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The AirDNA Affiliate Program (2024): How Much Can You Earn?

As an Airbnb host, you’re familiar with optimizing your side hustle to its maximum earning potential. You’re probably also familiar with affiliate programs, where you earn easy passive income from new accounts created using some kind of referral system.

AirDNA has a robust affiliate program that I’m so glad I signed up for. I highly recommend signing up if you use their service. It has helped me grow my income significantly and requires NO additional effort on my part.

How much can you earn with the AirDNA affiliate program?

AirDNA affiliates get a 30% commission from everyone that signs up using their link and creates a Market Minder or Investment Explorer account. After that, if the newly-referred person refers additional members, the original referrer will receive a 10% commission from these accounts.

AirDNA Affiliate Program
Start Earning Money Today Promoting AirDNA! Just Click Button to Sign Up...

What is AirDNA?

AirDNA is a cutting-edge data analysis service that provides insight to short-term rental owners and people looking to invest in the market. They offer several different account types that users can sign up for, and each one fills a specific need within the short-term rental niche.

Their most popular service in this market is Market Minder. This feature is an interactive map where users can search through all the active listings in their neighborhood to get information on how others are running their Airbnbs and vacation rentals.

Market Minder tells you all kinds of things that you won’t be able to find simply by cruising through Airbnb listings. You could see your competitors’ prices, sure, but not the in-depth details that AirDNA provides. They can show you things like occupancy rate, estimated home value, revenue, reviews, and more!

AirDNA also offers an Investment Explorer account for people looking to gain insight into possible real estate investments in other parts of the country. It can show you which areas have the best prospects for renting out Airbnbs, which cities are most rental-friendly, and where short-term rentals aren’t succeeding.

Again, you might be thinking “Well, I could just find that information on my own!”, and you might be right. However, how many days, weeks, or months would it take you to comb through every possible investment prospect to find out where you want to spend your money? Probably a lot longer than it would take AirDNA to do the same thing!

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What is the AirDNA affiliate program?

AirDNA Affiliate Program

AirDNA has a pretty sweet affiliate program if you already have an account with them. By joining the affiliate program, you’ll earn a 30% commission on any new accounts made by people signing up via your link.

Better yet, if the person you refer has new members sign up through their link, you’ll also earn commission! In this case 10%, with no impact on the commissions earned by your referee.

There are no lifetime caps on these commissions, so if you have any kind of a platform or just a dedicated group of friends with shared interests, be sure to spread your link around to as many people as possible! You never know when someone might turn into a potential new lead.

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Rental Recon Tip: Already a member of a program or service that caters to Airbnb owners? Check if they have an affiliate program! Chances are they do, and if they don’t they may still offer discounts of some sort for new customer referrals. If you can get a referral link, post it in popular relevant forums to get easy sign-ups!

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How do people sign up for AirDNA?

Signing up for AirDNA is quick and easy; anyone can do it! Simply follow this link to be directed to the sign up page.

Once you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for the affiliate program yourself! Remember, you can get a 30% commission on new accounts made and then a 10% commission on new accounts that they refer!

AirDNA is billed monthly, and the price users pay depends on how many active listings are in their market area as defined by AirDNA. More listings in the area equals more cost, but also more analytics and detailed information available to you.

Is AirDNA worth it?

AirDNA Affiliate Program

With their relatively costly fees, some may find themselves asking if AirDNA is a worthwhile investment for them. My answer is yes. Here’s why:

AirDNA provides information that would take you hours to find by yourself in minutes, if not seconds. It’s so easy to sign up, and it provides invaluable market analytics that will help out any short-term rental host.

They also offer information that you can’t find by yourself, like projected revenue of rival properties and occupancy rates. While you might be able to make an educated guess at some of these statistics, you won’t come near the accuracy of AirDNA’s AI algorithm.

Their real-time data updates constantly, so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. If you were to do your own research, you certainly couldn’t keep up with that pace!

Also, AirDNA’s Investment Explorer accounts update just as frequently and provide analytics that are just as valuable. If you have money to invest in real estate, you’ve likely explored other options like private consultants or firms promising to guide your investments… for a price.

If you opt to choose AirDNA, you don’t have to worry about others handling your money or making decisions on your behalf. You remain in control and even get to see all the data behind the recommendations being presented to you. Full transparency, full control.

Channel managers like iGMS are a great compliment to AirDNA, and they come at a very attractive price point. With two great services like these powering your business, you can take nearly eliminate decision fatigue and executive dysfunction and leave things in the hands of experts.

AirDNA Affiliate Program
Start Earning Money Today Promoting AirDNA! Just Click Button to Sign Up...

What is an AirDNA score?

AirDNA doesn’t just provide analytics, they also have an Airbnb search engine on their own site! This little-known feature comes with a great perk: an AirDNA score. You don’t need to do anything extra to get your listing an AirDNA score, and these scores only appear when users search for bookings through AirDNA (Airbnb users will not see them).

An AirDNA score is a number between 0 and 100 (ideally very close to 100) that is basically a grade for your Airbnb listing. A big factor included is customer satisfaction, which averages out things like reviews, feedback, and occupancy rate.

These scores are calculated by AI, not a real human, so it’s hard to account for things like photo quality and the general vibe of a listing. However, scores of 90 or more do get search priority on AirDNA’s engine, making you much more likely to get bookings and get discovered faster.

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