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iGMS allows you to streamline your workflow and list your vacation rental on all the major sites to coordinate bookings, cleanings, and more. This helps increase your visibility, efficiency, and revenue. Here is your iGMS promo code

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9.1Expert Score

iGMS is a powerful channel manager that includes automated messaging, integrated calendars, and branded website. Here is how this tool stacks up…

Customer Impressions
  • Branded Website with Payment Processing
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Online Support
  • Native Smart Messaging
  • Pop-Up Notifications
  • Slow Customer Service
  • No Phone Support

What is iGMS? Why Should You Sign Up Using Our iGMS Promo Code / Coupon Code?

iGMS stands for Intelligent Guest Management Software. Intelligent is an understatement, as iGMS will help streamline the way you operate your short-term rental with just a few simple clicks!

Like other channel managers, iGMS allows you to synchronize calendars between booking websites to promote higher occupancy rates and avoid accidentally double-booking yourself. Some of their notable integrations are with Airbnb and VRBO/ HomeAway.

iGMS Workflow Automation

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to essentially automate large parts of your workflow as a host. No more trying to remember who you’ve coordinated your calendar with or whether you remembered to schedule someone else during your cleaner’s vacation. iGMS supports a large overview calendar that can be broken down to the task and individual level when needed.

iGMS Integrates with Multiple Websites

Tired of constantly having to check and double-check your cross-listed property across tons of different websites? iGMS can sync your listing between all the major booking websites including Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, VRBO, stayz, and more.

iGMS Pricing Plans

I really like that iGMS offers their flexible plan, which charges users by the booked night rather than a monthly fee. Sometimes a large investment can be cost-prohibitive to smaller hosts, so a pay-as-you-book option is quite appealing.

For more advanced users or hosts who own many properties, their other plans are extremely affordable and come with a ton of great extra features.

How does iGMS stack up against one of the other large channel managers on the market? I’m glad you asked! Be sure to check out my comprehensive iGMS vs Lodgify review to learn more about your options.

iGMS Demonstration

What Makes iGMS a Great Channel Manager?

iGMS helps make hosts’ lives easier by automating so many of their day-to-day tasks. From guest messaging to review posting to key exchanges, iGMS can do it all! Here are some of the notable features iGMS provides it’s customers.

New Booking.com Integration

While it is still at its heart a channel manager, so many other great features have been introduced and refined over time to really help iGMS stand out amongst the competition. Their Booking.com integration is their newest addition, which will help hosts gain even more bookings and keep working towards the coveted “fully occupied” status year-round!

Handy Financial Reports/ Cash Flow

They also offer handy financial reports so you can keep track of your rental’s cash flow over time. A small but useful feature is their unified inbox that lets you see all your notifications from across several platforms in one easy-to-read space. It’s little time-savers like these that really add up in the long run!

Customized Calendars

One area where iGMS really shines is the multitude of ways that it lets users view and customize calendars. While this may not seem like a huge feature, especially to someone with little to no staff, it becomes a huge hassle over time to manage teams of people at different locations doing different things.

iGMS Calendar

iGMS has a great-looking master calendar that shows you all your rentals and their relevant information at a glance. You can also use its multi-calendar view to see specific locations or websites that you list on. You can even automate cleaning tasks and assign individual employees specific things to do, all within iGMS.

iGMS Automated Messaging

Another game-changing automation component of iGMS is their automated reviews and messaging. You probably use the same general format for 99% of the messages and reviews you send out, so why not let intelligent software save you the hassle of retyping them time and time again?

Overall, iGMS is an incredible software tool for vacation rental owners that you should definitely consider whether you have one property or 100!

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How Can I Get Started with iGMS? How About iGMS Promo Codes / iGMS Discount Codes?

You’re in luck because iGMS is FREE to sign up! After the trial, there are several affordable plan options and you’re sure to find one that suits your budget. But make sure to use our promo codes / coupon codes . Just use the link below to apply your discount.

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