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Pricing a short-term rental can be a never-ending struggle, especially in today’s volatile and unpredictable markets. Tools to help hosts make smart decisions are becoming more and more accessible, which is good news! But how can you decide which website, app, or program to go with? Rental Recon is here to help you get started!

Today we’ll be going over a newer company, Alltherooms, and giving you an AMAZING promo code to help you get started. 

Where Can I Get My Alltherooms Promo Code?

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What is Alltherooms?

Alltherooms is a newer website designed to help owners, hosts, and property managers of short-term rentals price competitively and increase their revenue. They are similar to a few other smart pricing tools we’ve covered here but offer more of a data-driven market-level approach that puts you in charge of your rental’s revenue. 

Check out our Alltherooms review here:

Alltherooms Review and Promo Code

According to their website, Alltherooms has a simple mission: “to aggregate and catalog every room on the planet and use that data to provide actionable, in-depth intelligence about the expanding vacation rental landscape”. Expanding is an understatement, as more people than ever before are investing in short term rental real estate or simply turning a spare bedroom into a cash cow. This market has spawned dozens of companies promising to help hosts achieve their dreams, so how is Alltherooms different?

Allthrooms Promo Code

Alltherooms helps you understand your specific market and provides updated data analytics for anywhere in the world. Things like occupancy rates, nightly rates, overall revenue, revenue per available room (or RevPAR), the number of nights booked, lead time, and lots of other helpful information. 

They also take a look at historical trends and make market projections so you can always stay one step ahead of your competition. Price for high and low seasons to ensure you’ll have as many bookings as possible. Not sure if your market even has high and low seasons? Now you can find out!

Alltherooms is also a great tool for real estate investors looking to get a piece of the short term rental boom action. See which areas are poised to break it big with Airbnb and which areas are already saturated enough. 

Alltherooms Ratings

9 Total Score
Here's How Allthrooms Stacks Up...

A good-priced analytics tool to help you beat out the local competition.

Customer Impressions
  • Very affordable
  • Helpful analytics
  • Great tool for increasing revenue
  • Free trial
  • Can cancel monthly plans at any time
  • Phone support available
  • Not property-level analytics
  • Charges setup fees
  • Less affordable in larger markets

Alltherooms uses an affordable monthly pricing structure that also entails a one-time setup fee. These fees vary based on market size, with the cheapest being small markets (0-99 listings on Airbnb) followed by medium areas (100-999 listings) and then large areas (1000+ listings). 

The setup fee for large areas is a bit more significant than for small or medium areas, but none of them are what I would consider to be cost-prohibitive in any way. The monthly rates are very low, especially compared to some competitors who require you to pay annually to get lower rates.

The value that they provide is pretty significant, in my opinion, and is on par with some other Airbnb data competitors. The difference is that Alltherooms provides their services for a slightly (or not-so-slightly, depending on the case) lower price than these competitors.

The features that Alltherooms offers are powerful, which comes as no surprise given the amount of data-mining and research that their team provides for markets all over the world. They don’t offer property-specific values on the level that some of their competitors do, but there are some detailed insights available. Their strength is in market-level insights that show how you stack up against your competition in the area.

Customer impressions data is limited at this point as Alltherooms recently launched and reviews available are few and far between. What I have found appears to be promising, and I can tell that their easy-to-use interface and low monthly rates are going to earn them plenty of satisfied customers.

Rental Recon Tip: Trying to put yourself in the mind of a guest is tricky when you’ve been a host for a while, but it’s SO worth it! Try to think of the type of guest that normally books with you (or the type you would like to book with you). When are they booking? How far in advance are they planning? Check out my helpful article HERE!

Alltherooms has the promise of a great service, but how do they really stack up when it comes down to it? Let’s take a look.

Alltherooms is very affordable, and I mean like almost shockingly affordable. Some similar services are priced at double, triple, or more of what Alltherooms charges. While they do have setup fees, these are generally nominal and correspond pretty reasonably with your relative market size. 

Their analytics are great, of course, or we wouldn’t be doing this review! While they do have some ground to make up in order to become a big-name company like some of the others out there targeting the Airbnb market, it seems like they have the drive and numbers to do it. 

Alltherooms Coupon Code

They offer a service that would be incredibly helpful both to new and experienced hosts alike. Who doesn’t want to increase their revenue, after all? With the data they provide coupled with market analytics, projections, and historical trend analysis, it’s easy to see how just about anyone could increase their profits pretty quickly. 

I always like it when a company offers a free trial, and I’m a big believer in trying something before you buy it. Who doesn’t like risk-free shopping? It’s also refreshing to see a company that offers monthly rates that you can cancel anytime rather than one that tries to lock you in with a “low monthly rate” that ends up being an annual subscription when all is said and done. Phone support is another plus for me since I don’t like “chatting” with a robot while I’m having an issue. 

On the cons side, I am still disappointed to see that Alltherooms doesn’t offer property-specific analytics. It’s easy to see how something like this could drive up their cost, but I would like to see an optional add-on for people who want to get into the little details. The setup fees are also a negative for me, even though they’re nominal in smaller markets. Larger markets do get considerably more expensive. 

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Conclusion & Alltherooms Discount Code

Alltherooms is a great (and relatively risk-free) investment for any short-term rental or Airbnb host or investor. Their low monthly fees mean that you don’t have to spend (too much) money to make money! Their data-driven analytics are powerful and on par with several of their competitors. They’re very reminiscent of AirDNA, one of the original Airbnb data giants.

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