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How Many Views on Airbnb: What’s Your Listing’s Count? (2024)

The best way to ensure that your Airbnb rental property is profitable is to make sure it can be seen on Airbnb’s website. The more your listing is seen, the more it can be rented. As a host, it is important to keep track of the number of views your rental receives each month.

A successful Airbnb with at least a 40% occupancy rate per month usually averages around 200 views per month, but each listing will differ depending on location, nightly rate, and time of year. Keep reading to learn how to check and track your listing’s count.

How Many Views on Airbnb Listing

How do I see how many views on Airbnb my listing gets each month?

To check your Airbnb listing count, you will need to log into your host dashboard. From your dashboard, click “performance,” then go to “conversion.” From this page, you will see the option to click “views.” The “views” button will tell you how many times your listing has been viewed within a specific time range.

The Importance of Checking Your Airbnb’s Listing Count

Your Airbnb’s listing count or “views” will tell you how often potential renters click on your property and view your rental. Generally, as the number of views on your page increases, your occupancy rate should also increase. When you monitor your views, you can compare the listing count to the overall performance each month.

You can view your listing count from your host dashboard by locating the “performance” tab then clicking “conversion.” When you click views, you can filter your results based on a date range so you can see how many views your property receives daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or even yearly.

Search Filters and Your Views on Airbnb?

When a potential guest is searching for an Airbnb, they will use search filters to find a property that suits their needs. They may enter dates they wish to travel, the type of residence they are searching for, and how many people must be accommodated. Even if your listing is in the renter’s target location, it will not appear in the search if it doesn’t meet the search criteria.

If your rental property is unique or appeals to a very particular kind of guest, you may have fewer views than you expect and can still have a successful Airbnb with a high occupancy rate. It is important to remember, if your Airbnb is booked for searched dates, it will not appear in the results. If you’re Airbnb is regularly booked out in advance, your listing views will be lower on average even though your occupancy percentage is up.

What Affects My Listing Count on Airbnb?

Several factors can affect your listing count on Airbnb, and although the general rule of thumb is that more views result in more renters, this isn’t always the case.

  1. The Season- Your listing count may fluctuate depending on the season. If you have a great summer location, your views will likely increase in your peak season and decrease in the off-season.
  2. Timing of Views and Booked Dates- You may notice that you had a high number of views one month, yet a low occupancy rate. This could be because renters are viewing your property and booking dates months in advance. Sometimes renters will view and book an Airbnb last minute or within the same month, but many people like to plan their vacations a couple of months out.
  3. Nightly Rates- When your Airbnb is competitively priced, you may notice that you have fewer views but a consistent occupancy rate. This is because your Airbnb will not show in searches for dates it is booked. Competitively priced Airbnb properties will have a solid occupancy rate despite the number of listing views.

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How to Increase Your Views

Increasing your views is always a good goal, but you want to be sure that you balance this goal with also increasing your booking rate. If your views and occupancy rate are low, you can try these tips and tricks to boost your views on Airbnb:

  • Add more photos of your rental, including an attention-grabbing cover photo
  • Make sure you list ALL amenities so you don’t get filtered out of searches
  • Add the “instant book” option
  • Activate automated messaging to increase your response rates
  • Avoid canceling and rejecting reservations

Many hosts don’t realize that their host rating, reviews, response rates, and the number of cancellations can affect how their property appears in search results. If you are unsure about how you rank on Airbnb, read our article HERE to learn how to see your Airbnb rating.

Final Thoughts

The number of views your Airbnb receives is an important statistic to gauge how well your rental property performs, but it isn’t your only performance factor. It is important to remember that if your Airbnb is booked, it will not receive views. To have a successful Airbnb, focus on balancing views with booking rates.

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