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The Best Geodesic Dome Kit Companies for Glamping (2024): Comparison of Top Brands

So you’re looking for the best geodesic dome kit companies for glamping? We’ve done our homework and identified to top domes on the market. Keep reading to see which ones are the best!

Ekodome Kit Cost
Best Geodesic Dome Companies

If you want to create a glamping destination, getting started is easier than you might think! Many companies offer nearly fully outfitted geodesic dome kits that can be delivered to your home and assembled in as little as a day! Sounds great, but do you know where to start? I’m going to share my findings on the best geodesic dome kit companies to help get the ball rolling.

What Are The Best Geodesic Dome Kit Companies for Glamping?

Ekodome is our top choice for glamping hosts. Their covers are individual panels, so replacement is easy if damage occurs. They also provide a door as part of their kit. They provide a 10 year warranty, and their pricing is in line with the competition.

Why Build a Geodesic Dome for Glamping?

If you’ve been on social media at any point in the past few years, you’ve probably seen one of your friends living it up in a futuristic structure known as a geodesic dome. These come in all different sizes and levels of comfort, ranging from bare-bones minimalist to fully-equipped mini spas.

Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, or even your own private booking website can drive traffic to your newly built glamping destination. With a little creative marketing and a few good reviews, you’ll be well on your way to being a glamping mogul.

As I mentioned, these tent-like structures are built to last, often featuring steel framing and durable, weatherproof covering with “windows” made of the same thick plastic material. This provides your guests with the peace of mind that they can enjoy the full “camping” experience but with all the comforts of a regular home or Airbnb rental.

They can be built pretty much anywhere that has a big enough footprint! With diameters as small as 15 feet in some cases, any backyard or spare property has enough room for at least one dome. But why stop there? The more the merrier! Dome communities are great to rent out for destination weddings, private events, and even conferences or retreats.

Their low initial setup cost combined with their popularity mean you can make a pretty penny renting them out to people looking for a trendy getaway. With just a few simple furnishings (often offered or provided by dome companies themselves) you’re pretty much set!

Top Choice: Ekodome Geodesic Dome Kits

Ekodome is our top choice for an easy and economical geodesic dome build. They have a few simple packages so you won’t have too much of a headache choosing each and every fixture for your new dome, but you’ll still have plenty of options so you can find one that works for you.

Ekodome Sizes

  • Seed 9 Foot Dome (41 SF)
  • Luna 16 Foot Dome (189 SF)
  • Terra 22 Foot Dome (366 SF)
  • Stellar 30 Foot Dome (696 SF)
  • Cosmos 29 Foot Dome (639 SF) (Tallest Model)

Ekodome Pricing (Approx.)

  • Seed 9 Foot Dome: $1,400-Frame ($4,700 Kit)
  • Luna 16 Foot Dome: $3,900-Frame ($11,800 Kit)
  • Terra 22 Foot Dome: $8,000-Frame ($23,000 Kit)
  • Stellar 30 Foot Dome: $11,000-Frame ($33,000 Kit)
  • Cosmos 29 Foot Dome: $14,000-Frame ($43,500 Kit)

**Shipping is extra. They ship to US, Canada and other countries

Each kit comes with an instruction manual, parts, door, solid polycarbonate glazing cover panels, and whatever optional add-ons you might choose. They even offer CAD files and technical PDF documents to help you out with a building permit! Their domes are also designed to be able to be connected via tunnels, perfect for building a larger retreat.

Ekodome Features

  • 10 year warranty
  • R-24 cover panels
  • Powder coated aluminum frame (corrosion free)
  • Entrance tunnel modules to protect occupants from the cold
  • Skylight modules for natural light
  • Passive vents
  • Individual triangle covers are replacable if damaged
  • Wide variety of exterior colors
  • Several financing options

Ekodome Installation Time

  • Seed 9 Foot Dome: 3 Hours with 1-2 People
  • Luna 16 Foot Dome: 4-8 Hours with 4-8 People
  • Terra 22 Foot Dome: 4 Hours with 3-4 People
  • Cosmos 29 Foot Dome: 6-14 Hours with 3-4 People
  • Stellar 30 Foot Dome: 6-14 Hours with 3-4 People

Ekodome 3V Geodesic Dome Kit
Ekodome Terra 3V Geodesic Dome Kit
Ekodome Terra 22 Ft.

Ekodome Terra 22 Ft.

Check out Ekodome’s current dome packages and pricing HERE>>

Our Ekodome Review

8.9Expert Score
Ekodome: Efficient and Affordable Glamping Hosts

Ekodome is a solid choice for an easy geodesic dome rental build. We like their price point, powder coated frame, cover system and ten year warranty.

  • Great for saving money
  • Choose your own cover material
  • Ability to completely personalize the dome
  • Shipping is not Included

Pacific Domes for Glamping

Pacific Domes is another of my top picks for geodesic dome builds, offering the widest selection and some of the greatest customization options out there. Their domes range in size from a mere 16 feet across to a whopping 60 feet! That’s wider than some houses! They also offer several stye options such as open domes (like what you might use in lieu of a tent at an event) or full enclosed living domes.

Pacific Domes Sizes and Pricing (Approx.)

  • 16 Foot: $11,000-Kit with No Door
  • 20 Foot: $14,000-Kit with No Door
  • 24 Foot: $17,000-Kit with No Door
  • 30 Foot: $22,000-Kit with No Door
  • 36 Foot: $32,400-Kit with No Door

Pacific Domes because they’re clearly very committed to the user’s experience and try to help their customers get the best possible use out of their products. As I mentioned, they offer living domes, specialized glamping domes, and some unique options like domes specifically designed for yoga.

They also clearly publish the engineering stats of their structures, which owners would definitely need to know of purchasing the dome for use as a rental. Snow and wind loads, anchoring requirements, and exterior durability are all super important if you want your dome to hold up in any sort of weather.

The downside to Pacific Domes is their covering system is a wrap over the entire structure, so if damage occurs, a patch has to be utilized. The door module is extra, and not part of the kit package.

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Interested in learning more about Pacific Domes? Click here now!

8.7 Total Score
Pacific Domes: Our Runner Up

Pacific Domes is a great choice for geodesic dome builds, offering the widest selection and some of the greatest customization options out there.

  • Lots of pre-configured sizes and shapes
  • Clear specs and diagrams provided up front
  • Phone support and manuals included
  • Small selection of flooring options

F Domes

Aimed specifically at the glamping rental crowd, F Domes offers a similar number of options as Ekodome but with a lot more customizations available. They even have a 3D modeling program on their website to help you visualize your custom dome!

Their domes are definitely on the pricier side, but if you’re trying to corner the luxury glamping crowd then this may not be an issue. In fact, luxury domes have one of the highest ROIs in the business, according to F Domes’ website. Finish your dome out with appliances and even fireplaces straight from F Domes’ website for a one-stop glamping rental shop!

Check Out F Domes current packages and pricing HERE>>

7.7Expert Score
F Domes: For the Luxury Chaser

Is the priciest option, but is the one for a luxury glamping experience.

  • Maximum ability to customize
  • Catering to luxury clientele means higher ROI
  • Can be easily outfitted with electricity
  • Pricey to start up
  • Ships from farther away
Ekodome Geodesic Kits - 25% Off
Make sure to CLICK THE BUTTON NOW to apply your EKODOME 25% OFF DISCOUNT! Limited time offer for our readers!

Can You Make Money with a Geodesic Dome Airbnb?

In short: absolutely! The low cost to purchase and build a dome means that you can start seeing returns much quicker than with a traditional home (or even a tiny house!). They are basically tents that can be equipped with electricity and/or plumbing (depending on the level of Airbnb camping or glamping that you and your guests desire).

You might be thinking, “Well, I know what the average campsite charges per night. There’s no way I could make money off of that!” and you couldn’t be more off base! While a campsite rental is cheap, a glamping dome rental is not at all the same thing and thus rents out for a much higher rate.

Think of your geodesic dome as a different shape of tiny house. They rent out for just as much as a traditional home of the same size and sleeping capacity, and in some cases can go for even more. The appeal is in the novelty and the marketing of the space. People will pay more for something that looks cool, after all!

Domes are often rented out for specific purposes or events as well. Group outings, conferences, and even weddings can be held in these versatile structures! Offering a group rate if you have several domes is a great way to secure a solid amount of revenue in a short amount of time. You could even offer guests a chance for discounts or free stays based on referrals from social media, as that is how many of these sites become popular in the first place.

Need some more information before you take the plunge and buy your own dome kit? Understandable! I’ve broken down how much you can expect to make in THIS detailed review! [Link to how much can you make article]

Ready to get started on your glamping adventure? Click HERE to be directed to my top recommendation, Ekodomes!

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