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Airbnb Profile Picture Won’t Change (2024): How to Change Profile Picture

Your profile picture is an essential part of your Airbnb profile. Whether you are a host or a guest, your picture allows Airbnb users to put a face to your name and lets users know that you are a genuine Airbnb member.

If you haven’t yet added a picture to your profile or your current photo is in need of some updating, keep reading to find out how to change your profile picture on Airbnb.

Airbnb Profile Picture Won’t Change

How to Change Profile Picture on Airbnb?

To change your profile picture on Airbnb, log into your Airbnb account. From here, you will want to navigate to your profile and click “update photo.” You will need to upload a photo that has been saved to your computer and click save. After you refresh your page, your new photo should appear.

Follow These Easy Steps to Change Your Profile Picture on Airbnb

Changing your profile picture is a fairly simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.

Step 1: Log into Your Airbnb Account

You will need to log into your account from the Airbnb homepage by clicking the account icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Log into Your Airbnb Account

Enter your user credentials and click “log in.” Once logged in, instead of a blank circle in the top right corner, you should now see your current profile picture.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Account Settings

Next, you will need to find your account settings. Click the profile button in the top right corner again to show a drop-down list of available options. From this list, select “Account.”

Navigate to Your Account Settings

This will bring you to your Account homepage and provide various options and settings to manage like personal info, login and security, payments and payouts, and notification settings.

Step 3: Go to Your Profile

From your Account homepage, you can click the “Go to profile” link, which will direct you to your current public profile that all Airbnb users see.

Go to Your Profile

You will see your name, information, and any reviews that other Airbnb users have left for you on your profile. You will also see your current profile picture.

Step 4: Update Your Photo

Under your profile photo, you will see the option to “Update photo.” Click this link.

Update Your Photo

Here, you will have the option to upload an image file from your computer or choose a previous profile picture that you have uploaded in the past.

Select “Upload file from your computer” and follow the prompts to select your profile image. Immediately upon selecting your new image, it should appear as your new profile photo.

Profile Photos

If you don’t see your picture right away, refresh the page. Sometimes, Airbnb may take a few moments to display your new photo. If this happens, log out of your account and log back in.

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Tips for Your Profile Picture

Your Airbnb photo says a lot about you. Anyone on the platform can view your photo, and it shows up next to any reviews you have left for other users, whether you are a host or a guest. Here are some tips for a good profile picture:

  • Show your face- This may seem obvious, but your profile picture should always show your face. This allows other users to see that your account is linked to an actual person.
  • Select a clear, high-quality image- Images that are grainy or blurry are not recommended for profile photos.
  • Look professional and neat- Don’t post a photo that contains inappropriate clothes or activities.
  • Couple or group photos are ok- If you usually travel with your significant other or host with business partners, group photos are perfectly acceptable for a profile picture. Just make sure the image is clear and professional.
  • Include a hobby or passion- Pictures that show you engaged in a hobby you love are a great way to show other Airbnb users a bit about yourself and your personality. Just make sure that your face is clear, and anyone viewing your profile can see that it is you.

Hosts and guests both use profile pictures for reference when checking into properties and meeting for the first time. Hosts will know that the guest checking in is the guest that booked on Airbnb. Likewise, guests will know that their host is who their profile says they are. A clear profile photo that shows your face will help ease this process.

Profile pictures aren’t the only important part of your Airbnb profile. The “About” section allows other users to get to know you and should be written in a creative, yet concise way. Check out our article about the Best About Me Examples to get a few ideas.

Final Thoughts on Changing Your Airbnb Profile Picture

Changing your Airbnb profile picture is a fairly simple process that requires you to log into your account and upload an image file from your computer. Remember to make sure your photo shows your face and is a high-quality image. It is a good idea to keep your picture updated and accurate whether you are a guest or a host.

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