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Can I See Who has Viewed My Airbnb Listing? (2024): The Answer May Surprise You

Airbnb is an excellent platform for hosts to list their properties for short-term rentals. As an Airbnb host, it’s important to know how your listing is performing and how it’s being viewed by potential guests. A common question that many hosts have is whether or not they can see who viewed their listing.

Can Airbnb Hosts See Who Viewed Their Listing?

The short answer is no. Hosts cannot see who viewed their listing, but they can see how many views their listing has received in a set amount of time.

How Can You See How Many People Have Viewed Your Airbnb Listing?

While you won’t be able to see who exactly views your listing, Airbnb does offer information that helps you see how your listing is performing. Using the backend of the Airbnb hosting app is an essential tool for hosts to learn. Hosts can track the performance of their listing and make any necessary changes to improve their visibility on the platform.

Can Hosts See Who Viewed Their Listing

iOS/Android App

First, you’ll want to go to your profile page and switch to hosting. Then, go to “Insights” and tap on “Stats”.

On the “Stats” page you’ll be able to see your listing information broken down. This includes the number of views you’ve received in the last 30 days and your booking rate.


First, click on the “Insights” tab at the top of the page. From the “Performance” page, open up the “Conversions” drop-down menu on the left side of your screen. Click “Views” to see how many people have viewed your listing in a certain period of time.

Why Should Hosts Look at How Many People Viewed Their Listing?

One of the most significant advantages of hosting on Airbnb is the ability to access valuable data and insights to help you optimize your listing’s performance. Through the “Insights” and “Performance” pages, hosts can track their listing’s views, booking rates, and other critical metrics. By analyzing this data, you can gain a better understanding of how your listing is performing and identify any areas that may require attention.

Optimize Your Listing

Knowing this information and making changes to your listing may help with your search ranking and visibility on the platform. If your listing has received a low number of views in the last 30 days, it might be time to update your listing’s description, adjust your pricing, or improve your photos. Similarly, if your booking rate is low, you may want to consider adjusting your minimum stay requirements or offering discounts for longer stays.

Improve Your Listings Rank

Airbnb’s search algorithm takes into account several factors when determining where to rank your listing in search results. These factors include your listing’s location, availability, pricing, and the quality of your listing’s photos, reviews, and description. By optimizing these factors, you can improve your search ranking and increase your listing’s visibility to potential guests.

When Can Airbnb Hosts See Guest Information?

It’s worth noting that hosts cannot see a guest’s full profile information until a booking has been confirmed. Once a booking is confirmed, hosts can see the guest’s full name and profile photo and can communicate with them through the Airbnb messaging system. This provides an added layer of privacy for guests who may not want their personal information shared with hosts until they are ready to confirm a booking.

Final Thoughts

While Airbnb hosts cannot see who viewed their listing, they can access important data and statistics to help improve their listing’s performance. By understanding how to use the backend of the Airbnb hosting app and monitoring your listing’s performance, you can make changes to increase your chances of getting bookings.

For more Airbnb hosting tips, check out this article to see what viewers can see when you list a rental on Airbnb.

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