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Your Porter App Review (2024): 5 Great Features for Airbnb Hosts

I was looking for a better solution for managing my Airbnb property.  I thought there had to be an app out there that pulled all of my information together and made renting properties easier.  What I found was the Your Porter App. It went above and beyond my expectations.

I did some research and here is what I found out about Your Porter:

YourPorter App Review
9.7 Total Score
Robust Channel Manager with Many Host Features

All of Your Porter's features got glowing reviews from their users. After some initial setup, the Your Porter App took a lot of pressure off of host's day-to-day operations.

Synchronization Management
Communication Management
Calendar Management
Smart Pricing Integration
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Your Porter App Review– Here are the Features:

Problems that Hosts Face:Your Porter Solutions:
Booking Across Multiple PlatformsSynchronization Management
Remembering to Send out All Necessary Texts / Emails to Guests and to Cleaning ServiceCommunication Management
Accidental OverbookingCalendar Management
Setting a Nightly Price that Adjusts Based on DemandSmartPricing Integration
Processing Payments and Having All Profits & Expenditures Available in One ReportAccounting

Your Porter handles my accounting and payment processing for and summarizes my billing for me.  It sends out automatic messages to both my clients and my employees and cleaning service. Your Porter also makes sure my listings show up on all of the booking platforms I would usually use, without the extra hassle.

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Synchronization Management

Your Porter is your one-stop shop if you list your properties on multiple platforms.  If you enter your listings into Your Porter, they will automatically appear within the Your Porter platform/calendar.  

Your Porter supports platforms such as, Airbnb, HomeAway / VRBO, TripAdvisor, Wimdu, CanadaStays, 9flats, and Beds24.  This saves you the time of entering your listings and availability on each site.

Your Porter Details

What Users Said About the Synchronization Management Feature

Your Porter users loved the synchronization management aspect of the app.  It saved them loads of time. Users said they appreciated the fact that they could only enter their listing one time, and it would populate on all of their booking platforms.  This feature relieved users of a lot of extra work and confusion.

Some users said they had difficulty linking each of their platforms to their Your Porter account.  Other users reported that this was a time-consuming process in the beginning, but that it ended up saving them a lot of time with their listings in the long-run.  Most difficulties and problems were worked out after chatting with a Your Porter professional.

In fact, much praise was given to the Your Porter team when it came to working through issues and difficulties.  They were able to help work through almost any problem the user encountered.

Communication Management

You can use Your Porter to communicate with both your clients and your cleaning service.  There are templates available within the app for most standard emails and other communications you would need to disperse to your guests or employees.  You can choose to work with the templates or formulate your own communications.

Instead of having to use time out of your day to send out various emails or text messages at the correct time, you can have Your Porter automatically send them at the time which you have predetermined.  Your messages are saved through Your Porter, so there is never any reason to re-type the same content.

Your Porter Inbox

You can have booking confirmations, instructions for check-in and check-out, and “thank you” emails all sent out automatically.  It is also easy to send a quick text or email checking on your guests and making sure all of their needs are met the day after check-in.  This “going the extra mile” will impress your guests and make them feel at home without tying up any of your own time.

Your Porter even tracks your clients’ flights into town.  This way, you know if a guest has had a delay and will be showing up later than expected.  You can adjust your predetermined time for messages to be sent out so that the new arrival time is reflected.

You can also communicate automatic messages to your cleaning service about when their services are needed and what needs to be cleaned.  Your Porter will automatically send the cleaning service check-out dates if you wish. You can quickly generate a checklist for your maintenance crew to ensure all tasks are completed, and you only have to do it one time!

If you like, you can also automate your 5 Star Review for your guests through Your Porter.  The review will appear after they have checked out, and you do not have to remember to go back and give a review later.  There are already review templates in place that you may use if you so choose.

What Users Said About Communication Management Feature

Your Porter users praised the app when it comes to the Communication Management Feature.  With a single click, they found they could send out all of their normal messages to clients and to their cleaning services.  By using the templates that Your Porter provides, users saved tons of time on typing emails and text messages.

Users also appreciated that they did not have to remember to send messages at a certain time, like upon client arrival.  They could already have the time for the message to be sent logged into their Your Porter app. Your Porter sends the messages without the user having to give a second thought.

The only complaint about the communication feature of Your Porter was that it took some time to choose which templates the user wanted to be sent out or to adjust each message into his or her own words.  The set-up could be time-consuming, but it saved the user lots of time and countless emails and text messages in the long-run.

From booking to reviewing, Your Porter users found that the app made life easier for them by sending all of their messages and reviews at just the right time.  Some users commented that it made it easy to manage your Airbnb, even if you were not in town.

Check the current prices for Your Porter HERE >>.

Calendar Management

The calendar feature of Your Porter ensures that your properties never get double-booked, no matter how many booking platforms you are using.  The calendar is a convenient tool for you to check so that you always know when and where you are expecting guests. It integrates booking from all of your separate platforms to compile one concise calendar.

Also, when a date is booked at a particular property, Your Porter will automatically begin to show that date as reserved on all of your platforms.  You can access all your booking information on one calendar, through Your Porter.

Your Porter Calendar

This feature is especially great for hosts who have multiple properties for rent.  Your Porter will not only integrate all booking platforms into the calendar. It will also integrate all properties into their own calendars.  This way, you only have to look in one place to see your upcoming schedule regarding all properties.

What Users Said About the Calendar Management  Feature

The calendar management feature was a favorite among those who downloaded the Your Porter app.  Users were happy that they no longer had to manage the calendar on each booking platform separately.  In the past, some users said mistakes had been made, and it was easy to overbook on accident.

By using the Your Porter app, these same Airbnb hosts were able to manage their calendar more efficiently, with almost no effort on their part.  Users found it helpful to be able to look at one calendar and see which dates their properties were booked for.

Because Your Porter filled in the calendar on each platform, users did not have to go in and mark dates as reserved on the separate platforms they were using.  This made booking an easy, thoughtless process for the host. The master calendar was also helpful when it came to setting times for communications to be sent out to guests and the cleaning crew.

One complaint was that it initially took some time to integrate each booking platform and each property into the calendar.  Users found that once they had put in the effort to generate the calendar, it saved them time and hassle in the long-run.

Smartpricing Integration

With Smartpricing integration, you simply need to enter the nightly price you want to charge in the Your Porter app.  Your Porter will adjust prices for different booking platforms to account for commissions paid to those platforms, etc.  This app takes the guesswork out of figuring out what you will be getting paid for a reservation. You set your price, and Your Porter takes care of all the adjustments.

What Users Said About the Smartpricing Feature

Your Porter users had lots of praise for the Smartpricing Integration feature.  They reported that it saved them a lot of time and that they had to do virtually no math any longer.  All they had to do was enter the amount they would like to charge on a property per night into Your Porter.  Your Porter did the rest of the work by accounting for commissions on each platform they were using.

There were virtually no complaints about this feature.  When it was all said and done, users knew what they would be netting after commissions, no matter which platform the reservation was made from.  Your Porter had done all of the figuring for them.


Your Porter can also take care of payment processing for you if reservations have been made through  It can read and save cards so that payment is drafted at the specified time.

The accounting feature keeps up with your earnings to date, as well as your expenditures.  You have a concise dashboard, which will make figuring up taxes on your earnings easy. Your information will all be in one place.

What Users Said About the Accounting Feature

With the Your Porter payment and accounting features, hosts found that there was no reason they would need to meet a client for payment.  Payments for could all be processed through Your Porter. Users also no longer had to keep up with how much earnings they had made from each booking platform separately.  Your Porter put it all together for them in one report.

For tax purposes, users greatly appreciated all financial information being generated in one app, on one report.  It was easy for them to see their earnings and expenditures for the year, and it did not require calculating numbers from different sites and booking platforms.


I found out that if I wanted to save time when it comes to my Airbnb business, I needed an app like Your Porter.  Things that used to be time-consuming and complicated are now made easy for me. All the information I need is right at my fingertips.  I love the templates for communication and the communication feature. I never miss sending out a message on time.

Check the current prices for Your Porter HERE.

I use several booking platforms, but now all the information for each of them is generated through Your Porter.  When a site is booked for a certain night, Your Porter reflects that reservation across all my platforms. I can look at one calendar instead of several, to see which nights my properties are booked.  Then I can set all the necessary messages for guests and employees to auto-send at the correct time.

With Smartpricing Integration, I set one price – the amount I want to net after commissions for booking platforms comes out.  Your Porter does all of the math for me. It calculates commissions for each platform and adds these to the prices so that I make sure to net the amount I had planned for.

The accounting feature processes all of my payments, and I get one report for my earnings and expenditures, rather than having to navigate each booking site to get that information.  Your Porter has taken my workload down immensely. Now renting out my properties is almost effortless for me.

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