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My Airbnb Reviews are Not Showing (2024): Here’s What You Do…

Oh no! You went to see what one of your most recent guests had to say about their amazing stay with you, but the review is nowhere to be found. This is insanely frustrating, and it even has the potential to affect your bookings in the future if other guests can’t see how great of a host you are. 

So, what do I do if my Airbnb reviews aren’t showing?

  1. Verify that it has been at least 14 days
  2. Check that your guest submitted a review
  3. Contact Airbnb Help

It’s also important to keep in mind that reviews and ratings are different. Ratings are star based and do not appear until you have at least 3 different star ratings on your listing or profile. 

If your reviews are not showing up, follow the steps listed below to ensure they get fixed ASAP!

Verify That it Has Been At Least 14 Days

Many hosts and guests new to Airbnb aren’t aware that reviews can take up to 14 days in order to appear. The reason is that Airbnb’s automated system will not post reviews until one of two things has happened: either both the guest and the host submit a review, or 14 days have elapsed since the stay ended. 

Before you move on to any of the next steps, be sure to double-check this crucial point. If it has not yet been 14 days, give it a little while longer. You could also use this time to make sure that your review is submitted, just in case you’re unwittingly delaying the process. 

Check That Your Guest Submitted a Review

Unfortunately, not every guest will submit a review. If you’re still waiting, it doesn’t hurt to (very politely!) check in with your guests so see if that plan on writing a review. It goes without saying that anyone who had a very positive experience should be doubly encouraged to write about it.

As we mentioned before, if only one party submits a review then Airbnb’s system will make you wait out the entire 14 days before posting it. If the time has gone by and your guest did not end up leaving a review, you could encourage them to leave public feedback on your review of them. This is better than nothing, and can still convey that they had a great time at your Airbnb.

Contact Airbnb Help

If you’ve exhausted all your other options and there is still no review, then it is time to reach out for some help. Start by contacting Airbnb Help directly.

Sadly, I see many people in the Airbnb forums have trouble actually getting through to the support team and have to try a few different avenues to get anything done. If you feel you’re not being heard, I’ve seen it recommended that you follow @Airbnbhelp on Twitter and DM them your issues. You can also call 1-855-424-7262 (toll-free for US and Canada) to get through to someone. 

Getting stellar reviews on Airbnb is a very involved process. The biggest part of this process is accurately explaining your expectations to your guests and understanding theirs as well. 

A solid house manual is the most valuable tool in achieving this. A great tip is to include a blurb on the bottom of your cover page encouraging guests to write a review of their stay. A QR code bringing them to your listing makes it quick and easy. 

Sadly, there will be times when the reviews are not in your favor. To protect yourself from potential problems arising from guest issues, you’ll absolutely need a good short term rental insurance policy. My article reviewing Foremost vs Proper Insurance is a great resource to start with.

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Related Questions: 

How long does it take for an Airbnb review to appear?

Airbnb reviews will appear either when both the host and the guest have submitted them, or the 14 day time period has gone by. In this case, whatever has been submitted will be posted and whoever did not submit a review does not have the opportunity to post one anymore.

Unfortunately, Airbnb is unflinchingly rigid in this policy. They do not make exceptions to the 14-day rule, so if you have something to say in regard to a stay or a guest, make sure to get it submitted! After 14 days, the only avenue either party will have for publicly posting about their experiences is to respond to the other’s review via Review Responses. 

Can I see my rating on Airbnb

Yes, you can! For hosts, go to the Host menu, then find Stats. It should be posted there. For guests, under Personal Profile find the Reviews section. 

Need help keeping track of your reviews and other stats as a host? I have a great, detailed look at two of the most popular property management software options on the market today. Check out my iGMS vs Guesty review for more information. 

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