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Do Airbnb Hosts Check On You? (2024): How Private is Your Airbnb Space?

Privacy is a big concern for Airbnb guests. Even though you are on someone else’s property, you paid for the space, so it is normal to expect a reasonable amount of privacy during your stay. This leads many guests to ask the question: can an Airbnb host check on you?

Do Airbnb Hosts Check on You?

Keep reading to find the answer to this common question and other information about privacy while staying at an Airbnb.

Do Airbnb Hosts Check on You?

Airbnb does not have a steadfast rule on whether Airbnb hosts can check on guests during their stay. Guests are entitled to a certain amount of privacy and should discuss with the host whether they plan on stopping by the rental during the guest’s stay. Even though there is no rule, a host entering a rented space unannounced is generally frowned upon in the Airbnb community.

Different Expectations for Different Rentals

Airbnb has all types of rentals available, from an entire house to a private room within the host’s home. The privacy you get in your rental will depend on the type of property you book.

Renting an Entire House

If you rent a house and the host does not also live on the property, it is natural to expect a reasonable amount of privacy during your stay. It is customary for some hosts to meet you at check-in to confirm your identity, but any drop-ins should be communicated after that.

Renting a Guest Unit with the Host On-Site

Some rentals are apartments, cottages, or tiny homes on the host’s primary residence property. When you stay in this kind of rental, it is common to see the host on a daily basis. Hosts will usually inform guests that they live on the property and are available for questions or concerns. In this situation, an Airbnb host should respect a guest’s privacy and not enter the rental unit unless they inform the guest first.

Renting a Private Room in a Host’s Home

This type of rental will afford you the least privacy, and you can expect daily interaction with your host. When you rent a private room, sharing a bathroom or a kitchen with your host is common, so be prepared to share multiple living spaces. Even in this type of arrangement, hosts should respect the private room and not enter unannounced.

Can Hosts Use Security Cameras at Their Airbnb?

One concern many guests have is whether their host can spy on them with security cameras. It is against Airbnb policy for hosts to have hidden security devices or any security devices in private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Hosts are required to disclose in their listing whether they have security cameras on their property and whether the cameras are actively recording. Airbnb permits hosts to have security cameras outside the rental to monitor the property and surrounding areas.

In Case of an Emergency

It is a general consensus of the Airbnb community that the only time a host should check on a guest unannounced is in case of an emergency. Emergencies could include fires, electrical issues, floods, and any other situation that a host may need immediate access to the rental.

How Should a Host Conduct Check-Ins?

In some cases, like when a guest stays at an Airbnb for a long duration, the host may need to occasionally check on the rental. This could be to restock supplies, clean, do laundry, or simply check the condition of their property. If a host wants to check on their guest, they should follow these guidelines:

  1. Communicate with the Guest

A host should always communicate to their guest that they plan to visit the rental. All communications should occur through Airbnb messages in case either party needs proof that communication took place.

  1. Schedule a Time

When a guest is staying in an Airbnb, they are often on vacation! Hosts should schedule a time to stop by that is convenient for the guest and doesn’t disturb their vacation activities.

  1. Include Check-Ins in Your House Rules

If a host wants to reserve the right to check in on guests, they should make that clear in their house rules. The rules can state that the host reserves the right to enter the property for inspection, maintenance, or cleaning but will be reasonable to accommodate the guest.

If you would like more information about the host’s rights and guest privacy, read this article.

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What if a Host Suspects a Guest is Breaking House Rules?

While most Airbnb guests are honest, some renters break both host and Airbnb rules. The most common rule that is broken is having more guests than permitted at the rental. When you book an Airbnb, you must state how many guests will be staying at the property. If you exceed that number, you could face consequences.

If a host suspects there are more guests than permitted in their Airbnb, they may want to check on the rental unannounced. While no rule expressly forbids this, hosts are taking a risk. If the host is wrong about their suspicions, they may anger their guests, resulting in a negative review.

The best way to handle this situation is to use the Airbnb message center to contact the guest and confirm the number of guests staying at the rental. Hosts should remind guests of the maximum occupancy and Airbnb’s policies.

One way to avoid dropping in on guests unannounced is to set up security cameras outside the house. This will allow you to monitor guests coming and going from your property. If you have a security camera on the premises, be sure to include this in your listing!

Final Thoughts

When a guest rents an Airbnb, they have a right to privacy. Hosts should ensure that they do everything possible to make sure their guests are comfortable and safe. If a host does need to check on a guest, they should communicate with their guests and schedule a time to visit the Airbnb.

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