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Can You Leave an Airbnb Review After 14 Days [2024]: Review Overdue?

New to the Airbnb system, and wondering if you’ve missed your opportunity to share your thoughts with a guest? Maybe you’ve been having too much fun on vacation and lost track of time. Either way, we all know that it’s frustrating to realize that your 14 day Airbnb review period has come and gone. 

So Can You Leave an Airbnb Review After 14 Days?

Unfortunately, no. After the 14 day review period, it is impossible to leave a review (both as a guest and a host). As Airbnb’s help section states: “Because the review system is automated, we’re unable to make any exceptions”.

If you, like many other users, are feeling frustrated after having missed the 14-day review timeframe, follow along below for some tips on where to go from here and how you can still make a statement about your experience. 

What You Can Do After 14 Days

Even without the benefit of a public review, there are still ways that you can express your feelings about a host or a guest via Airbnb’s system.

  • Review responses
  • Reviews on external websites
  • Message or email

Review Responses

After the 14 day review period has ended, the review (or reviews) are published to you and your guest’s public Airbnb profiles. This is often the point of realization for many people that their public avenue for responding to the other party has been closed. However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

For 30 days after reviews are published, both the host and the guest have the opportunity to post public responses to them. This can essentially be a way to post a sort of review, even if that isn’t what Airbnb intended it to be. 

Of course, this strategy relies on there being another review for you to post feedback on. If the other party has also missed the 14-day window, then you’re both out of luck. However, if they have left a review, you now have a public forum on which to share your thoughts! 

The Review Response feature is intended for the use of addressing things within a review that may need clarification or explanation. This way, reviews that are misleading or one-sided will still show that you have acknowledged and clarified the issues within them. It can also be used to post a simple “Thank you!” or “You were a great guest, thanks for ___…” and so on. 

To respond to a review, go to Reviews and find Reviews About You. Then select the review you’d like to respond to and click Leave a Response. 

Reviews on External Websites

This mainly applies to guests wishing to review hosts, but in some cases may also apply to both. 

Some hosts cross-list via other websites such as TripAdvisor, VRBO, HomeAway, and even their own private domains. While some sites may have restrictions in place that only allow guests who have a “verified booking” to post a review, others may not. In a pinch, these sites may be used to provide feedback to a host when you’ve missed the 14 day review period. 

I would really only recommend using this method if you have something overwhelmingly positive or negative to say to the host. It can be a lot of trouble to go through just to rate somebody 4 stars. 

I also wouldn’t recommend this strategy for a negative review unless you’ve repeatedly tried to contact the host yourself in order to remedy the issue. It isn’t fair not to give them a chance to right their wrong, and it isn’t necessarily a good look for you as a guest either. 

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Message or Email

If you experience an issue during a stay or a booking, messaging the other party is definitely the first thing you should do. Most hosts want to make a great experience for their guests, and most guests want to keep their reviews high so they can continue to book stays.

After the fact, if you have something you feel you need to share with the other person, messaging or emailing them ensures a direct line of contact and is the most likely way you’ll be heard. 

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Related Questions: 

What happens if you don’t review Airbnb? 

If you let the 14 day period elapse and haven’t left a review, then the other person’s review will be posted and you will not have a chance to voice your thoughts (assuming, of course, that the other person did submit one). This is the same for both hosts and guests. Reviews get posted publicly on Airbnb after one of the following happens: either both parties submit their reviews, or one party submits a review and the 14 days have gone by.

For this reason, I always recommend leaving a review. We always hope that our Airbnb experiences will be overwhelmingly positive, but sometimes this is not the case. It’s your responsibility, both to other hosts and to other guests, to be honest and impartial in sharing your thoughts. 

Does Airbnb delete bad reviews?

In short, not really. While you can dispute a review that you feel is unfair, untruthful, or in other ways malicious, Airbnb does not intervene to delete negative reviews. While we all strive to meet the needs of our guests in every way possible, it is inevitable that someone will have an issue with something. 
If you’ve received a bad review, don’t panic!

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