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Can You Make Money From a Glamping Business in 2024? Here’s How Much…

Glamping. You’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve even seen your friends doing it or gone glamping yourself! What you do know is that it’s incredibly popular and the appeal is only growing with the effects of social media. As an Airbnb host, are you ready to cash in on the craze?

Can You Make Money from a Glamping Business

If you are, you’re probably wondering just how profitable glamping can be. Well, I’ve done the research, and I’m ready to share my findings with you!

Can You Make Money from a Glamping Business?

You can make a lot of money from a glamping business! Depending on your location and glamping setup, glamping rentals can easily go for the same nightly rate as a regular home or rental, and sometimes even more!

One of the best and quickest ways to set up a glamping business is using geodesic domes. I’ve done the research and chosen Pacific Domes as my company of choice! Why? Find out HERE [link to either of the above articles] and click the button below to go directly to their website!

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What is Glamping?

Glamping is a combination of the words “glam” and “camping”, making it a self-explanatory way to describe a  luxury vacation that feels like camping but isn’t. Glamping has become very popular in recent years as more and more people seek to enjoy the outdoors while keeping the comforts of home nearby.

Why is Glamping Popular?

Glamping appeals to people who want a taste of the outdoorsy life without sacrificing anything, having to get dirty or do a lot of hard work. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Glamping is a very enjoyable and relaxing vacation experience. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beauty of nature with none of the drawbacks, like setting up your own tent, dealing with bugs, or fighting the elements?

Glamping also has gained a ton of traction from social media and viral marketing. Things like geodesic domes are very pleasing to the eye and convey a sense of futuristic design while putting the guest in the middle of a scenic natural landscape. It’s easy to see why they draw people in!

There is also the appeal of being able to house a larger number of people at once, for example, if you have multiple tents, yurts, or trailers on the same campsite. This is great for renting out to people hosting events, family reunions, and more. There is no setup involved for them, but they still get to enjoy much of the camping experience

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Can You Glamp on Airbnb?

You most certainly can! In fact, glamping is becoming a very popular thing to do on Airbnb and other short-term rental sites. Glamping rentals are easier to set up than an entire house, and many can even be set up in a backyard or on a previously undeveloped piece of property, making it an attractive option for an enterprising host.

The definition of glamping isn’t super strict, so what some may consider being a form of glamping others may consider to just be a regular rental. Things like tiny houses can fall into this gray area, where some might consider them to be a form of “roughing it” while others see them as no different than a full-sized home with all its furnishings.

We all know how the tiny home craze revolutionized Airbnb rentals, with many people paying significantly more money to stay in a tiny trailer than they would to stay in a larger and more luxurious home. Glamping has the same type of appeal and works for the same general target audience, which is why I see it being the next big thing.

So how do you know if your rental qualifies as a glamping experience? Well, it does if you say it does! Of course, there are some common-sense limitations to this, but anything from a legitimate tent to 500 square foot tiny home may classify as glamping, depending on who you ask.

The only real limitation to having a glamping rental on Airbnb is that the rental must abide by the same rules as any other rental, including adequate beds, bathrooms, and so on. This rules out some glamping setups, but you may even be able to list more rustic rentals on your own private website if you don’t want to bring them up to Airbnb’s standards.

Rental Recon Tip: Your setup does not have to be top notch luxurious in order to be considered glamping. A tricked out yurt, geodesic dome, or even tent can all fall under the glamping umbrella. People are paying for the novelty, so give them novelty!

How Can I Get My Glamping Business Started?

If you can list an Airbnb rental you can start a glamping business! Of course, there are a few more steps involved, but once you get it set up it’s just as “plug and play” as any other rental.

First, you’ll need something to rent out. For some people, this means a heavy canvas tent. For others it means a tiny home, yurt, trailer, dome, you name it. If you can style it in a way that conveys a natural, bohemian vibe, you can rent it as a glamping site!

Next, you’ll need a place to put it. This can be anywhere you would rent an Airbnb from, but keep in mind that there are rules regarding bathrooms, so you may need to get everything up to code before you get ahead of yourself. With the right setup, you could rent out a tent in a backyard, spare piece of property, on a lake, in the woods… the list goes on! There’s something out there that will appeal to anyone.

Finally, you’ll need all the glamping fixings. This usually means things like lanterns, string lights, attractive décor, carpet or flooring, and a nice outdoor space with a fire pit and seating arrangements. Remember that your guests want to feel like they’re camping, but they don’t want to be camping. Having everything set up for them just as you would a normal Airbnb rental is key.

Interested, but don’t know where to get started? Head over to my review of the top 3 geodesic dome companies!

How Much Money Can I Make Glamping?

Like most questions, the answer is “it depends”. I do have some good news, though: most glamping rentals that I’ve found go for just as much as a comparable Airbnb home rental, and sometimes even more!

This is great news since you’ll likely need to invest a little bit more upfront to get started than you would if you were simply renting out your spare room. You’ll have the startup costs of purchasing the structure, outfitting it with some gear, possibly even running plumbing and electricity out to it.

However, this cost is likely to be in the range of $10,000 or less (from what I’ve seen people doing), and if you’re handy you could cut that cost down significantly. If you rented out your glamp site for $100 a night (a very low estimate), you could be recouping your investment in just a few months!

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In short, the ROI (return on investment) in glamping is much faster and higher than the ROI on a home, even a tiny home! This makes glamping a very attractive option for hosts looking to expand beyond the norm and cash in on a major (and fun!) trend that is likely to continue to grow.

Not convinced? Need some more information? No worries! My investment and profit breakdown has you covered!

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