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Lodgify Vs. Guesty (2024): Side-By-Side Comparison of Features, Integrations & More

If you’re wondering what the difference is between Lodgify and Guesty, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we compare the two platforms to give you insight before choosing. Continue reading this Lodgify Vs Guesty article to find the differences…

Lodgify Vs. Guesty

Lodgify Vs. Guesty: Our Summary

If you are looking for an easy way to manage your vacation rentals, you’ve come to the right place. Lodgify and Guesty are the most popular vacation rental property management software platforms among Airbnb hosts and property managers out there. But which do you choose? 

Both Lodgify and Guesty offer great value. Lodgify and Guesty for Hosts (for 1 – 3 properties) both offer a free trial, which is nice because you can test the service out before paying anything.

Both platforms have very similar features and both have all the essentials you need to manage your vacation rental business. Guesty does have a few more advanced features than Lodgify, which we will go over here.

But if you’re an individual host who enjoys dealing with numbers, you should look at Lodgify. We think the company’s robust features and affordability is unbeatable.

In addition, property managers and hosts have access to their properties and can update information and make changes without having to contact the management team.

Lodgify Vs. Guesty Features Comparison Table

Activity Dashboard
activity tracking
billing and invoicing
billing rate management
booking management
built-in accounting
calendar management
calendar sync
channel management
drag and drop
electronic management
free version
online booking
subscription based
third-party integrations
wordpress integration
Activity Dashboard
activity tracking
billing and invoicing
billing rate management
booking management
built-in accounting
calendar management
calendar sync
channel management
drag and drop
electronic management
free version
online booking
subscription based
third-party integrations
wordpress integration
Activity Dashboard
activity tracking
billing and invoicing
billing rate management
booking management
built-in accounting
calendar management
calendar sync
channel management
drag and drop
electronic management
free version
online booking
subscription based
third-party integrations
wordpress integration


Lodgify Vs. Guesty Price Comparison

Bottom Line
New item
Bottom Line
Starts at $0
New item
1. Lower Booking Fees
2. Email Support
3. Property Management
4. Website Builder
Bottom Line
Starts at $49
New item
1. Automated Messages
2. Channel Manager
3. Cleaning Management

Lodgify’s pricing is based on the number of connected listings; adding or removing listings will result in prorated charges. They also provide volume discounts, so the more properties you have, the lower your per-property cost will wind up being.

If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can cancel it online or contact a Support Team member to get a refund.

Guesty’s pricing is percentage-based, but they have many advanced features that may work better for larger property management companies. However, you can’t see their pricing plans online and you will have to request a quote to get a custom pricing model.

Guesty also charges a setup fee, but it includes 6 weeks of onboarding support. Guesty for Hosts offers a fixed pricing structure.

Lodgify and Guesty Channel Manager Comparison Table

Lodgify and Guesty pretty much offer the same bag of goodies when it comes to managing vacation rentals. They’ve got you covered with accounting tools, analytics, ways to automate stuff, handle reservations directly, keep track of your customers with CRM, manage bookings manually, and plug into a marketplace for extra tools.

Plus, they’ve got mobile apps, handle multiple units and calendars, integrate with other tools through an open API, keep owners in the loop with portals, handle payments, generate reports, optimize revenue, manage tasks, and keep all your messages in one inbox. Basically, whether you go with Lodgify or Guesty, you’re in for a solid set of features to run your vacation rental business smoothly.

Accounting Tools
Direct Reservations
Manual Reservations
Mobile Management App
Multi-Unit Management
Open API
Owners Portal
Payment Solutions
Reporting Tools
Revenue Management
Task Management
Unified Inbox
Calendar Management
Business Tools
Booking Engine

Property management is all about making life easier, and when it comes to tools that get things done, Lodgify and Guesty are big names in the game. But which one gives you more automation power? That’s the question we’re diving into. We’re going to break down and compare the automation features of Lodgify and Guesty to see who’s got the tools that really make a difference in managing properties and keeping guests happy. Let’s find out who’s leading the pack in making property management a breeze.

Lodgify Vs. Guesty Integrations Comparison

This table offers a quick look at vacation rental management tools and their integrations with platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and Green check marks, symbolized as “✔️”, represent compatibility, while red “❌” symbols denote lack of integration. Guesty stands out with an extensive array of integrations, making it a robust choice for property managers seeking seamless connections across various platforms and services.

Google Vacation Rental
Operto Teams
Sure Insurance
Google Analytics
Touch Stay
Enso Connect
Scurto Marketing
Go Zero Charge
Charge Automation
TMRW Apartments
Edgewater Firm
Thuro Accounting
Guest Guru
API Nation

Lodgify Vs. Guesty Customer Support

If you’re unsure about how to set up your Lodgify account or need help navigating the system, you can contact the company’s technical support team. They’ll help you get up and running as quickly as possible. While they’re usually available during daytime hours, you can also reach them on weekends and holidays.

Guesty’s 24/7 customer support team is always there to assist you with your concerns and questions. It offers semi-automated messages and a fully automated message system. The latter helps you save time by automatically sending out the same replies to frequently asked questions. You can use Guesty’s chat feature to talk to a representative.


Customer Support Rating: 4.5/5

92% would recommend this app.

Phone Number: US: (+1) 646 760 7133


Customer Support Rating: 4.5/5

85% would recommend this app.

Phone Number: US: (+1) 877-228-3145

Lodgify Key Features

Lodgify offers a variety of features, including direct bookings and a mobile-friendly website builder. The program also integrates with existing CMS-based websites and popular pricing tools. Lodgify’s key features include:

  • Multi Calendar: View and manage the details of your bookings from one calendar.
  • Unified Inbox: Manage all messages from one inbox.
  • Channel Manager: Sync bookings and property details across multiple booking channels, such as Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Expedia.
  • Booking Website Builder: Make your own website that handles all your bookings and payment processing.
    • Owner Portal: A dedicated dashboard that provides up-to-date real-time property performance and accurate data.
  • Accounting Features: Keep track of your finances at all times and sync with apps like Quickbooks.
  • Automation Tools: Automation software to take over your routine tasks, such as guest messages.
  • Task Management: Generate, assign, and monitor recurring to-dos, including check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Open API: Allows you to connect external applications and websites.

Check out this video for an extended look at Lodgify’s features and offerings:

Lodgify Onboarding

Once you are signed up with Lodgify, you will be offered the opportunity to speak with a Lodgify specialist. They will walk you through the entire setup to make you your onboarding process is successful. We really like this offering and use it for each of our rental properties. Check out this video:

Guesty Key Features

Guesty offers all of the above features that Lodgify provides, but also:

  • Revenue Management: Guesty’s own dynamic pricing tool.

Guesty can also integrate with your Airbnb smart lock technology. You can manage deposits and perform payment processing directly on the platform. Other notable features of this vacation rental software include an Owner’s Portal, which gives you control of your listings and manages messages. This vacation rental software supports fifteen different languages. Guesty can also sync with your existing website.

Choose Lodgify if…

  • You want multiple pricing plans
  • You want the least expensive software
  • You want an excellent range of add-ons 

Choose Guesty if…

  • You want built-in access to every part of your business
  • Use Guesty for Hosts, if you’re a smaller property owner (3 or less listings)
  • Use Guestly for Pros, if you’re a larger property owner (4 or more listings)
  • You want a very easy-to-learn setup 
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Our Conclusion 

We love how both platforms allow hosts and property managers to build property listings and manage their bookings. With Guesty, hosts can also add or edit properties, block time on calendars, and create tasks. Guestly is ideal for property management companies.

Regarding cost, though, Lodgify offers an impressive range of features at a low price. Its pricing model combines commissions and fixed monthly fees. Logify is ideal for individual Airbnb hosts.

It’s a tough pick as both sites are great for managing your short-term rentals and offer free trials, but overall, we feel Lodgify’s features and price make it a better fit for Airbnb hosts. 

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