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Use These Airbnb Fragrances and Applications for a Bellagio Experience

Does your Airbnb smell a little musty? Did your last guest leave the smell of Patchouli lingering in your home for days on end? These types of problems have caused some issues at our properties over the years. After doing trial and error research, we have come up with our list of the best Airbnb fragrances and applications to eliminate those unwanted odors and also really impress your guests.

What are the Best Fragrance Options for an Airbnb?

We really recommend this luxurious home fragrance. This is the exact smell used in the Aria in Las Vegas. It literally smells just like their hotel lobby and has notes of tuberose, lily of the valley, vanilla., gardenia, amber, and jasmine. But we also like these scents from other luxury hotels and shopping destinations:

If you are looking for a fragrance diffuser application for your Airbnb, we like this specific diffuser for Airbnb hosts. See below…

We also have provided additional information below on a couple of other diffusers that we have had success with in our rental properties.

Items to Consider Before Using an Airbnb Fragrances

Spray Vs. Diffuser

Sprays are a great option for quick applications prior to guest arrival. Just have your cleaner give a light spray on a blanket or rug to add a pop of hotel luxury to their stay. If you want a more automated fragance solution, utilize a fragrance diffuser. Most include an app for remote operation.

Clean Vs. Fragrance

Every hosts want to have a perfectly clean-smelling home with no fragrances. This is sometimes achievable, and when it is, we recommend going with just a neutral non-fragrance approach. Other times, the age of the home, or other residual smell may require a host to try and utilize fragrance options to mitigate. We recommend opening up those windows during warmer months to let in fresh air. You’d be surprised how this simple step can clear out unwanted odors.

Guest Allergies and Sensitivities to Smells

Some guests have sensitivities and allergies related to fragrances. They also have varying tastes as to what scents are appealing an which are not. While trying out scent diffusers in our properties, we had several guests ask us where the smell was coming from, and how to turn it off. This may be something to consider before purchasing a diffuser or using a spray. But we also had some rave reviews from guests noting the amazing smell in the Airbnb.

Long-Term Use of Nebulizing Fragrances

Some homeowners using this product in their personal residence have experienced minor health issues using these fragrances long-term. If you live in the home and Airbnb part time, we do not recommend using these for extended periods. If you rent your Airbnb full time, with short guest stays, your guests should not experience any problems.

Our Top Airbnb Fragrance Diffuser Pick


The Aroma360 diffusers are our top choice due to the quality of their diffusers and the multiple diffuser sizes/ coverage areas to choose from. They also provide a multitude of luxury hotel-quality fragrances.

Models and Coverage

Here is what we liked about the Aroma360 with regard to Airbnb rentals…

  • Different diffusers available based on the size of your rental
  • HVAC unit option called the VanGogh 360 that attaches to your HVAC system (3 year contract required) This approach evenly projected the fragrances throughout the home.
  • Simple remote control for easy operation
  • Higher end models can be attached to HVAC or left as a standalone in your space

Other Good Fragrance Diffuser Options for Your Airbnb- Aera and Pura

Aera Smart Diffuser


1,000 SF. The Aera does a much better job dispersing smell than the Pura.

What we liked:

  • Aera has a smart model that can be controlled by an app on your phone. So if a guest complains about a smell, you can turn off the diffuser remotely.
  • You can schedule the intensity and time for fragrance distribution using the app
  • The app will control multiple diffusers in your home.
  • Sample sets are available
  • Alexa home control
  • Home Hygiene Collection that removes bacteria and odor

What we didn’t like:

  • The device emits a low-grade hum similar to a noise maker (but quieter).
  • The diffuser only holds one scent at a time

Aera Scents

Aera says that the scents will last 800 hours. Although we didn’t test ours that long, we think is is a great bang-for-the-buck.

Click here to see current pricing for the individual fragrances

Pura ($)


The Pura diffuser will cover areas from 500-1,000 SF. Utilize several throughout your rental as needed.

What we liked:

  • Ability to have two separate fragrances in the diffuser, so you don’t get “smell burn-out”
  • Built-in night light- set your own color
  • App for your phone
  • No messes loading bottles- self contained packages ready for diffuser

What we didn’t like:

  • Did not project the smell through the house as much as our other diffuser recommendations
  • No Alexa home control

Pura Fragrances

Each Pura cartridge lasts approximately 350 hours. Our cartridges did not last nearly as long. Probably 200 hours for us.

Click here to see current pricing for the Pura fragrances.

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