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The Best Tools For Airbnb (2024)- Our Favorite Hosting Software Tools

These are the best tools for Airbnb! Our selections are sure to help hosts make more money on their Airbnb businesses. Surprisingly, there are many companies that focus on helping hosts automate and enhance their listings and guest experience, and we have covered all of the good ones…

Best Tools for Airbnb

What are the Best Tools For Airbnb Hosts?

The best tools for Airbnb are ones that simplify and streamline the Airbnb hosting process. These tools include channel managers, smart pricing tools, direct-booking website platforms, data analytics tools, host notification tools, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Using Tools for Airbnb Hosts? 

1. Automation to Save Hosts Time

Tools like automated messaging, cleaner task coordination, and integrating calendars between different booking platforms help reduce hosts’ time. This reduces the costs that would be required to hire an Airbnb co-host or do this work yourself.

2. Opening New Short Term Rental Opportunities

Learning about short-term rental market trends can lead to better pricing for your rentals. It can also help identify profitable new short-term rental opportunities in other markets.

3. Improving the Overall Guest Experience

Automation tools truly do create a better experience for guests. Little things that may get missed are sent out on a pre-selected schedule as guests progess through their stay at your rental. Bookings that may not be translated from one calendar to the other are a thing of the past, as all calendars are woven into one master multi-calendar.

4. More Informed Hosts

Using tools that inform the host of possible parties at their rental is just one of the many notification tools available to keep hosts up to speed on the status of their rental.



Specializing in smart pricing technology that integrates with various short-term rental platforms, Wheelhouse is one of the best tools for hosts. Wheelhouse uses a “conservative”, “aggressive”, and “recommended” pricing strategy to simplify the process for clients.

Wheelhouse is a tool that collects data concerning the demand for rentals on a nightly basis and adjusts your pricing to reflect that data. Wheelhouse can help hosts to maximize their profits by employing the most up-to-date demand information.

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Beyond specializes in smart/dynamic pricing technology that integrates with various short-term rental platforms. I have used this for my Airbnb properties and was very pleased with the adaptive rental rates. Beyond is available for most cities.


DPGO is another one of the best tools for hosts. Named for Dynamic Pricing GO, DPGO provides a competitive level of dynamic pricing tools at a great value. Starting at only .5% of the booked price, DPGO’s rates are half of their competitors.

Learn more about DPGO HERE>>


PriceLabs is a great automated pricing tool. Their platform easily manages multiple listings, but can also be useful for single listings. PriceLabs is offered in almost all areas but check with them to confirm your specific location.

See PriceLabs Pricing>>


Proper Insurance

Proper Insurance is dedicated specifically to short-term rental/ vacation rental insurance. They offer insurance that replaces your current homeowner’s policy.

Proper Insurance is dedicated specifically to short-term rental/ vacation rental insurance. They offer insurance that replaces your current homeowner’s policy.

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Or check out our in-depth review of Proper Insurance here.


Channel management services are useful for hosts with multiple listings, but also for hosts that only have one listing. These services typically offer:

  • Integrating multiple calendars such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO,, etc. into one overriding calendar for easy management
  • Automated messages to guests
  • Automated messages to cleaners
  • Smart pricing tools


Hostaway is known as the market leader in marketing, sales, Airbnb property management, reporting, and communication for vacation rental property managers.

One of the largest marketplaces in the industry and deep integrations with Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, HomeAway, and more, property managers can increase exposure while saving time and money.

Thousands of property managers around the world trust Hostaway, the fastest-growing vacation rental software in the world. The combination of offering the best support and onboarding in the industry with a highly scalable and customizable platform is the key to success for any property manager!


iGMS is an host tool that I’m currently using for my properties. It is definitely one of the best tools for hosts. The automated messaging and cleaner notification work great, I’m able to easily monitor my calendar via iGMS. It is also free to use for single listings.

By using the calendar feature of iGMS, you can set up a to-do list for multiple rentals and keep up with your bookings from different platforms. iGMS is capable of integrating all of your booking information from different sites onto one calendar so that there is no confusion when it comes to managing your properties.

iGMS also has native integration with Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway. Apply your discount below to this solid Airbnb channel manager.

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Your Porter

Your Porter is another great channel manager.  This platform offers automated messaging, multiple listing integration, and more.  Your Porter works with Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO, Trip Advisor, Wimdu, CanadaStays, 9flats, and Beds24.

Check out our comprehensive Your Porter review here…


Hospitable is a powerful channel manager for hosts with one or multiple properties. From scheduling tasks for cleaners to automated messaging, Hospitable has you covered.

We’ve done a complete review of Hospitable and you can find the review here….


Lodgify offers a stand-alone website with integrated payment options. Or if you already have a website, insert their reservation widget to accept payments and operate your calendar.

Lodgify also has a robust channel manager. Simply link any or all of your Airbnb, VRBO,, or Expedia listings and Lodgify will manage all of them in their unified calendar/ guest communication platform. Use their automated messaging to simplify correspondence with guests.

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Tokeet is another multi-functional channel manager. Their platform includes automated messaging for easier guest communication, a multi-calendar for all of your platforms, and your own personal reservation website to attract even more visitors.


An interesting capability of OwnerRez is that it tracks which sources inquiries and bookings are coming from. Since OwnerRez integrates messaging from all your booking platforms, this feature will let you know where most of your traffic is coming from and which booking platforms are most beneficial to you as a host. Then you will know the best source for generating more income!

See OwnerRez Pricing >>


Uplisting’s Smart Rates feature accounts for differing commission costs across platforms and ensures that you will receive the same rate no matter which platform your guests book through. This software does the hard work for you and frees up your time for more important tasks.

See Uplisting Pricing >>

Superhost Tools

Superhost Tools – Channel manager features include auto messages, automatic cleaner notifications, smart pricing enhancements, auto reviews, and more.


FantasticStay – Channel management service that works with Airbnb,, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, and Agoda. FantasticStay’s cloning feature allows you to copy your listing information from one platform and populate it onto different platforms without starting from scratch. This cuts down on the time you have to spend creating listings. They offer automated messaging, calendar management, channel management, and more…

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Zeevou is a hospitality management platform that allows hosts to manage bookings, operations, marketing, payments, check-in, and every other aspect of running a rental from one unified platform. It also can manage multiple locations.


Eviivo focuses on three core components of management: property manager, channel manager, and website manager.



Alltherooms is one of the best market research tools for hosts if you need in-depth analytics on your market or other markets that you are interested investing in. Their price point is lower than AirDNA, although their data seems to be not quite as thorough as AirDNA’s. So you get what you pay for.

Rankbreeze integrates with several short-term rental platforms. Analyzes your listing and provides valuable feedback to get better rankings. This software lets you know the impact that changes to your listing make on your search optimization. It collects data to clue you in as to which changes are beneficial and which are not.

See Current Rankbreeze Pricing Plans>>


AirDNA– This online service provides a powerful way to review local market data for your Airbnb or HomeAway/VRBO listing.

Scope out the competition to see how you can dominate your immediate area. This software lets you compare your properties’ performance with others in the market.

If you need a promo code, go to our AirDNA Promo Code page…


Vrolio provides an online marketplace for buying and selling vacation rental properties. Doing a cursory search, it appears the homes available are somewhat limited with just a handful available at the time of this writing. Hopefully, they will get more listings as time moves on.


Mashvisor – Provides real estate investors with tools to locate and purchase quality rental properties around the country.
Mashvisor scours the internet looking for available properties and compares them against short-term rental/ rental comps to help investors make informed investing decisions.


Party Squasher

Party Squasher is an awesome service that protects vacation rental hosts from unwanted parties. How does Party Squasher do this? They have a small black box that connects to your Wi-Fi. The box then reads how many smartphones are linking to the Wi-Fi, identifying how many people are in your rental. The host uses the Party Squasher app to set the max amount of people allowed in their rental. If the number is exceeded, they are notified via the app.

Check out our in-depth review of the Party Squasher device and service HERE.



Stasher allows you to search the local area you’re in for a Stasher host and for a small fee, you can drop your luggage at a secure location and enjoy your day luggage-free. Stasher hosts include a network of hotels and shops that are all vetted and safe. The best part is that your luggage is even insured by Stasher!  



In addition to online check-in, Duve allows me to provide my guests with a guidebook, local tips, a house manual, and a mobile key all through the app.


HelloHere allows you to provide your guests with a welcome book, destination guide, marketplace, chat, and automated messaging. It gives you endless customization options so you can really tailor this app to work for you and your properties.


AvivaIQ allows you to link your properties, create custom messages, and even schedule message deliveries for things like booking confirmations. The best part about this app? It’s completely free, so there is no reason not to give it a try.


Operto is a secure web app that allows a host to not only manage their bookings, but also connects to all your smart devices in your rental like smart locks, thermostats, and monitoring devices.


If you like using spreadsheets to manage your property, you will love the Breezeway dashboard. It allows you to see your properties, assigned tasks, completed tasks, arrivals, departures, and unoccupied days in each rental all in one place.


Stayfi is vacation rental-specific Wi-Fi that collects data from the guests that use it. It allows hosts to create their own custom and branded Wi-Fi splash page. Guests log in to this page using their email address and then Stayfi stores their email for future marketing campaigns.


Cohost Market

CohostMarket is a platform that can be accessed by both property managers and property owners, and almost like an online dating service, helps you find your perfect match. As a property owner, you can view manager’s profiles and see their ratings from previous owners. Ratings include response times and response rates.



If you haven’t made the switch to smart door locks yet, you may still be struggling with physical keys and ways to get your guests those keys while still keeping your rental safe and secure. KeyNest is a really cool tool that allows you to drop your keys off with local stores where your guests can then pick them up.


Keycafe is another key exchange platform I investigated. Instead of requiring a store employee to check codes and give keys out, Keycafe actually utilizes SmartBox key bins placed in select locations to securely store rental keys.


RemoteLock has a wide selection of both Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart locks. They also offer wired systems so you can really choose what works best for your property. I also like that they offer access through PINs, cards, or mobile access.



The basic concept of Loftium is that a long-term renter acts as a host on a Loftium property in exchange for discounted rent.

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