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Beyond Pricing Company Snapshot

Beyond Pricing builds efficiency into your short-term rental business by automatically setting rental prices based on critical data. Market trends, competition prices, and seasonality are some of the inputs Beyond Pricing uses to guide you to the perfect price point.

8.5Expert Score
Beyond Pricing Review

Is Beyond Pricing the right smart pricing tool for hosts? Here are our findings.
Overall, we liked the ease of use for hands-off automation. The service did boost earnings on our rentals by an average of approximately 20%.

Customer Impression
  • Automated pricing allows direct booking through a custom website
  • Rental manager integration
  • Airbnb, VRBO, and integration and syncing
  • Some extra fees (vary by plan and number of rental channels)
  • Few bundled service options, mostly à la carte
Beyond Pricing Company Snapshot

Company Basics

Current CTO David Kelso built Beyond Pricing in 2013 to answer his pricing questions. When he put a bedroom in his apartment up for rent, he did what many new hosts do, he guessed. But, realizing guesswork wasn’t an efficient way to price his rental accurately, he put in the time and effort to use technology to do the work for him.

What he built became the first automated pricing software available to short-term rental hosts. This powerful technology was even available before Airbnb’s in-house dynamic pricing tool. However, Beyond Pricing remains an industry leader due to its hyper-focused specialization in pricing solutions.

Beyond Pricing has over 340,000 listings in more than 7,500 cities.

Core Features Of Beyond Pricing

Fundamental to the Beyond Pricing experience is its dynamic pricing feature. Dynamic pricing allows hosts to quickly set the daily rental price of their listing using thousands of inputs automatically. These inputs include local demand, seasonality, day of the week, and the average price of similar listings.

Their pricing tool also offers a market-based health score so hosts can quickly determine actions they need to take to ensure efficient occupancy. Finally, because this is a data-driven tool, Beyond Pricing offers a litany of analytics to ensure you become an expert in your market.

Pricing isn’t the only way Beyond Pricing can help your business. They also double as a channel management platform. For example, their “Relay” feature allows you to manage your portfolio across the major booking sites. A one-stop-shop for pricing and channel management means you can spend less time and money administering your business and more time growing it.

How Much Does Beyond Pricing Cost?

Beyond Pricing charges 1% of the total cost of the booking, minus taxes and security deposits. However, right now they are offering a discount with the following Beyond Pricing Promo Code.

Hosting Platforms Supported

Beyond Pricing is compatible with Airbnb, Vrbo, and They have trusted partnerships with the three largest hosting platforms available.

Hosting Support Software Compatibility

Beyond Pricing integrates with an incredible assortment of partners due to the length of time they have been in the market. Additionally, their platform integrates with 34 short-term rental support software platforms, including iGMS, Hostaway, and Guesty.

The wide breadth of compatible software systems means you can easily integrate Beyond Pricing into your current preferred software. This allows you to add beyond Pricing to your repertoire without needing to change the fundamental practices of your business.

Why You Should Use Beyond Pricing

  • Easily adjust daily prices using data-driven market analytics.
  • Incorporate last-minute booking discounts and adjust minimum night stay counts to fill calendar gaps.
  • Maximize profits and minimize risks with one-on-one consulting with a short-term market specialist.
  • Access a wide array of integrations and partnerships with some of the best hosting platforms to augment your current strategy.
  • Pay based on what Beyond Pricing earns you with flexible cost options at scale.

Is Beyond Pricing A Good Fit For You?

In-depth Look At The Features:

Beyond Pricing offers five comprehensive features:


As already mentioned, Beyond Pricing’s core feature is its dynamic pricing tool. With dynamic pricing, you will be able to:

  • Quickly set your rental prices based on real-time market trends of over 1,000 inputs.
  • Set last-minute discounts and adjust minimum night stay parameters to fill calendar gaps.
  • Easily manage pricing options across your entire portfolio, no matter how big or small.
  • Use their health score to adjust earnings and maximizing profit on each property.


Beyond Pricing offers a built-in channel manager to integrate your pricing strategy across your hosting platforms. Relay allows you to:

  • Drive customers to the platform that best suits your revenue needs.
  • Synch reservations to avoid double booking.
  • Eliminate wasted time spent completing unnecessary administrative tasks.
Beyond Pricing Features


Beyond Pricing offers a rental website builder and direct booking platform when you are ready to diversify your revenue stream. Signal will help you:

  • Design an SEO-optimized website that can be found by new and repeat customers alike.
  • Keep more of what your customers are paying by reducing intermediaries.
  • Develop your independent business through a series of features such as Google Analytics, branding development, and reviews.


Take your market expertise to the next level through Beyond Pricing’s Insights feature. This free service creates easy to understand analytical tools to help you get ahead by:

  • Allowing you to see how your rental is doing compared to similar properties in your area.
  • Showing you the average daily price of similar properties.
  • Forecasting future earnings based on historical data.


Utilize the teams of people that make large realty agencies successful through the Guidance feature. Guidance will:

  • Increase ROI through expert consultancy.
  • Maximize the full potential of the Beyond Pricing platform.
  • Teach you to be an expert short-term host.
Beyond Pricing Listings

In-depth Look At Pricing

Beyond Pricing invests in you by aligning their cost to your revenue. The more money you make means, the more money they make. They charge 1% of your listing price and additional fees you charge the customer. But you can get a discount with the following Beyond Pricing promo code. This percentage DOES NOT include taxes and security deposits.

An example of a fee they will pull from is your cleaning fees. They do this because they understand that a clean and hospitable rental will book more frequently, which will drive a better health score, and earn you more bookings.

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You will be charged for the first time 60 days after beginning your subscription to account for the 30-day free trial they offer all customers. After that, they will charge you every 30 days. They charge based on the number of reservations made in your billing period, unlike Airbnb, which charges at the time of the stay.

If you have a cancellation, they will refund your cost during the billing period the cancellation occurred.

For example, let’s say you have a customer book an April stay in January for 200 dollars a night. You will be charged 2 dollars in January for that booking. Let’s say the same customer cancels in February. You will receive your refund during your February billing period.

Billing periods start on the day of the month you begin your subscription and end the day before during the next month.

Verified 25% Off Beyond Pricing Promo Code
Click the button to save 25% off today. Don’t wait! This offer only lasts for a limited time.

So, Should You Use Beyond Pricing?

Use Beyond Pricing if you are a smaller host, interested in rapidly automating your pricing process with ease, or if you want to build consistency across an extensive portfolio. It is also a powerful solution for anyone interested in adding a professional staff to their team without the cost. Finally, you should use Beyond Pricing if you want to add extra firepower without drastically adjusting your current strategy. No matter who you are, reduce risk by using this Beyond Pricing promo code today.

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