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Who Can See My Airbnb Profile: For Hosts and Guests-How Private is Your Profile on Airbnb? (2024)

Your Airbnb profile contains personal information about you and your interests, including a profile picture. Hosts often use profiles to vet potential renters, but you may be wondering who else can see your personal information on your Airbnb profile.

Keep reading to learn more about your profile and privacy on Airbnb.

Who Can See My Airbnb Profile?

Who Can See My Airbnb Profile?: For Hosts and Guests

Host and guest Airbnb profiles are public and viewable by any Airbnb user. Airbnb users will be able to see your profile picture, name, where you live, and reviews that have been left for you. After booking a stay, the Airbnb host and guest will receive additional information about each other for communication and verification purposes.

What Does Your Airbnb Profile Say About You?

When you create your Airbnb profile, you are asked to provide personal information, including your contact information. Don’t worry; not everything you provide Airbnb is public, but these sections on your profile are:

  1. Your name- Your Airbnb profile will show your first name only, and this is public for both hosts and guests,
  2. The date you joined- Your joining date is under your name. This allows hosts and guests to see how long you have been an Airbnb member. This is important for hosts when vetting guests. New profiles can raise a red flag.
  3. About- The about me section is optional, but it will appear on your profile if you fill it out. You can include your interests, where you like to travel, and activities you enjoy. It is recommended that you don’t include anything too personal because this section is public.
  4. Your hometown- You have the option of including the city and state you live in on your profile.
  5. The language you speak- Hosts and guests can include the languages they speak to make communication easier.
  6. Occupation- You have the option of including where you work and what you do.
  7. Reviews- Both hosts and guests can leave reviews for each other, and these reviews appear on your profile. Reviews are a great way to learn about the potential property or guest and also provide validation that a profile is legitimate. When a host or guest doesn’t have reviews, it should raise some suspicion.
  8. Identity confirmation- Airbnb asks that hosts and guests verify their identity, email address, and phone number. While the specific information will not show on your profile, your profile will indicate if you have confirmed your identity.
  9. FOR HOSTS ONLY: All property listings- If you are a host, your profile will list all properties that you manage on Airbnb.
hat Does Your Airbnb Profile Say About You?

Can I Manage Which Details on My Profile Can Be Seen?

If you don’t want certain information to be displayed on your profile, you can click “Edit Profile” and remove the information.

Can I Manage Which Details on My Profile Can Be Seen?

When you edit your profile, you have the option to remove your profile picture, “About” section, your location, the languages you speak, and your work information.

However, you cannot edit or hide your identity verification status or your reviews. This information will also be viewable on your public profile.

Did you know that your Airbnb profile has a unique URL link that you can easily share with users to see your profile? To find out more, read our article about how to find your Airbnb profile URL link.

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Why Are Airbnb Profiles Important?

Whether you are a guest or a host, your profile is important. When someone hosts their property as an Airbnb, they are allowing complete strangers into their home. Guests also take the risk of traveling and staying in a stranger’s home. Profiles will enable each party to get to know one another before engaging in a rental transaction.

Profiles are especially important for hosts to vet guests. If a host sees an incomplete profile or a profile without a picture, they may have suspicions about whether the guest is who they say they are and whether their motives for renting an Airbnb are honest. In addition, if a guest doesn’t have reviews, a host may question the validity of the profile.

For guests, host profiles and reviews allow them to get an idea of whether the property and experience will be right for them. Based on other Airbnb users’ comments, guests will know if the property described in the listing is accurate, if the host is easy to communicate with, and vital information about the surrounding area.

While it’s important to protect your identity on the internet, public Airbnb profiles serve an essential function in the Airbnb community.

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