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Dealcheck Vs. DealCrunch (2024): Here’s The Best Option for Investors…

Real estate investing is challenging whether you are a first-time rental property buyer or an experienced investor. You must collect data on properties, analyze sale and rental trends, estimate repair costs, and make the best decision possible about what real estate investment will produce the most profit.

In the past, this data was collected by hand, and investment property reports were created on spreadsheets. Now, you can ditch that antiquated system for a user-friendly real estate investment analyzer app that does all the tough work for you.

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Dealcheck Vs. DealCrunch: Which One is Best?

Dealcheck and DealCrunch are two property analyzing apps that make investing in real estate simple, even for beginners. Both apps use market data to generate reports to help you compare investment properties to make sound investment decisions. After reviewing and comparing both apps, we have found that Dealcheck is the best option.

8.5 Total Score
DealCheck Review: Why is this the Best Rental Analyzer Program?

DealCheck is a comprehensive real estate analyzing app designed to save you money and find the best real estate investment. I have rated DealCheck using several categories like value, features, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Ease of Use
Customer Satisfaction
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Recent Sales and Rental Comps
  • Offer calculator
  • Customizable features
  • Complex interface
  • Recent upgrades sometimes cause data loss
7.8Expert Score
DealCrunch Property Analysis Platform

How does DealCrunch stack up? Here’s the low-down on DealCrunch.

Ease of Use
Customer Satisfaction
  • Simple Pricing Structure
  • Generate PDF Reports of Your Properties
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Free Version is Very Limited in Features
  • No Desktop Version is Available. You Have to Use It On Your Mobile Device

How Do Real Estate Analyzing Programs Work?

Real estate analyzing programs use current market data to collect information about potential rental properties for investors. Investors can use these apps to compare properties, estimate cash flow, generate rent estimates, and find the best deals for an investment property.

Analyzing apps are helpful for many different types of people, from homeowners interested in renting their homes to people who rehab and flip houses for a profit. Large brokerage firms will also use these apps to help customers find the best deal. Some apps allow users to generate PDF reports and even add custom logos to the reports.

Investment properties that can be searched using real estate analyzing apps include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Rental properties
  • Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, and other vacation rentals
  • BRRRR properties
  • Flip projects
  • Multi-family homes
  • Commercial real estate

To find out more about how these analyzing programs work, CLICK HERE for more details.

The Standout Features of Dealcheck and DealCrunch

Dealcheck and DealCrunch have several tools and features that real estate investors will find useful in searching for the perfect home.

Property Analysis Tools

Both Dealcheck and DealCrunch import property data from public records and online listings to provide you with data for each property listing. You will receive information about the properties you search like:

  • Property features
  • A full description
  • Last sale price
  • HOA fees and taxes
  • Current value
  • Rent estimates
  • Photos
Dealcheck Property Analysis
Dealcheck Property Analysis

Generate In-Depth Reports

After searching for a property and reviewing the data, both Dealcheck and DealCrunch allow users to calculate investment metrics like monthly cash flow, cash on cash return, return on investment, internal rate of return, debt coverage ratio, and total profits.

Forecast Long-Term Performance

You can use both apps to generate a detailed financial analysis for your portfolio. This allows you to keep track of long-term cash flow, principal paydown, property value, appreciation, and built-up equity.

Export PDF Reports

After finding and comparing properties, you can use Dealcheck and DealCrunch to create PDF reports that can easily be shared with lenders, business partners, or clients. Dealcheck takes this feature to the next level by allowing Pro users to add custom logos to these reports.

Dealcheck Reports
Dealcheck Report

Customizable Options

After using both apps, I found that Dealcheck provides the user with more customizable and filter options. Users can set custom search criteria and parameters for valuation, profit, investment returns, financing options, closing costs, rehab budgets, and operating expenses. 

Offer Calculator

Dealcheck and DealCrunch both have an offer calculator tool; however, both apps require a paid membership to access this tool. The offer calculator is useful to determine the best offer for the most profitable deal.

How Much Does Dealcheck Cost? How About DealCrunch? Plans and Pricing:

Each app has a free version and the option to upgrade to a paid membership that unlocks more features. Dealcheck provides two upgrade options, Plus and Pro, and DealCrunch only provides one upgrade option, Gold.

Dealcheck Pricing Plans

Dealcheck Starter (Free) Plan

The free starter membership allows users to get an idea of everything Dealcheck has to offer. The Starter Plan includes:

  • Up to 15 saved properties
  • Up to 5 property photos
  • Up to 5 sales and rental comps
  • Up to 5 property templates

Experienced investors and real estate brokers will want to upgrade a higher tiered subscription to access all DealCheck’s features.

Dealcheck Plus Plan

At just $10 a month, the Plus plan unlocks several more valuable tools and features. Dealcheck Plus includes:

  • Up to 50 saved properties
  • Up to 15 property photos
  • Up to 10 sales and rental comps
  • Up to 10 property templates
  • Access to updated property records and listings
  • Ability to customize all purchase criteria
  • Use of the purchase offer calculator

Dealcheck Pro Plan

The Pro Plan gives subscribers access to all the features Dealcheck has to offer. For $20 a month, users will have access to the features included in the Plus membership and:

  • Unlimited saved properties
  • Unlimited property photos
  • Unlimited sales and rental comps
  • Unlimited property templates
  • Property owner lookup
  • Property reports with custom branding

For more information about Dealcheck’s pricing and membership tiers, CLICK HERE.

DealCrunch Pricing Plans

Bronze (Free) Plan

The DealCrunch bronze plan is free forever and includes:

  • 5 reports each month
  • 1 image allowed per property
  • Limited access to highest offer analysis
  • Limited access to buying criteria

Gold Plan

If DealCrunch users like the features included in the Bronze plan, for $9 a month, they can upgrade to the Gold Plan. The Gold Plan features:

  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited property images
  • Full access to highest offer analysis
  • Full access to buying criteria
  • Full access to archived reports
  • Full access to property analysis presets

CLICK HERE to find out more about Dealcheck’s membership options and available features.

Negatives of Dealcheck and DealCrunch

While both Dealcheck and DealCrunch are great apps that can help investors analyze real estate, they each come with pros and cons.

Dealcheck Cons

Although DealCheck offers a ton of great features, new users felt that it was a difficult app to navigate with a complex interface. DealCheck may be a better option for more experienced real estate investors and brokerage firms.

DealCrunch Cons

After using DealCrunch, my main complaint is that the free version, or Bronze membership, leaves a lot to be desired. Other property analyzing apps include features in their free versions that DealCrunch only has in the paid version. Without upgrading to the Gold membership, the app is very limiting and difficult to use.

In addition, DealCrunch can only be used on an Apple or Android mobile device. There is currently no desktop version available for this program which significantly limits use and accessibility.

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Final Thoughts: Dealcheck vs. DealCrunch

Dealcheck and DealCrunch are two great choices for a real estate analyzing app. Both apps provide users with up-to-date property searches, a wealth of data, financial reports, and almost anything a real estate investor would need to make the right choice for investing in property.

Each app provides users the opportunity to create a free account for access to limited features to decide if the app is right for them. While DealCrunch’s free membership is very limited, Dealcheck provides more free features. Dealcheck has two membership options with free trials, and DealCrunch only has one membership option and no free trial.

After comparing these two apps for value, features, ease of use, and customer satisfaction, Dealcheck comes out on top and is the best option to analyze any investment.

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