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Why Won’t Airbnb Let Me Book (2024)?: Common Reasons Your Reservation Request May Be Denied

Have you ever tried to book an Airbnb rental but instead received an error message that your booking could not be completed, or your reservation was denied? This is a very common and frustrating issue on Airbnb. There are many reasons why Airbnb may not let you book but don’t worry; there are some solutions to this problem.

Why Won’t Airbnb Let Me Book?

Why Won’t Airbnb Let Me Book a Reservation?

There are several reasons that Airbnb might not let you book on their site. First, if your profile information is incorrect or unverified, you may need to update your account to be allowed to book. Second, there could be an issue with your host’s account, like a calendar syncing issue. Finally, a common reason Airbnb denies bookings is because the nature of the booking indicates that the renter is trying to throw a party.

Issues With Your Account That Could Prevent Bookings

If you have an issue with your Airbnb account, you may get an error message when you try to book a stay at an Airbnb.

These are some common account issues that may prevent bookings:

  1. Incomplete and Unverified Profile

You want to ensure that you have uploaded an accepted government ID. The name and address on the ID must match your legal name and address that you registered with Airbnb. If your profile is incomplete or unverified, Airbnb might not let you book reservations.

First, log into your account from the drop-down menu on Airbnb’s homepage.

Incomplete and Unverified Profile
Verify your personal information

This will bring you to your personal information, where you can verify your personal information.

Personal Info

Ensuring that your information is accurate and your profile is verified is an important step to completing an Airbnb booking. Some hosts do not allow unverified guests to stay at their Airbnb. You should also make sure that your profile picture is updated and shows your face.

  1. Payment Method

If you cannot book on Airbnb, you should also check your saved payment methods. Log into your account and navigate to the “Payments & payouts” box.

Payment Method

This will allow you to check what cards you have saved on file. Make sure your default payment method is up to date, not expired, and has available funds.

  1. No Reviews or Negative Reviews

If your profile has no reviews or negative reviews, hosts may be cautious about allowing you to rent their property. If you are new to Airbnb and haven’t received any reviews yet, you can always reach out to the host and introduce yourself.

Issues With a Host Account That Could Prevent Reservations

Sometimes, a host has a problem with their account that would cause Airbnb not to let you book a stay at a listing. Here are some common reasons a host account issue may not allow you to complete a reservation:

  1. Host Calendar is Not Synced

When a host calendar fails to sync correctly, you may end up trying to book dates that have already been reserved or that the host has blocked off. It is always best to contact your host if you have booking issues to make sure the rental is available on your requested dates.

  1. The Host’s Availability Settings Prevent the Booking

Hosts have availability settings that allow them to manage their rentals. These settings block off dates to allow time for cleaning and restocking between renters. If you try to book too close to another reservation, your reservation could be denied.

  1. Minimum Night Settings

Hosts have the option of setting a minimum night stay for their rentals. If your requested dates don’t meet their limited night stay setting, you will not be able to book the stay.

Did you receive an error message when trying to complete your booking? CLICK HERE for more information and reasons why your Airbnb reservation couldn’t be completed.

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Your Reservation is Flagged as “Suspicious”

In August 2020, Airbnb implemented a new “anti-party” policy that banned all parties or gatherings of over 16 people in any Airbnb in the world. As part of this new policy, Airbnb began to flag accounts and reservations that were suspicious or indicated that the renter was trying to throw a party.

Airbnb considers the following factors when determining whether to allow a reservation:

  1. The Renter’s Age

Renters under the age of 25 are viewed with more scrutiny than other renters and are not permitted to rent entire places. If you are under 25, you can only book private rooms in Airbnb rentals.

  1. The Duration of Your Stay

When a guest only books a one-night stay at an Airbnb, especially over a holiday weekend, it is flagged as suspicious. While booking an Airbnb for one night is allowed, it could be denied if the booking also has other questionable elements. Airbnb found that these one-night stay bookings were often made to host parties.

  1. The Location of Your Booking

Renters who try to book an Airbnb close to their hometown, especially if it is only for one night, will most likely not be able to complete the booking.

Reservations that meet these criteria have disproportionately resulted in parties that cause damage to Airbnb rentals and put guests at risk. Airbnb may not let you complete your reservation if your reservation has any of these factors.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why Airbnb might not let you book a reservation. There could be an issue with your account, like being unverified, that prevents you from booking. Sometimes, your host has a problem on their end with conflicting reservation dates. The final reason is that your reservation is flagged as a potential party reservation. Always reach out to your host to see if you can resolve the problem and if not, you can contact Airbnb directly for more information.

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