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How to Find Your Airbnb Account Number: A Simple Guide

Are you struggling to locate your Airbnb account number? This straightforward guide is designed to help you effortlessly find your Airbnb account number, ensuring you have all the necessary details for your travel plans or business needs.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Find Your Airbnb Account Number

  1. Log Into Airbnb: The first step in uncovering your Airbnb account number is to log into your account. Use your registered email address, phone number, or a connected social media account to access your Airbnb profile.
  2. Access Your Profile or Account Settings: Once logged in, head to your profile or account settings. This option is typically located in the upper right corner of the Airbnb homepage, represented by your profile picture or an avatar.
  3. Look for Account Information: In your profile or account settings, search for sections labeled ‘Account’ or ‘Personal Information’. While Airbnb doesn’t usually provide a distinct account number, this section may contain relevant details that serve as your account identifier.
  4. Check Reservation Details: If the account section doesn’t display the number, examine your past or upcoming reservation details. Sometimes, the account number or a similar identifier is included in these details.
  5. Contact Airbnb Support: If you’re still unable to find your account number, or if you need it for specific purposes like business invoices, your next step is to reach out to Airbnb’s customer support. They can provide you with your account number after verifying your identity.

Remember, Airbnb typically uses your email address or phone number as your primary account identifier. However, for specific scenarios where an account number is needed, following these steps will help you locate it or obtain it through customer support. With this guide, finding your Airbnb account number is easier than ever!

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Ryan Drew- Contributor

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