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Here’s Why You Can’t Find Your Listing on Airbnb (2024)

Now that you have your property listed on Airbnb, renters can now start booking your property for their vacations. But what if your Airbnb listing is not showing up at all in the website’s search? This could be very alarming for Airbnb Superhosts—because if your listing is not showing up, this means that you could potentially lose out on booking opportunities.

Why is My Airbnb Listing Not Showing?

There could be a few reasons why your Airbnb profile is not showing up. Whether it’s competition in your area or your listing being on delisted mode, it’s important to find ways to get your property out there.

To learn more about the most common reasons why your Airbnb listing is not showing up, read on.

There are two ways to confirm that your Airbnb listing is being shown to renters. You can confirm by checking the views your listing has by going to Performance, then Conversion and clicking on Views. Or you can check by conducting a search for your own Airbnb property, using its location, available dates, and the number of guests your listing can accommodate.

If your Airbnb property is still not showing up after the above steps, it is vital to understand why exactly that is.

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1. Your Airbnb Listing Was Recently Added

After you add your listing to Airbnb, Airbnb performs several checks on the listing to verify that the location exists. So, it can take up to 24 hours for your listing to show on the website and app, and sometimes even more.

2. Airbnb’s Complex Search Ranking System

Airbnb ranks listings with several considerations in mind. Some considerations that Airbnb uses to rank your property are the location of the user, what that user searches usually on Airbnb, as well as the amount of competition in the area. For instance, if your location has more than 300 properties, yours might not be listed in the initial search because Airbnb only displays 300 listings at a time.

However, you can try to use the multiple search filters that Airbnb has built in to find your property. By refining your search with the dates, number of guests, room types, and price range, you may find your listing within the results.

Also, many guests use the filters anyway while searching for a vacation rental. So, it is important that your Airbnb profile is optimized for those using search filters.

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3. Make Sure that the Airbnb is in Listed Mode

Another common reason for your Airbnb property to not be listed is that it is in “Delisted” mode. To check, go to your Dashboard, then go to Your Listing, and click onto Manage Listing and Calendar.

Once there, expand the menu options and scroll to the bottom to see if your listing is active. If it is, it’ll show as “Listed” with a green dot. If it doesn’t, click on the drop-down menu and change it from “delisted.”

If your Airbnb listing is still not showing up, it might be a good idea to check in with the Airbnb community to see if any other members have similar issues or if other members can see your listing after searching it. However, if you still have no luck finding your property, it may be best to reach out to Airbnb to resolve the issue.

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