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Lodgify Review (2024): Thorough Comparison of Features, Itegrations & More

If you are a host who uses Airbnb to manage your listings, you should definitely consider using Lodgify. It has a range of features that make it easy to set up a professional-looking vacation rental site. Here is why we think Lodgify is a great fit for property owners. Check out this detailed Lodgify Review and see why we are recommending it.

Our Lodgify Review Summary Is it Worth it? 

Yes. Lodgify is definitely worth it for both individual and multiple vacation rental businesses. It works well for hotels, bed & breakfasts, and professional vacation rentals. Its easy-to-use website builder is designed to increase conversions and boost reputation. 

Lodgify Features Table

Lodgify’s property management software for vacation rentals is designed to offer a centralized platform for managing bookings, tasks, finances, and guest communications.

Features at a Glance

Vacation Rental Booking InboxLodgify’s intuitive booking inbox keeps all your reservations in one place, providing a comprehensive view of your bookings from various channels, including Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, and Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple calendars.
Vacation Rental Multi-CalendarThe multi-calendar feature allows you to sync bookings from different channels seamlessly. Make changes on one calendar, and they automatically reflect on others, eliminating the risk of double bookings. Manage rates based on seasonality, mark up margins, and create manual quotes effortlessly.
Vacation Rental Channel ManagerLodgify’s channel manager facilitates effective management of multiple properties. Assign tasks, automate processes, and track everything effortlessly with the daily overview page. Custom roles for team members, from administrators to cleaning staff, streamline booking turnovers.
Task Management for Vacation RentalsManage reservations on the go with Lodgify Mobile. Update your calendar, respond to inquiries, create bookings, request payments, and oversee all reservations directly from your smartphone. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of managing your business from anywhere.
Payment Reports for Vacation RentalsSimplify your vacation rental accounting with Lodgify’s accounting module. Keep better control of your payments through automatically updated statements. Track financial details, including payments, recipients, dates, values, and transfer status effortlessly.
Automated Guest Messages for Vacation RentalsEnhance guest communication with automated responses via email and SMS. Utilize Lodgify’s built-in guest CRM to stay in touch with guests. Send rental agreements, house rules, or instructions via automated messages. Communicate directly with guests via WhatsApp and SMS for a personalized touch.
24/7 Guest CommunicationLodgify’s centralized dashboard allows you to communicate with guests 24/7. Automate responses triggered by events like booking confirmation. Use predefined email templates and implement autoresponders, minimizing manual work and enhancing the overall guest experience.
Solution for All Property TypesLodgify’s property management software caters to both single and multi-unit rentals. Whether you own a single vacation rental apartment or manage a hundred properties, Lodgify has a solution tailored to your needs. From apartments and B&Bs to cabins, cottages, villas, hotels, and hostels, Lodgify covers it all.
Additional Benefits– Save time and maximize revenue with a centralized dashboard that prevents double bookings. – Quick and easy setup, user-friendly even for non-tech-savvy users. – Create logins and give specific permissions to multiple users, ideal for property managers.

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Pros & Cons of Lodgify Based on Customer Reviews


  • Automated Payment: The system collects split payments automatically.
  • Efficient Communication: Automated emails and Guest App reduce time spent on communication.
  • Airbnb Integration: Syncs seamlessly with Airbnb, allowing management through Lodgify.
  • Knowledge Base: Comprehensive help center for navigation assistance.
  • Website Builder: Easy-to-use Website Builder for creating appealing websites.
  • Support Team: Responsive and helpful support team with a 24-hour response time.
  • Streamlined Operations: Effective channel integration for managing multiple properties.


  • Minor Bugs: Some users experienced minor bugs, promptly addressed by the support team.
  • Learning Curve: Editing tools may be challenging for less computer-savvy users.
  • Automation Limitations: Lack of automation for booking tasks compared to other software.
  • Integration Challenges: Difficulty and frustration in software integration, particularly with VRBO.
  • Price Breakdown Absence: Lack of breakdown of price per day on quotes.
  • Calendar Identification: Calendars lack color-coded reservations for easy identification.
  • Message Box Issues: Sensitive message box and synchronization issues with Airbnb.
  • Accounting Errors: Errors in accounting statements and notifications.
  • Customer Service Concerns: Inconsistent customer service response and difficulty in getting in touch.
  • Channel Manager Issues: Some users faced challenges with the channel manager and integration with Airbnb messages.
  • Incorrect Charges: Reports of incorrect charges and unsatisfactory resolution by customer service.

Lodgify Pricing and Free Trial

Lodgify offers a two week trial, which gives you access to the software’s features without a commitment. In addition, the tool has subscription plans that range from $11 per month for one property, $206 per month for 25 properties, to $352 for 50 properties. The software also has a low cost per listing, making it an affordable option for small-to-medium-sized businesses. (See below)

Here are the prices with the number of rentals set to 25…

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Does Lodgify Have a Free Version? 

Yes, but the free version is limited in its features, and you can’t customize it too much. If you’re looking for a comprehensive management solution, however, Lodgify is worth investing in.

How Does Lodgify Work?

Lodgify is a web platform that connects to registered domain names and integrates with existing websites. You can use it to create new listings or import existing ones from Airbnb. The process is hassle-free and fairly straightforward. You may also customize the platform as per your needs. 

Does Lodgify Have an App?

Yes, and the Lodgify App can be downloaded and used on smartphones as well as laptops.

Task Management for Vacation Rentals - Lodgify

Lodgify Direct Booking Website

Lodgify offers a direct booking website to hosts. You are able incorporate your rental’s pictures, rental agreement, rules, descriptions, etc. Lodgify uses their Stripe integration to collect payments. You can also link up your existing calendars so you don’t receive double bookings.

If you’re wanting to utilize your own Lodgify website in order to get on Google Vacation Rentals, you will need to sign up for their more expensive plan.

Does Lodgify Use API?

Yes, Lodgify will allow you to connect your website to the Lodgify platform. This will allow you to add a search widget to your website and allow users to book properties. It also integrates with third-party booking websites so that you can manage bookings in one place.

Lodgify Integration 

Lodgify can integrate with, which allows you to easily manage your website and streamline bookings. Its simple interface and powerful features let you seamlessly connect with a variety of online travel agencies. Lodgify can be embedded on any website and offers a number of features to help you manage your business efficiently.

Lodgify Academy

If you’re just getting started as a property manager, Lodgify might be just what you’re looking for. Lodgify Academy provides training on how to create and manage a website. With easy-to-use tools and an integrated experience, you’ll be able to create mobile-friendly websites that empower customers. Enroll here…

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Lodgify Accounting Tools for Vacation Rental Businesses

Lodigy accounting allows vacation rental businesses to automatically calculate their revenue and expenses. It also keeps track of payments to employees and guests. The software can generate monthly statements and reports that show the income and expenses for each day of the week or month. The app can also be set up to automatically send employee receipts and invoices.

Accounting Tools for Vacation Rentals - Lodgify

Does Lodgify Work with Airbnb?

Lodgify is not compatible with Airbnb’s API or iCal integration. However, it allows you to manually create listings or import listings from Airbnb. Manually creating a listing is a hassle-free process, and the software makes it easy to add amenities and photos. The listing management section is intuitive, so you can quickly set up your rentals.

Can I Use My Own Domain with Lodgify?

If you’d like to use your own domain, Lodgify has a free domain option for you. In addition to this, you can also link an existing domain.

10 SEO Tips for Your Lodgify Website

Where is Lodgify Based and What’s Their Customer Service Number?

Lodgify is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. It currently has 50 employees, with plans to expand worldwide. You can reach them at the numbers listed below…

Lodgify Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you can promote Lodgify on your website. This helps support your website while earning revenue. You will earn 15% of the total amount of each bill. This is an easy way to increase your revenue. In addition, you will get to share and receive the revenue. So, why not take advantage of it?

Lodgify Cancelation Policy 

Lodgify allows you to create custom cancellation policies for your properties. These policies are different from the standard ones and can be accessed directly from your property page. Just make sure you mention your cancellation policy in your listing description. Then, your guests can easily cancel their stay without affecting your ranking metrics.

Lodgify Demo

The Lodgify demo provides an overview of the platform and allows you to see what features it offers. You can see your options below…

The cost of the demo depends on how many listings you have. However, if you’re only managing a few properties, it’s best to go for the monthly subscription.

Does Lodgify Work with Vrbo?

Yes, and when you use Lodgify with Vrbo, your listings will be linked to your Vrbo account. You can then manage and sync your VRBO listings on both platforms without having to worry about duplicate bookings.

Once you link your Vrbo account to Lodgify, Vrbo removes the ability to pay through their platform. You are stuck using Lodgify’s Stripe payment processing. Since you are now not using Vrbo for payments, they won’t collect and remit taxes for you. So the host is now responsible to remit taxes themselves. Quite a bummer!

Lodgify Dashboard Features

There are several features to be found in the Lodgify dashboard. To name a few, there are: 

  • Channel Manager
  • Integrations
  • Payment Gateway
  • Guest Management
  • Property Management
  • Templates 
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Website Builder
  • Search widget

Here is an illustration of the Lodgify dashboard…

Guest Management for Vacation Rentals - Lodgify

The dashboard features will help you streamline your rental information. Check out the list below:

Lodgify Channel Manager

Lodgify’s Channel Manager allows you to manage your listings. It also allows you to synchronize all your listings with your calendar. You can connect your calendars using iCal or API integrations. 

This allows you to automatically synchronize your availability across external channels without the need for manual updates. This helps eliminate the need for double bookings. (See below)

If you’re a property manager and want to make running your Airbnb business a bit easier, you should look for a channel manager that will sync all your listings. This way, you won’t have to spend hours copying and pasting information to other websites. In addition, you can customize your channels so that they match your online presence.

Lodgify Integrations

Lodgify offers integration with some of the leading payment gateways in the industry. The platform allows property owners and managers to connect with multiple online booking sites. Users can embed Lodgify into their existing website, and it can also integrate with Airbnb. With this integration, property owners can reach a larger audience and increase their occupancy rates. (See below)

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The Lodgify smart lock integration connects to smart devices, such as smart locks. With this integration, hoteliers can provide guests with the best possible experience while improving security and streamlining operations.

Lodgify Payment Gateway

With the Lodgify payment gateway, you can accept credit card payments through your website. The system is flexible enough to accept payments from a variety of currencies, and its accounting module helps you track finances in one place. It can also be set up to automate correspondence with your guests. There are also multiple users who can share one account.

In addition to accepting credit cards, Lodgify also supports PayPal and e-check payments. It also offers customizable rental rates, taxes, and promotions and can integrate with existing websites such as WordPress or Drupal. 

Lodgify’s payment gateway dashboard is user-friendly and enables you to manage flexible rates, taxes, and promotions.

Lodgify Guest Management

Lodgify guest management helps you automate the process of communicating with your guests. You’ll never have to worry about missing important messages from your guests. With a unified inbox, you can view messages from all of your guests in a single place. You can quickly filter messages based on what matters most to you by using automatic filters.

Lodgify also includes an email automation tool for sending emails and allows messaging via WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS directly through the dashboard. 

Vacation Rental Guest Messaging

Lodgify Property Management

Lodgify’s property management software enables you to view and manage your properties right from the dashboard. Property managers can monitor online bookings, process payments, and communicate with their customers. The software is easy to use and allows for multiple logins and permissions for different staff members.

Lodgify Templates

Lodgify’s templates are customizable and come in several different designs. This makes it easy to create different designs for different types of properties. You can also use custom text and HTML code to customize your site. Take a look at these sample templates below…

Redesigned Website Templates Featuring Our Booking Engine

After registering, users can choose a template that suits their website and customize it to meet their requirements. They can also add content and images to their pages. The templates are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. 

Lodgify WordPress Plugin

Lodgify offers an easy way to add a booking widget to your website. The Lodgify WordPress plugin connects with your domain name and allows you to embed a booking widget, search widget, and “Book Now” button onto your website. The plugin can streamline the information on your website and allow you to sell more accommodations.

Lodgify Update: Embeddable Booking System for Vacation Rentals

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing 

Lodgify offers a flexible way to customize your dynamic pricing. You can set minimum nights and other pricing strategies to ensure maximum revenue and occupancy. The tool comes with several price plans starting from $9.99 for a single listing. PriceLabs also allows you to customize pricing strategies for groups of listings. Once you have created groups, you can customize minimum stays and prices and sync them with Lodgify. 

Lodgify Squarespace Booking Platform

Lodgify transforms your Squarespace website into a reservation portal, complete with booking widgets that guide your guests through the process and automate payment collection. This platform offers customizable embeddable codes that can be incorporated into your website, making the process as easy as possible. 

Lodgify also integrates with Squarespace’s free starter plans. 

Lodgify Vs. Airbnb

Lodgify is a popular vacation rental management software. It enables owners to manage bookings and listing details from multiple websites. Moreover, it integrates with Airbnb to provide more functionality to owners. Both sites use the same API to allow users to synchronize their listing information. Both platforms also help owners automatically advertise their properties on both websites.

Among the main advantages of Lodgify is that it enables hosts to manage multiple accounts on Airbnb at the same time. This is very useful for hosts who have multiple listings and want to avoid errors. Manually updating listings can become tedious and error-prone. This can lead to incorrect descriptions or inconsistent prices. 

For smaller rental businesses, Lodgify may be the best option. The software provides customizable templates and only charges 1.9% of each booking. 

Lodgify Alternatives and Competitors

We feel Lodgify is a good choice for property management, but it is not the only option. There are many competing VRMS solutions available. Lodgify has several competitors, including Smoobu, Ownerrez Airbnb, iGMS, Uplisting, Hospitable, Your Porter, and Hostaway

These solutions are similar in some ways, but they each have their own advantages. 

What makes Lodgify unique is its many useful features, such as how it integrates with many popular platforms, including Google Analytics and PriceLabs. Additionally, Lodgify supports multi-calendars and offers email templates.

Lodgify Reviews – Reddit, Capterra, Trustpilot

If you are interested in launching your own vacation rental business, you might be curious about the Lodgify platform. Here are what people on Reddit are saying: 




Although Lodgify is relatively small, its blog provides plenty of information for property owners. Its headlines are catchy, and its articles are intriguing. 

The Verdict

If you’re new to renting out your property, it can be a daunting experience. Thankfully, there are now a lot of tools available to help you streamline the process. In addition to a branded website, Lodgify offers a number of other useful features, including a search widget, a Book Now button, and a Booking widget. These options allow you to streamline the rental process by removing the middleman and handling all aspects of it from your own site. Are you ready to get started? Click here to set up your rental site today.

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