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Airbnb Identity Verification Not Working (2024): Here’s What You Do…

Safety is a huge concern when hosting or renting an Airbnb. One way that Airbnb keeps users safe is by requiring identity verification on Airbnb profiles. If your identity isn’t verified, you may run into issues booking a property or listing your rental. In fact, some hosts require that guests verify their identity, or they will not allow the reservation.

Airbnb Identity Verification Not Working?

If you are experiencing technical issues when trying to verify your identity, it can be frustrating and even disrupt your travel plans. Keep reading to learn about common reasons your Airbnb identify verification is not working and how to solve the issue.

My Airbnb Identity Verification is Not Working: What Do I Do?

There are several reasons your Airbnb identity verification may not be working. There could be an issue with your photo, the type of ID you used, or a technical glitch on Airbnb’s side. If you experience any issues with verification, you should reach out to Airbnb so they can help identify and solve the problem.

Why Does Airbnb Need to Verify My Identity?

Airbnb verifies users’ identities to make sure that hosts and guests are who they say they are. It helps build trust in the Airbnb community and keeps both hosts and guests safe.

During the verification process, Airbnb will ask for your full legal name, permanent address, a picture of your government ID, and a picture of your face. The name, address, and headshot you provide must match the government ID that you upload.

Common Issues and Solutions When Verifying Your ID With Airbnb

There are several common issues that users run into when verifying their identity on Airbnb. Don’t panic, though; there are solutions.

The Problem: You’re Using an Unsupported ID

Airbnb will ask you to upload a picture of a government ID. This ID must be official and issued by the government. It also must have your photo on it. You cannot use an ID from your school, gym, or job.

The most common forms of ID to use for verification are:

  • Driver’s license (you will have to upload the front and back)
  • Passport (the upload must include the numbers at the bottom of the ID page)
  • National identity card

If you are not using a supported government ID, your identity verification will be rejected.

The Solution: Use the Correct ID or Contact Airbnb to Find Out Which IDs Can Be Used

The type of ID that you can use for identity verification will vary by country. If you believe that you are using the correct kind of government ID, you may need to contact Airbnb to determine if that ID is right for your location.

To contact Airbnb, log into your account, navigate to the Help Center, and at the bottom of the page, click “contact us.”

The Problem: Your ID is Unreadable

After you have determined that you are using the correct ID, if you are still having problems, it may be because your ID upload isn’t clear and readable.

The Solution: Here is How to Upload a Clear ID

When you take a photo of your ID or scan it, make sure you get the entire ID. You should be able to see all four corners of the document. Do not blackout any information or use a watermark. If your ID has a hologram, turn off your camera flash or adjust your lighting to avoid glare. You should also make sure that the photo is of your actual ID and not a photocopy, and the ID cannot be damaged or ripped.

The Problem: There is an Issue with Your Picture

Airbnb will often ask users to upload a picture of their face alongside their government ID to ensure the person on the ID is the person seeking verification. If your uploaded picture doesn’t match your ID, Airbnb will be unable to verify you.

The Solution: Tips for a Clear Picture

The picture you upload for verification is not your Airbnb profile picture and will not be seen by other Airbnb users. This photo should be a clear image of your entire face. Make sure the photo is high quality, and you are in a well-lit area. Your face should not be obstructed by glasses or hats. Religious head coverings are permissible, but you must ensure your eyes, nose, and mouth are visible. This image cannot be a professional headshot and cannot be the same image on your ID.

The Problem: Technical Issues

Unfortunately, sometimes Airbnb runs into technical issues and glitches. Cache errors from previous sessions can prevent successful identity verification.

The Solution: How to Fix Some Technical Problems

If you are accessing Airbnb through the website on a computer, try clearing your browser cache and cookies and refresh the Airbnb site. Rerun your verification to see if it works.

If you are using the Airbnb mobile app, uninstall the app and reinstall it to reset it. This may help solve any technical issues the app is experiencing.

Always be sure to check your Airbnb messages and text messages throughout the verification process. Sometimes Airbnb will contact you to send you additional information you may need to verify your identity.

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What Does Airbnb Do with My ID Information

You may be wary about uploading personal identification documents to a website. Don’t worry, though; your information is safely stored with Airbnb. Airbnb will never share your ID with anyone, not even hosts you book with.

The only information that Airbnb will share includes:

  • You first name
  • Whether you are under 25 years old
  • Whether you have added an ID successfully

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating if you are experiencing glitches and your Airbnb identity verification isn’t working. Don’t cancel your travel plans right away, though; try some of these solutions first. When in doubt, you can always contact Airbnb for further assistance.

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