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Rankbreeze and VRBO: Here’s How They Integrate

When you want to grow and optimize your Airbnb bookings, using Rankbreeze and VRBO will integrate listings and pricing. While you could do this on your own, automating the process can allow you to compare competitors’ prices and fill open dates more effectively.

When you integrate Rankbreeze and VRBO, you can reap the most benefits.

  • Optimized Listings
  • Price Your Property
  • Monitor Your Market
  • Analyze Year-over-year Data
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Rankbreeze Review

After testing Rankbreeze in several categories, including ease of use, features, value, price, and integration, here are the results:

Ease of Use
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Rankbreeze Application Program Interface

The Rankbreeze software connects the VRBO website with your database. The command from one application merges with the second application to fetch the information you need.

Here are the steps to Integrate the VRBO URL with Rankbreeze:

  1. Log in to your Rankbreeze account.
  2. Click the Integrations button on the lefthand bar.
  3. Select your integration with VRBO.
  4. Click the authorization button for integrating Rankbreeze with VRBO.
  5. Match your properties to Rankbreeze.
  6. Connect the properties.
  7. Use the Pricing Wizard to set prices.
  8. Return to the Integrations page and click update pricing.

Rankbreeze: Optimized Pricing

The crucial difference that Rankbreeze offers is working backward from what the Airbnb guest is searching for in pricing. Generally, most guests will compare multiple listings before booking a location. This means that you need to understand how your competitors are pricing their homes.

The merging of Rankbreeze with VRBO allows you to reverse engineer pricing, i.e.,  working backward from the price the guest wants. The most searched qualities are location, amenities, and value.

Pros of Rankbreeze Optimized Pricing:

  • Easy changes to improve your listing
  • Fix overlooked mistakes
  • Improves the ranking of your listings

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Rankbreeze: Price Your Property

Setting your listing prices can be a game of chance when you have no monitoring system in place. Rankbreeze lets you monitor your closest competitors so you know when you should hold strong, lower prices, or raise prices.

You can set the parameters to follow the quality, location, and property type of your competition. The Rankbreeze tools allow you to see the impact the price changes make on your Airbnb SEO and listings.

Pros of Rankbreeze Property Pricing:

  • Optimize for first-page results
  • Change your prices with confidence
  • Monitor your closest competitors

Rankbreeze: Monitor Your Market

The VRBO and Rankbreeze integration lets you keep a pulse on your market. The birds-eye view allows you to see at a glance all the booking activities around you.

The Market Reports feature gives you up-to-date information on nearby properties you might consider buying. You can see the amenities and locations and how they stack up against the competition. The Rankbreeze tool market reports feature works for any neighborhood in any city, state, or country.

Pros of Rankbreeze Market Monitoring:

  • Local insights & easy-to-read reporting
  • Rental data for any country, city, or neighborhood
  • Find your next great property when you are ready to invest
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Rankbreeze: Year-over-year Data Analysis

Many Airbnb owners don’t have the data to see how they are doing compared to previous years’ occupancy and earnings. Rankbreeze gives you an objective booking curve that lets you compare where you are now versus previous years so you can adjust accordingly.

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