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Our Epic DPGO Review (2024): In-Depth Comparison of Features, Integrations and More…

You’ve finally done it. You’ve planned, purchased, painted, and prepared an Airbnb to post on a short-term rental platform. The only problem is, you don’t know how to price it. So let’s look to see if DPGO is the right pricing solution for you.

DPGO Review

Here’s our DPGO Review Findings:

8.7Expert Score
DPGO Review

We rated the DPGO software according to several basic categories: ease of use, features, value, customer service, and impact on the bottom line. Here are the results.

Ease of Use
Customer Impressions
  • Flexible Pricing Options that are Low Cost
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Great Tutorials
  • Relatively New Software
  • Slow Email Support
  • Limited Platform Integrations

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Short Term Rental/ Airbnb Pricing for Hosts

DPGO helps short-term rental hosts maximize earnings by using deep learning technology and complex A.I. to identify the perfect price point for your listing. They use big data, billions of data points, and over 200 market parameters to maximize pricing efficiency.

DPGO statistics

This service offers more bang for your buck than many of its competitors. On the downside, DPGO is relatively new software, and there are occasional front-end bugs that make the experience feel incomplete. The support is fantastic, but it can take some time for them to respond to you.

Key Features

Its dynamic pricing strategy is at the core of DPGOs powerful analytics software suite. DPGO takes a massive swath of data and parameters, and its A.I. adjusts the nightly rate of your listing accordingly. In addition, DPGO balances its machine learning functionality with over 30 personal inputs.

When you use DPGO, you’re not giving up control of your business to a robot. Instead, you’re using a robot to augment your expertise in your particular market. These personal inputs range from maximum and minimum price points, minimum stays, and discounts, to name a few. Finally, DPGO offers analytic tools to help identify areas you can improve to increase your booking percentage.

DPGO Review

Platforms Supported by DPGO

DPGO has developed a trusted working relationship with Airbnb. However, it does not support real-time analytics on other platforms.

DPGO Integrations

Integration with the essential rental support software is critical for the DPGO strategy. Airbnb is DPGO’s chief partner, but the company has key relationships with other partners. Chief among them is the comprehensive channel management platform iGMS. Additionally, they work closely with Hostaway, a leading industry software dedicated to automating and streamlining your rental business with an emphasis on growth. Also on their list is Hostfully, another phenomenal rental management program.

DPGO also has two new partners, OwnerRez and CoHost Market. OwnerRez is a channel management software built by vacation renters, and CoHost Market connects property owners with folks willing to help make their investments a little more profitable. Above is just a brief synopsis of what these fantastic companies do, and it may already be making your head spin.

Fortunately, the internet has plenty of guides to help you understand how these companies can decrease costs and increase revenue in your business.

DPGO Alternatives

There are only a couple of alternatives to DPGO. If you don’t want to go with DPGO, we’d recommend either Wheelhouse or Beyond.

Arbnb calendar

DPGO Details: What we used to make our assessment


DPGO has three pricing options available, starting at the incredible price of $0.00. That’s right, zero! The free option comes with the following features:

  • Analytics tools
  • Real-time market data
  • Growth performance assessments
  • Competitor comparison tool
  • 24/7 support via email
  • Live chat support.

This option makes trying this service risk-free for as long as you want. However, DPGO offers two ways to pay when you are ready to level up. You can either pay a flat rate of only one dollar for each booking night or 0.5% of the booked price. Both options have all of the features in the free version but also have:

  • A.I. driven dynamic pricing
  • Personal strategy tools
  • Flexible adjustment pricing
  • Yield management

They also occasionally offer fantastic promotions to help you get started.

Why You’re Going With DPGO

DPGO offers two varieties of dynamic pricing as its core feature, but they also provide other critical analytic tools to help y get serious about your rental business. Below is an explanation of their services:

DPGO Analytics
  • A.I. Driven Dynamic Pricing- Use metrics such as competitor pricing, local events, and availability to automatically set your rental price.
  • Personal Strategy- Retain control by setting parameters in over 30 categories to set conditions for DPGOs A.I. to manage daily pricing.
  • Real-time market data- Relax knowing that rapid fluctuations in market dynamics are captured instantaneously and will immediately reflect in your rental price.
  • Machine Learning- Maximize growth yield the longer you use DPGO. Their A.I. gets better at predicting customer behavior as it builds its database.
  • Growth Performance: Improve earning potential using the DPGO health score, which assesses how your property performs.
  • Pricing and Predictions Calendar: Forecast future earnings using DPGO’s prediction calendar, which estimates rental prices based on historical data.
GDPG Pricing

Best For: When should you use DPGO

Use DPGO when you would rather spend time improving your properties, adding properties to your portfolio, or relaxing. It is also an excellent tool when looking to expand outside of your current rental market.

Do not use DPGO if you are a subject matter expert on pricing trends in your current market and have no plans to expand outside your niche. DPGO would be an additional (albeit small), unnecessary expense.

Who are the Typical DPGO Customers

DPGO should be used by any short-term rental business owner who wants to maximize earnings through extensive data analysis rather than “feeling out” the market. This is especially true for anyone on a tight budget or looking to cut costs.

DPGO Dynamic Pricing Software- PROMO CODE
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DPGO Customer Support

The customer support is direct and highly knowledgeable. You will be receiving support from a human rather than an auto-response program. The support staff is well-trained on common issues most users face and will find answers to the odd new challenge.

Support will have delayed response times because you will be working with a specialist. However, they will provide a detailed explanation of how to solve your problem.

DPGO Training

DPGO’s website hosts a blog with over 100 articles explaining its services and features in-depth. These articles help brand-new users to become expert veterans of their platform.

Their support staff will take the extra time to walk you step-by-step through any technical problem or confusion surrounding the functionality of the platform. In addition, they want to ensure that you have the tools necessary to mitigate the issue if it occurs again.

Finally, DPGO produces a monthly newsletter to keep their customers updated on any planned changes and guides on what those changes mean to the user.

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