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Where to Buy Geodesic Domes (2024): Best Options to Save Money

Knowing where to buy quality geodesic domes can be difficult but our review will help you find the one you want for your residence, event space, or glamping Airbnb. These domes are so versatile and popular that we have done the work of checking multiple companies for the leading geodesic domes so you can make the best choice.

Here is Where to Buy Geodesic Domes:

Here are the Dome Companies We Recommend:

1. Best Overall Geodesic Dome: Ekodome

2. Best Geodesic Dome for Event Halls: Pacific Domes

3. Best Geodesic Dome for Glamping: Glamping Dome Store

4. Best Geodesic Dome for a Complete Dome Kit: FDomes

5. Best Geodesic Dome for Garden and Backyard Use: Vevor Geodesic Domes

9.1Expert Score
Ekodome Geodesic Domes

After testing the Ekodome in several scheduling categories, including ease of use, features, value, custom additions, and customer satisfaction.  Here are the results:

Ease of Use
Custom Additions
Customer Satisfaction


Ekodome Geodesic Dome Discount
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Ekodome Geodesic Domes

When you want a sustainable structure for multi-use opportunities, the Ekodome Geodesic Dome kits allow you to build a restaurant, festival dome, Airbnb, and more. Made of 100% recycled aluminum, the frame is airtight with biodegradable EPDM, TPE, and SEBS seals.

The Ekodome is ideal for all weather conditions and geographic locations. There are five sizes you can choose from to create your own dome.

Ekodome Seed 9-Foot Dome

The Ekodome Seed is the smallest geodesic dome. It can be used as a playhouse for your kids, a chicken coop, a camping pod, and a small greenhouse, and takes about two hours to assemble.

Ekodome Luna 16 Foot Dome

The Luna is ideal for a backyard cabin for extra sleeping space, a pop-up shop, or a gazebo. It takes four to eight hours for set-up when you have more than two people helping.

Ekodome Luna Geodesic Dome Home Kit

Ekodome Terra 22-Foot Dome

Intended for glamping or as a tiny house, the Terra is tall enough to accommodate a loft. There is enough space to grow tall trees like citrus trees. The Terra takes four hours to assemble with four people.

Ekodome Stellar 30-Foot Dome

The Stellar dome is perfect to use as a garage, a home, or to cover your pool. You can use it as a cabin or for wedding receptions. You will need up to four people to assemble this structure which takes between 6-14 hours.

Ekodome Cosmos 29-Foot Dome

The Cosmos dome is a geodesic structure that can be doubled to make a two-story building. It can be a school, movie theater, event lounge—anything! For example, the Cosmos can hold 107 people for a standing cocktail party and 80 people seated. You will need to allow 6-14 hours to assemble the cosmos with four people.

Pros of the Ekodome Geodesic Domes:

  • More frequencies for the best strength
  • Patented aluminum frame won’t rust
  • Offer dome covers of various thicknesses
  • Come in full and frame-only kits
  • Optional add-on accessories like doors and windows
  • five5 sizes to choose from
  • Able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane

Cons of the Ekodome Geodesic Domes:

  • Can have trouble fitting doors

Pacific Domes

Pacific is the original geodesic dome company. Pacific Domes has manufactured these domes for over forty years, offering customizable domes for event halls, corporate offices, and Airbnb glamping. They make domes for:

  • Events
  • Playgrounds
  • Projection Domes
  • Eco-Resorts
  • Greenhouse Domes
  • Residential Homes

Pros of Pacific Domes:

  • A variety of homes offer multiple uses
  • Easy to build
  • Customizable look
  • Feel close to nature while having everything you need nearby
  • Environmentally friendly features

Cons of Pacific Domes:

  • Some quality control issues
  • The kits are not turn-key

Glamping Dome Store

The Glamping Dome Store is at the forefront of the eco-friendly camping trend. Their glamping geodesic domes are entirely customizable with unique components and can be turned into a beautiful place to stay. They will even send you samples of the dome materials before your purchase.

Pros of the Glamping Dome Store:

  • These domes are exceptionally weather-proof
  • The delivery is included in the price
  • No hidden or unexpected costs
  • They sell all the accessories in one place

Cons of the Glamping Dome Store:

  • A little difficult to set up


FDomes originally started as Freedoms and evolved into a complete glamping brand. They have delivered geodesic domes worldwide and offer full customization of your dome. With five geodesic dome sizes, there is one that will fit your needs.

Pros of the FDomes:

  • Arrive with everything you need to build the geodesic dome
  • Interior modules let you add walls and other partitions
  • Modules can be mixed and matched to suit your purpose
  • With the modules, all you add are appliances

Cons of the FDomes:

  • The structure is hollow without the modules

Vevor Geodesic Domes

The Vevor Geodesic Domes are primarily for garden and backyard use. They come with a freeze-proof covering and a mesh cover. The Vevor dome is great for having a place on the beach where little ones can remain shielded from blowing sand. They have zippered windows and a door opening to allow for proper circulation.

Pros of the Vevor Geodesic Domes:

  • Double-nylon reinforced frame gives stability
  • Covering is a transparent TPU material that lets you see the stars in the sky
  • TPU covering holds in the heat and creates a wind-proof interior
  • Can be used in the garden, at the beach, and on a patio when there is a level surface beneath

Cons of the Vevor Geodesic Domes:

  • Cannot be used as a home
  • Cannot use heaters inside the dome
Ekodome Geodesic Dome Discount
MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR EKODOME DISCOUNT! Just click the button to apply the discount>>

Why We Love the Ekodome

We love the Ekodome for a variety of reasons. While most geodesic dome structures can be adapted to serve as a home, the domes from Ekodome are customizable

Here are the reasons why we would choose a geodesic dome from Ekodomes:

  • These domes are sturdy with a patent-pending with an aluminum strut to let you create unique spaces.
  • Their dome has a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The reviews are great, and people indicate they love these domes.
  • The domes have add-on accessories like connection tunnels, cupolas, and elevation kits.
  • Glamping is exploding in popularity, making geodesic domes a logical choice for Airbnb use.

Related Questions:

What is a Geodesic Dome?

A geodesic dome is an outdoor structure built in a geodesic polyhedron shape. The small, triangular shapes that form the dome make it so sound that it can withstand strong weather without damage.

What is Geodesic Dome Glamping?

Glamping has exploded in popularity and the unique structural style and clear covering make it ideal for those who love camping but don’t want to use a tent. The dome allows for rooms within the structure for privacy can comfort.  

Are Geodesic Domes Safe?

Geodesic domes are quite safe—so safe that they can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes without damage. Their design distributes weight across the structure in the most aerodynamic way to offer maximum protection.

Do all Geodesic Domes Come as a Kit?

Geodesic domes come as a kit you can build yourself, but many people also have a contractor build the dome at home. Remember that you can incorporate decks, steps, and other outdoor additions to make the dome ideal for your intended use.

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