experiences with deceiving property photos. Many guests want to know the exact location of a property to look up photos or street views of the listing to ensure the pictures and description provided by the host are accurate. 

Hosts can avoid this issue by providing accurate and detailed pictures of their listings. If you advertise a pool or jacuzzi, provide a photo. Take pictures of all the rooms in your Airbnb and the surrounding property. This can help ease guests’ fears or suspicions.

Answer Potential Guest Questions

Guests are encouraged to reach out to hosts if they have any questions. Hosts are not required to give out the property address but should be ready to answer questions about their property and the surrounding area.

Prompt and helpful responses will also lead to more bookings because guests will feel more comfortable renting the property knowing that the host is easy to contact.

Are you worried about whether your Airbnb host is legitimate or just running a scam? Read our article, How to Know if an Airbnb Host is Legit, for tips.

Related Questions

Does Airbnb Show Exact Location?

Airbnb does not share the exact location of a listing until after the guest books and pays for the rental. Before booking, guests can see the approximate location of the property and can contact the host for more details.

Can You See the Airbnb Address Before Booking?

No. For safety and privacy reasons, Airbnb does not show addresses to guests before booking. Guests can see the approximate location of the listing on an interactive map to get an idea of where the listing is located.

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