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What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a tool that helps investors search for properties that would be profitable as short term vacation rentals. They scour data from all over the US to find rental hotspots with favorable real estate markets.

They offer 4 tiers of plans, starting with their most affordable Lite plan all the way up to the pricey but powerful Professional plan. Each tier offers a few more features than the last, and there is one for everyone’s budget and needs.

Mashvisor is not a channel manager, but it works great in conjunction with one such as Smartbnb. It is more focused on the real estate purchasing side of vacation rentals and less with the operations side of things.

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Mashvisor: Vacation Rental Analytics Tool

This is a well-rounded service for analyzing potential Airbnb/ vacation rental properties and locations.

  • Affordable
  • Variety of Plans Available for Different Price Points
  • Comprehensive Data
  • Great Customer Service
  • No Dynamic Pricing Suggestions
  • Focused on Property Buying and Not Rental Operations
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What does Mashvisor do?

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Mashvisor is a data analytics company that compiles reports designed to help people decide where the best place to buy their next investment property is located. They focus specifically on properties being purchased with the intent of turning them into short term rentals.

They allow their users to search a national database of properties for sale and compile information on short term rentals in the area of each property. Their plans also come with a varying number of Smart Property Recommender cities so users can refine their searches even further.

The other data types shown include occupancy rates and income (crucial for determining whether or not a property will be a successful vacation rental) and historical market performance so you can see if a property or area is trending well.

For their pricier plans (Standard and Professional) Mashvisor offers comp data export features so users can share property information with others in a secure and concise way. These exports do come with additional fees of their own, some quite expensive (up to $500 a month extra!), but not everyone will need to use them.

Be sure to check out more about how Mashvisor works!

How much does Mashvisor cost (without promo code)?

Mashvisor has four different plans that come in at significantly differing price points. While each of their functions and capabilities do differ a bit, the Standard plan offers the best value in my opinion.

The Lite Plan comes in at $17.99 per month and builds on the functions of the Starter plan while adding data heatmaps as well as sales and tax history for the property. The Standard Plan is $49.99 per month and most notably adds the capability to have customized email alerts sent to you. The Professional Plan is most expensive, coming in at $79.99 per month with unlimited Smart Property Recommenders.

In any case, you’ll get 15% off your subscription price by using the promo code at the top of the post!

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Mashvisor Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Variety of plan options
  • Comprehensive data
  • Great customer service

Mashvisor has several very affordable plans. You do save a little money if you choose annual billing versus monthly, but monthly carries very little risk as you can cancel anytime.

Speaking of plan options, there are many to choose from and there is sure to be at least one that fits your needs. You can go low-cost just to try it out, or all in with the Professional plan if you’re ready to get serious about your investment strategy.

Mashvisor’s data offerings are pretty comprehensive. All their plans include a nationwide property search feature, so you’re not limited to just one or two markets of data. Finally, they have pretty stellar customer service and can be reached by email, social media, and even phone, which is very uncommon amongst online companies these days.



  • No dynamic pricing suggestions
  • Focused on property buying, not rental operations

Unfortunately, Mashvisor lacks a few key features you might be looking for in a short term rental data company. They do not offer dynamic pricing suggestions, or any pricing suggestions at all. This is in contrast to companies like AirDNA which help rental owners decide how to price in a way that suits their market area.

Mashvisor is only focused on the real estate purchasing side of rental properties, not the operations or day-to-day aspects. Some won’t mind this, but others might want more of an all in one product.

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Mashvisor Promo / Coupon Code
Get 15% Off Your First Subscription! Click Button To Get Discount

How should I price my vacation rental?

If only we knew, right? Well, actually, we kind of do. There are some general guidelines in place to help people decide what to charge, and of course there’s always good old trial and error. The name of the game is flexibility and finding out what works for you.

The biggest issue I see is when people don’t account for the work that they themselves perform as hosts. Your nightly rate is your wage for X amount of hours that you put in to maintain, clean, and market your rental property. Are you even making minimum wage? If not, time to rethink your strategy.

Some people feel they need to pay themselves very little, especially when they’re just starting out and trying to stay competitive. However, this could not be further from the truth! You’re not worth less just because you’re new to the game. If you were a cleaner, would you work for the wages you’re paying yourself as a host? What about a laundry service? Landscaper? If you’re not pricing in a way that’s fair to yourself, you aren’t doing it right!

This is not to say that pricing competitively is a bad idea. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t lose out on bookings because the guy next door is always a few dollars cheaper a night. Be sure to emphasize what you offer your guests in your listing description. Any extra amenities (especially uncommon ones like allowing pets or children) should be front and center so guests know they’re getting a deal.

Changing your prices around and seeing what works is a great way to get to know your market as quickly as possible. People might be willing to pay more on weekends or during a peak season. They might also be more inclined to choose you if you offer some last minute deals to keep your occupancy up.

If none of these are working, never fear! Pricing services are here to help.

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