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Our Rankbreeze Review 2024: Worth the Price?

After much consideration, I decided to purchase Rankbreeze for my Airbnb business. It was a tough decision, but after buying it and using it for six months, it has been well worth the investment. I was also impressed by how intuitive the dashboard is –everything looks professional and efficient. In addition to providing me with some peace of mind, I’ve seen tangible results in rankings. My reviews are more frequent, and my average rating has gone up. I recommend this service to other Airbnb hosts! Here’s my honest review of this new service!

Our Rankbreeze Review Summary…

Rankbreeze is a web-based tool that enables you to research keywords and analyze the results. You can use it to optimize your SEO strategy, improve your rankings, and increase your conversion rate.

The system is designed to be easy to use, and the company guarantees its work. If you are looking for  rankings and want to avoid the stress of doing it yourself, this service is worth the price. If you want more information on what Rankbreeze offers, click here.

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8.4Expert Score
Here’s How Rankbreeze Stacks Up

We rated Rankbreeze in several categories, including Ease Of Use, Features, and Customer Satisfaction. Here are the results:

Ease of Use
Customer Satisfaction
  • More cost-effective with 10 or more listings
  • Tutorials, webinars, and email support
  • User-friendly platform
  • Informative and positive reviews by other hosts
  • Multiple rank trackers to gauge listing performance
  • Cost is higher and less effective for less than 10 listings
  • Need months of data to fully understand your listing and necessary changes to impact rank
  • No FAQs on the website and general FAQs are hidden within the pricing tab
  • Optimization journal is not effective unless you proactively use it
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What is Rankbreeze?

Rankbreeze is an Airbnb management platform that helps hosts automate their Airbnbs and improve their rankings. It allows you to schedule listings, manage your reservations, provide detailed feedback on guests, and more.

Rankbreeze was created in response to the rising number of Airbnb hosts burned out due to the inability to keep up with all the work it takes to run a successful Airbnb listing.

What Does Rankbreeze Do?

Rankbreeze is a revenue management software that allows for more lucrative rankings, more effective pricing, and better property selection.

With your prices automatically updating as soon as you make changes, it’s easy to compare your listings on search engines and decide what price to set-allowing you to increase your profit margin.

The service offers a suite of services to help Airbnb hosts rank higher in search engines and stay on top of their game by providing custom reports, automated alerts, and more.

How Do You Use Rankbreeze?

It’s been shown by research that the key feature that impacts Airbnb SEO mechanics are pricing, a vast number of good reviews,  availability on the host’s calendar, avoiding cancellations, Facebook and Twitter mentions, successful completion of the listing, turning on instant booking, high-quality narration and excellent photography.

Keeping track of these features dramatically improved my search ranking. There was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth every effort. Below are a few tips to get you started:

Add a New Listing

First, you’ll need to add a new listing. If you already have listings on Airbnb, you can use them to get your business started with a strong start; otherwise, it’s time to find some awesome pictures of your property and set up an ad. Then, click Add New Listing page and copy/paste your listing URL.

Choose a Nightly Interval

You will want to choose which night or days of the week you want this listing to be active. Next, choose what types of dates you want this listing active for (in case you want it only active for certain times). 

How long, on average, do guests stay with you? I typically go by three nights, but you can do the math based on recent bookings. Setting a nightly interval will enable you to have access to better data.

Rankbreeze Optimization Journal

Run SEO Spot Checks

What are spot checks? They are manual adjustments that a computer cannot perform. These adjustments can’t be made on the computer. For instance, the pricing tool won’t predict that correctly if you live in a country with frequent protests or riots.

On the one hand, you might find that your prices are too high and only learn this by doing a spot check or by checking your rankings on the Live Map view to see how they compare to what guests see while searching.

Rankbreeze Review and Promo Code

How Do You Cancel Rankbreeze?

I’ve been using Rankbreeze for about six months now. And while I do like the rich feature, I’ve found some issues with it.

First, there’s no cancel my membership button on their website or app. So I had to dig around to find an email address and send them a message requesting the cancellation of my account.

If you wish to close your account, you’ll have to open a ticket with the help desk or contact support on the website, and the team will take care of the closure within 24 hours (or Monday if it is a weekend).

Rankbreeze Pricing

Pricing for Rankbreeze starts at $29/month for one property, with discounts for multi-property owners. I found it worth the price to keep an eye on my rankings and stay ahead of potential issues.

The best part about Rankbreeze is that you’re never paying for any old information – everything I get from them is tailored specifically to what I need! I also love its easy use and the live support they offer.

The Starter plan is a package for hosts just getting started with a $29/month price point.

However, you can upgrade your account anytime with their affordable Monthly Plan. I recommend it as one way to monitor your listings’ performance without hassles.

The standard plan is designed for businesses ready to dominate with a $67/month price point.

You can:

It’s well worth signing up for this annual plan if you’re serious about maintaining your ranking supremacy in a highly competitive market.

Starter plan Standard plan
Add up To 3 Airbnb PropertiesAdd Up To 10 Airbnb Properties  
Get Rankings for all guest countsGet Rankings for all guest counts  
Get Rankings for open calendar datesGet Rankings for open calendar dates  
Gain access to City-level rankingsGain access to City-level rankings  
Daily & weekly rank reportingDaily & weekly rank reporting  
competitor prices.Track competitor prices
       —Rental Data on Any Competitor
       —Market & Investment reports.

Rankbreeze vs Pricelabs

I’ve also tried Pricelabs and found that it only offers what I got from Rankbreeze. So for me, it’s worth sticking with the rank breeze. It offers a good balance of features and price. And they always have promotions going on to save you money.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, there are other options, but most people would be happy with what this service offers at its current pricing.

Above all, the data is easy to use and very comprehensive. If I took the time to learn how to use their software better, it would be an even better experience. Overall, I recommend its rich future over PriceLabs!

Check out our in-depth article on Rankbreeze Vs. PriceLabs here…>>

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Does Rankbreeze Work with Vrbo

Yes, Rankbreeze is compatible with VRBO and any other site with reviews. All you have to do is enter your username/email and password for the site into their system, and then it will pull up all of your reviews. Here are a few things to note about this process:

  • Not all reviews will appear on Rankbreeze, as some sites don’t allow third-party programs to access information.
  • If your account requires two-factor authentication (a code sent by text) or needs approval from the site’s support team before logging in via Rankbreeze, those credentials must be entered.
  • If your profile is set up so that only certain people can see reviews, they’ll need to be friends on Rankbreeze before they appear there.

The process takes around 30 seconds to complete, and I love how fast Rankbreeze updates after new reviews come in. It’s worth the price!

Check out our in-depth article on integrating Rankbreeze and VRBO for optimal results here…>>

Rankbreeze Chrome Extension

Rankbreeze is a chrome extension that can help you generate targeted traffic for your Airbnb listing. It provides you with an SEO report, keyword suggestions, and increased social media followers.

The SEO report allows you to see which keywords are bringing more traffic to your site, and the keyword suggestions will provide new, relevant keywords that can be utilized on your website to increase traffic.

Rankbreeze Competitors and Alternatives

Rankbreeze’s primary rivals include Rankwis, Pricelabs, AAM Consultants, J Fisher Consulting LLC, and Artistry SEO Consulting. However, the competition is stiff, and there is no clear winner. It all depends on what your needs are as an Airbnb Superhost.

For example, if you’re looking for something that can help rank your property to increase visibility on Google or other search engines, then Rankbreeze is worth it.

You should also consider their service if you have multiple properties because it can help generate a higher ranking for each of them, which could lead to more bookings in total.

One thing I love about Rankbreeze is how responsive they are when I reach out with questions. I recommend this company to any Airbnb Superhost who wants to save time and get higher rankings from day one.

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Wrapping Up

The team at Rankbreeze is very professional, and they are constantly working on their algorithm to provide the best possible results. So if you want to try this service out, don’t hesitate – to go ahead and get it now!

It was easy to sign up for, and I have been fine with their customer service team. The only downside I can see is that there’s no discount for hosting long-term (such as three years) or if you’re one of their first 100 customers.

And another downside to this program is that it only works with Google Chrome browsers. However, if you are an Airbnb Superhost and would like to rank higher in search engines while maximizing your profits on Airbnb, then this might be worth the price!

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