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11 Top Geodesic Dome Manufacturers and Companies (2024)

Geodesic domes are quickly growing in popularity for the go-to model structure for glamping, offices, event space, and even permanent homes. Domes offer a variety of structural advantages like energy efficiency and durability in severe weather, which makes them usable in all geographical locations and climates.

If you are ready to explore the world of Geodesic Domes, you may be looking for companies who specialize in the manufacturing production of these unique structures. Keep reading to learn about 11 companies right here in North America that manufacture, build, rent, and restore geodesic domes.

Top Geodesic Dome Manufacturers and Companies

Ekodome, New York

Ekodome is a geodesic dome kit manufacturer located in Brooklyn, New York. Ekodome kits are highly versatile and can be used for camping, glamping, office space, greenhouses, event space, or even a tiny home. They feature five different dome sizes that range from just 40 square feet to their largest model at 642 square feet.

Ekodome 3V Geodesic Dome Kit
Ekodome 3V Geodesic Dome Kit

These domes are easy to assemble, have a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can be customized with different doors, windows, and cover options. Whether you are building a greenhouse in the backyard or starting your own glamping business, Ekodome will have the kit that best suits your needs.

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The Ekodome Geodesic Dome Review

The Ekodome Geodesic Dome kit is an excellent option especially if you are just getting into the world of geodesic domes. They offer various sizes and customizations so you will have no problem purchasing the kit that is right for you whether you are building a glamping dome, a tiny home, a greenhouse, or an event space.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Ease of Assembly
  • Affordable
  • Various sizes options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Uses sustainable resources
  • You must purchase and fit your own cover

For more information about Ekodome and the models they offer, check out our in-depth article about the 5 Best Geodesic Dome Kits for Glamping.

Pacific Domes, Oregon

Pacific Domes is an all-women-owned geodesic dome company located in Oregon. Pacific Domes offers a wide variety of domes for different purposes, including:

  • Event domes
  • Dome homes
  • Greenhouse domes
  • Playground domes
  • 360-degree projection domes
  • Eco-resort domes
  • Emergency relief domes

All of Pacific Dome’s kits are customizable to fit your needs and budget. They have options for size, doors, windows, ventilation, and cover materials.

Best Geodesic Dome Kits Dome Tents

Glamping Dome Store, Canada

The Glamping Dome Store is a family-owned and operated company that focuses on geodesic domes for Glamping. These glamping domes are durable, safe, and can withstand all types of weather and climate. Glamping Dome Store produces eco-conscious domes with a high strength-to-weight ratio. The covers are water and UV-resistant and will stand up to winds up to 75 mph.

The Glamping Dome Store offers customizable domes in various sizes. Whether you are creating a glamping dome for personal use or starting a glamping short-term rental business, the Glamping Dome Store will have everything you need.

DomeGuys International, Oregon

For an extensive list of Dome options, check out DomeGuys International. DGI’s impressive portfolio features domes for large events, intimate weddings, festivals, and eco-living. Custom dome kits sizes range from 16 feet to 120 feet and include options like bay windows, circular doors, and multicolored coverings.

One service that makes DGI stand out is its rental option. If you need a dome for a specific event or purpose but don’t want to make a large investment, the rental option is very convenient. DomeGuys also offers in-stock ready-to-purchase domes to avoid long wait times that may go along with ordering and customizations.

Natural Spaces Domes, Minnesota

Natural Spaces Domes offers prefabricated dome components and dome shell and framing kits. Most of the dome homes offered by this company are permanent structures for living spaces but can easily be customized for glamping purposes. The four main kits that Natural Spaces Domes offers include:

  • Super-Wal Dome- A precut shell kit available in diameters 26ft-51ft
  • Super-Wal Dome, Large- A precut shell kit available in diameters 56ft-81ft
  • Super-Wal Dome Framing Kit- Precut frame available in diameters 26ft-51ft
  • 2×8 Precut Dome- Shell kit available in diameters 16ft-51ft

These kits have various floor plan options, and builders can customize skylights, roofing, windows, and doors. Natural Spaces also helps connect dome owners selling their dome houses with potential buyers.

New Age Dome Construction, Alabama

Many people may wonder why they should build a dome home and what advantages they have over traditional homes. New Age Dome Construction does a great job answering these questions. The dome homes built by New Age Dome Construction are safe, energy-efficient, and inexpensive. Many dome homeowners experience a 50% savings on energy expenses compared to regular homes. New Age Domes are also very safe in extreme weather and can withstand winds up to 250mph.

New Age Dome Construction provides consulting and training services, roofing, repairs, and renovations to existing domes, custom designs, tornado shelters, and new construction.

GoodKarmaDomes, Oklahoma

GoodKarmaDomes is a dome manufacturer and builder that provides customers with several dome model options. Their portfolio ranges from glamping domes to home domes and even a dome to be used as a church.

One feature of GoodKarmaDomes that differs from competitors is that their website provides users and ambitious builders with detailed plans for building domes. They include definitions of common dome terms like “strut” and “icosahedron” and even provide the math equations that someone building a dome structure may use. This information is invaluable if you are planning on building your own dome structure.

Terra-Dome, Missouri

Unlike a typical dome structure that other companies provide, Terra-Dome provides customers with a different type of structure. Terra-Domes are earth-sheltered dome structures that use wood and concrete frames built into the land. These homes use the earth as additional insulation, which saves homeowners up to 85% on their energy costs.

Terra-Dome has several models available. Some models look more like traditional homes with vertical walls and a dome ceiling, while other models are completely customizable depending on your land. These structures are durable, safe, and adaptable to any climate.

AiDomes, Florida

American Ingenuity (AI) Domes has been manufacturing geodesic domes kits for over 40 years. AI offers ten different home dome kits, some of which are tornado and hurricane-proof. There are various floor plans, and some domes feature over 1200 square feet of floor space, allowing ample space for multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

AIDomes dome kits are geared towards people who want to build a full-size dome home and garages. These are permanent structures, and customers will typically need permits, contractors, and a mortgage.

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Dome Inc., Minnesota

Dome Inc. specializes in dome homes and other spherical designs. Their structures are available in wood and steel frames. Dome Inc. manufactures all of the elements that you will need to create a recreational, residential, or commercial dome.

Dome Inc.’s recreational domes are semi-permanent domes that are perfect for events like weddings or festivals. They can also be made into a glamping structure or greenhouse, depending on the type of cover material you choose. Dome Inc. also has options for permanent residential and commercial structures. In addition to new builds, Dome Inc. also has domes for rent, and they do restoration and repairs.

Are you wondering how you can start a glamping business and use a geodesic dome structure to turn a profit? Read our article about how to make money from a glamping business for some tips on how to begin the process.

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Timberline Geodesics Manufacturing, California

Another option for a geodesic dome home is Timberline Manufacturing. Timberline provides customers with geodesic dome home kits that make constructing your own dome home easy, affordable, and practical. Their domes use a SteelStar connector system, so your new home will be precise and durable. All parts are precut and pre-drilled, and Timberline provides comprehensive instructions to walk you through the building steps.

Dome homes are a great option because they are energy efficient, use 30% less surface area, and their round shape provides natural and efficient air circulation. Timberline has 25 dome models of varying sizes and floorplans. If you’re ready to build your dream dome home, you can order a catalog or DVD to learn about your options.

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