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What is the Airbnb Definition of a Bedroom?

A common misconception among people interested in becoming Airbnb hosts is that they’ll have to give up their entire house to a stranger. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Plenty of hosts don’t own separate properties that they rent out, they simply rent out a portion of their own home. Renting a bedroom is an economical choice for guests and a much easier way to host someone than giving them access to the entire house. This begs the question of what the requirements are to rent a space on Airbnb.

What is the Airbnb Definition of a Bedroom

What is the Airbnb Definition of a Bedroom?

In short, Airbnb does not provide a specific definition for what counts as a bedroom. They let hosts use the categories “Entire Place”, “Private Room”, and “Shared Room”. It is up to hosts to define what constitutes a bedroom in their own home, but most agree that it is some kind of enclosed space with a door where the guest can be all alone. 

Still unsure of whether or not you should define your Airbnb’s space as a bedroom? I’ll go into some more detailed points down below!

What Does a “Private” Airbnb Bedroom Mean?

Airbnb doesn’t give hosts too many guidelines on what constitutes a private room. Common sense is the name of the game, and if you feel for any reason that your space isn’t a private bedroom, then don’t advertise it as such. In general, a “private bedroom” is expected to be an enclosed room with a door which no other guests will have access to. 

There is a difference between how many guests a listing sleeps and how many bedrooms it has. It’s not very often that it’s just one guest per bedroom, especially in cases where the entire house is rented out. A couch can be a bed, but a living room is not a bedroom. 

Being honest is always key. Not only is it the right thing to do, but not overselling your listing will help you avoid angry guests who feel deceived by the description. Clear descriptions of how many beds you have and how many private bedrooms there are will help give potential renters a better idea of how your space suits their needs. 

This also highlights the importance of accurate listing photos and the importance of including a floor plan. Make sure to show where each bed is located in the floorplan, and show which rooms are private as well as which beds are in a shared space. 

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Can You Airbnb Just One Room?

You can absolutely Airbnb one room! Renting out a spare bedroom is a great way to make some extra income and form even closer host and guest relationships. Whether you’re an empty nester or simply have a guest bedroom to spare, there are plenty of potential guests looking for a room to rent. 

While some guests do prefer booking an entire home, others are looking for a more economical option. Renting one room is always cheaper than an entire place, and is a great choice for those with shorter stays and people on a tighter budget.

If you decide to rent out a room in your home on Airbnb, it’s important to make it very clear in the listing. Some less-than-honest hosts have given guests the impression that they would have the space to themselves, only for them to end up disappointed to find that they’re sharing the home with others. This is bad hosting etiquette and will surely get you some very negative reviews!

How do Airbnb Private Rooms Work?

You can list a bedroom the same way as you would list an entire home on Airbnb. Your listing can still showcase the entire home (or at least the shared areas that guests will have access to) while making it clear that the private bedroom is their own. 

First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure the private bedroom is a secure space. Whether the guest will be in the home with your family or other guests, it’s critical to make sure that the door has a secure lock on it. This will protect you from liability claims and your guest from unwanted people barging in.

Your guest will also need to have access to a restroom in your home, whether or not it’s attached to the actual bedroom itself. This is another important point to clarify in the listing. Ensuite bathrooms are great, but not an absolute necessity. 

Finally, be sure to highlight the other amenities the guest will have access to. How much closet space is there? Do you have a TV in the room? How many outlets are available and where are they? Is there a mini-fridge, and will the guest have access to the kitchen and cooking utensils? 

Answering all of these, as well as any other frequently asked questions, in the listing description will save you the effort of repeating yourself in messages to guests over and over again. 

How do You Maximize Your Airbnb’s Rental Potential?

By stocking up on a few essential items, you can set yourself up for success right off the bat. It doesn’t take a lot to make your listing feel luxurious, and advertising it as such can help you charge a fair amount for all the effort that you put into it. 

The first step to getting consistent, reliable bookings is knowing how to sell your Airbnb. It is likely that there is at least some competition in your area, so how can you make your Airbnb stand out from the rest?

High-quality listing photos are key, as they are what will encourage people to click on your listing in the first place. Make sure that they’re all great pictures, not just the first few, or you’ll quickly lose whoever you had just reeled in. 

Next, know how to write a killer description. Great photos will only get you so far;  guests need to see that there is some substance behind the aesthetic. Accurately describe what you offer, but don’t undersell yourself.

Use descriptive, emotional words and describe the environment, not just the room. Including blurbs from positive reviews is a great way to do this, as well as highlighting the surrounding area and local attractions. 

Pricing your Airbnb might be one of the most difficult things to figure out, and unfortunately, there is no 100% accurate formula to follow. The best advice is to check out comparable listings and go from there. Pricing a little more competitively in the beginning is a good way to rack up some solid reviews, which will then help you in the search algorithm. From there, you can increase the price as you see fit. 

Related Questions

What Do I Need to Provide Airbnb Guests?

Apart from the obvious (a place to stay), it’s pretty much up to the host to decide what amenities they’ll offer their guests. Going above and beyond to really “wow” your guests is what will set you apart from other hosts, earn great reviews, and help you get tons more bookings in the long run.

You’ll need to provide a plush and comfortable mattress, bedding, towels, and such, but many hosts also offer various toiletry products as well. Also, you can offer snacks, food, and beverages if you choose. Be careful about offering guests alcoholic beverages, as some insurance policies don’t allow it. 

How can I Get Great Airbnb Reviews?

Giving your guests more than just a bed to sleep in is key to earning five-star reviews. Some guests want an experienced guide to recommend places to visit, while others want a more hands-off host. Be sure to communicate effectively before, during, and after the booking to ensure that your guests are satisfied. Don’t be afraid to remind them to leave a review!

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