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iGMS Affiliate Program (2024): Earn Money from Your Referrals

Are you interested in making the most your of your side hustle? Of course you are! If you’re a top-notch host, you’re probably already taking advantage of various smart programs to help you get the most out of your Airbnb listings. But have you considered whether or not you’re making the most out of the programs?

Affiliate programs are offered by tons of companies and are a great way to make your money and time work for you. Today we’ll be going over iGMS’s affiliate program so you can learn how to make extra money from referrals in your sleep.

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What is iGMS?

iGMS is what’s known as a channel manager: a tool that helps you streamline your short term rental listings, bookings, payments, messages… you get the picture. With iGMS you can see all your rentals in one place. This makes it an invaluable tool for property managers and larger hosts alike as it will save you tons of time and effort.

iGMS has several competing channel managers on the market, but we truly feel it is one of the best out there. They let you sign up for FREE, which is always a plus in my book, and they keep prices low for smaller hosts so you don’t break the bank while you’re trying to grow your Airbnb or short term rental profits. 

I love that they offer direct booking management which allows users to branch out away from traditional sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO to create their own website and keep 100% of their rental profits. 

With iGMS you can automate tedious repeat tasks like cleaning schedules, check in and out, messaging, payment processing, and more all from a streamlined dashboard. This is what makes them a true “channel manager”, all your tasks are in one convenient place!

9.1Expert Score

iGMS is a powerful channel manager that includes automated messaging, integrated calendars, and branded website. Here is how this tool stacks up…

Customer Impressions
  • Branded Website with Payment Processing
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Online Support
  • Native Smart Messaging
  • Pop-Up Notifications
  • Slow Customer Service
  • No Phone Support

How do I sign up for the iGMS affiliate program?

Convinced already? That’s great! Click HERE to get started with iGMS’s fantastic affiliate program today!

How does the iGMS affiliate program work?

The iGMS affiliate program is super easy to use and the company gives you more than enough promotional material to help get you started. We’ll even walk you through the simple steps it takes to sign up:

Step 1: Sign up for iGMS (preferably through an affiliate link!)

Step 2: Enroll in the affiliate program (link HERE if you need help!)

Step 3: Check your affiliate dashboard to make sure everything is in order. iGMS does payouts through PayPal using a third party program called LeadDyno. Try to sign up for your LeadDyno account using your PayPal email address to streamline the process. If you used a different email, you’ll need to email iGMS support to get it changed over. 

On your dashboard is where you’ll find your referral link. This link is unique to you and you alone, so be sure to use it! You’ll also find the commission terms and agreements on this page as well. 

Step 4: Make use of all the promotional material iGMS provides. iGMS will start you off with a whole marketing kit’s worth of things you can use to promote your link. This includes design guidelines, screenshots, and instructions on how to integrate your link into promotions. These pre-made assets will help you stay consistent with their branding and show off all that iGMS has to offer.

Step 5: Share, share, share! Take all the materials they give you and integrate them on your blog, website, social media, and more! This is how you’ll get referrals, so don’t be afraid to do a little self-promotion.

Step 6: Watch your earnings grow! Commission is calculated by iGMS on the 1st of each month and payouts are given on the 15th of each month. There is a Commission section under the main menu where you can track your earnings, see how transactions are processing, and see how your invitees have directly contributed. 

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iGMS Affiliate Program Pros and Cons

The iGMS affiliate program has tons of positives and very few real drawbacks. One thing that caught my eye right away is that there are fairly significant per-user earnings that are expressed in real dollar amounts (not confusing percentages or fractions of percentages). This is great since you’ll be easily able to track how each referral is earning you money in real time. 

I also like how easy it is to share your referral link, especially with all the free promotional material they provide you with. You don’t have to be a marketing genius or social media guru to share some pre-cropped screenshots and eye-catching images!

They also share that they get a big chunk of their clients from referrals. This is great for you as a referee, of course, but also as a customer. A company with a good word-of-mouth spread that is organically growing shows strong conviction and lots of positive customer feedback.

One interesting thing I found was that you earn a commission for each user you refer even if that user isn’t paying! iGMS does offer a free tier with limited functionality, so if your referrals aren’t feeling the whole subscription deal, you don’t have to worry about having wasted your time! You’ll still get a small commission for sending them over to iGMS.

As a bonus, the people you refer also get a little something for their trouble! This is a great incentive to push reluctant people towards signing up. With the easy to use marketing kit, great referral bonuses, and stellar product, the iGMS affiliate program is a no-brainer. 

One of the few drawbacks that I’ve found to their program is that they only offer payouts through PayPal. While PayPal is a pretty secure and widely utilized platform, it would be kind of nice to see some other options such as direct bank transfers, statement credits, and things like that. The commissions can be relatively low, especially if the user you refer isn’t paying a lot, but this is more of an industry standard than anything else. 

Rental Recon Tip: You worked for your money, so why not make your money work for you too? If you’re not yet taking advantage of partnerships, affiliate programs, and other sources of passive income, now is the time to get going! Click HERE to get started!

Is iGMS worth it?

In our opinion, iGMS is totally worth it (both the program itself and the affiliate program!). It’s super cost effective, even if you have very few listings, and channel managers are a must-have if you have more than a few listings anyways. It was one of the first channel managers out there and is constantly updating to meet the demand of customers. 

If you’re looking for a channel manager but aren’t sure where to start, the fact that iGMS offers a free signup is a huge bonus! No risk and you’ll get to test drive a great program to see if it fits your needs. Need to do some more research? Check out how iGMS stacks up against Guesty, a similar program, HERE!

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