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Lodgify Vs Uplisting (2024): Which is Right for Vacation Rentals?

Lodgify and Uplisting are both vacation rental channel managers, which means they help you list your property across multiple channels. They also synchronize rates between over 200 channels. Here is a Lodgify Vs Uplisting article carefully written for you…

Lodgify Vs Uplisting – Our Summary…

Lodgify offers a free version, while Uplisting offers flexible pricing and a free demo. Both programs also have an extensive community of business owners. They both offer a number of helpful tools to help you get started, including step-by-step guides and webinars.

 Overall, we think you can’t go wrong with either company!

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Lodgify Vs Uplisting Price Comparison

Starts at $0Starts at $100
1. Lower Booking Fees
2. Email Support
3. Property Management
4. Guest Communications
1. Channel Manager
2. Guest Payment Plans
3. Direct Booking Websites

In this price comparison, we take a look at their features and pricing, and look at how they stack up against each other. Both services can be useful to travel agents, but Lodgify offers a more extensive range of features than Uplisting does. 

For example, it provides 11 additional features, including Credit Card Payments and Direct Debits. It also provides web application creation and responsive design. While Uplisting does not offer these features, they do offer a wide range of other services. 

What is Uplisting?

Uplisting is a short-term rental software that manages your short-term rental listings. It can be customized to meet your business needs and features a wide range of functions, including messaging guests, bookings, and payments. Whether you manage a single listing or a large portfolio, Uplisting can help you optimize all aspects of your business and increase growth.

What is Lodgify?

Lodgify is a website that allows you to create a branded website, as well as a booking website, where your guests can easily reserve and pay for a vacation rental. Lodgify connects to registered domain names, and the platform also allows you to embed a search widget and Book Now button on your website. This allows you to eliminate the middleman and manage your property directly from your website.

Lodgify Vs Uplisting Customer Support

 Lodgify’s technical support team can help you resolve any problems you may encounter with your website or with the software.

If you need assistance using the Lodgify platform, you can contact the company’s technical support team. Its customer support team is made up of actual people who work in the company and are very customer-centric.


Customer Support Rating: 4.5/5

Phone Number: US: (+1) 646 760 7133


Customer Support Rating: 5/5


Lodgify Key Features

Lodgify is easy to integrate with your website. You can select from several different template designs to fit your existing website. Its content management system will allow you to easily update and manage your website and manage all your bookings. 

It will also let you sync your calendar and accept credit card payments. Lodgify is a powerful tool for property managers and business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Uplisting Key Features

Uplisting offers flexible payment options, high reliability, and game-changing automation for managing online guest bookings. 

Its features include calendar management, real-time syncing, credit card payment validation, a dedicated portal, reporting, and more. Uplisting also includes automation tools that allow you to make custom messages for your guests and filter queries by type. It can also help you schedule cleaning, which saves time for both you and your guests.

Choose Lodgify if…

  • You want multiple pricing plans
  • You want a least expensive software
  • You have under 10 properties

Choose Uplisting if…

  • You want quick customer service
  • You want bulk plans 
  • You want to expand your business
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Our Conclusion 

We love that Lodgify has a streamlined, all-in-one system and a free plan for one short-term vacation rental. We also think Lodgify’s pricing is an affordable option, especially for smaller property owners. 

On the other hand, Uplisting has customized options to fit the needs of many property managers. While Uplisting starts at a higher price, it offers flexible options as well as a free trial. 

With that being said, we believe both services are great for property owners looking to grow their business and increase exposure. 

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