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Airbnb Luxe Requirements (2024): How to Join The Exclusive Club

Airbnb Luxe Requirements

Airbnb has expanded its market considerably in the last few years.  What started as two friends renting out air mattresses on the floor of their apartment has diversified itself into a travel platform that can meet the unique needs of travelers on any size budget.  The latest tier to be added to Airbnb’s repertoire is Airbnb Luxe. So what is Airbnb Luxe?

Airbnb Luxe is a rental service for only world-class rental properties.  This service is for affluent travelers who want their accommodations to be an experience unto themselves.  Properties must meet stringent criteria to qualify for Airbnb Luxe. Airbnb Luxe also provides the guests with a personal trip designer to make sure the whole trip goes to their satisfaction.

Airbnb Luxe History

Airbnb Luxe is the latest endeavor by travel giant Airbnb to become an all-encompassing travel platform.  In 2018, booking for properties that cost over $1,000 per night increased by 60% on Airbnb. Two years ago, Airbnb bought out the high-end rental company, Luxury Retreats.  These events led Airbnb to expand their market and carve out a niche specifically for affluent travelers seeking luxury destinations.

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Airbnb Luxe Requirements & Review

For a property owner to participate in Airbnb Luxe, he must apply and have Airbnb come and inspect the property.  A 300 point inspection is performed to ensure that Airbnb Luxe accommodations are top of the line. Only the best properties make the cut for Airbnb Luxe.  At this point, just over 2,000 properties are part of the Airbnb Luxe program.

There are stringent requirements for a property to become a part of Airbnb Luxe.  First of all, Airbnb Luxe is all about privacy. The host is not present at Airbnb Luxe properties.  Guests who are spending the kind of money to secure a luxury destination are often looking for privacy.  Owners of these properties are also often high profile individuals who do not want their identity disclosed.

Guests taking advantage of Airbnb Luxe properties always rent out the entire property.  An Airbnb rental consisting of a spare room or only a part of the house is not eligible to be a part of the Airbnb Luxe tier.  For instance, if a property consists of an entire island, the guests are renting out the whole island, not only a partial piece of the property. 

The interior styling of Airbnb Luxe homes must be exceptional.  Only the highest quality decorations and amenities are used.  These homes must be worthy of 5 stars across the board.  The upkeep on these properties must be top of the line, with absolutely no problems.

Rental Recon Tip:  Style the interior of your Airbnb with one-of-a-kind pieces that unify the space and give it a central theme.  Your guests should feel like the home tells a story.

With some Airbnb Luxe destinations booking for thousands of dollars per night, all equipment within the homes must be the best available from the linens to the kitchen supplies.  The kitchens must be stocked with chef-quality supplies.  All reasonable desires of the guests must be provided for.  The houses must be fully stocked with any item the guests could need at their disposal.

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The Airbnb Luxe Trip Designer

One of the greatest benefits of booking with Airbnb Luxe is that guests get their own personal trip designer.  The trip designer is there to help guests have exactly the type of vacation they are dreaming of. The trip designer works a lot like a travel agent.  He or she will listen to the preferences and desires associated with the trip and make sure that everything is in order before the guests’ arrival.

If a guest wishes to have dinner reservations at a particular restaurant or have activities booked for them and their family, the trip designer will take care of these details.  Trip designers can even go so far as to have services such as massages offered to guests within the home or to have it arranged for guests to be picked up and dropped off at the airport.

House Staff

Many Airbnb Luxe properties come fully staffed.  Guests have the services of butlers, maids, chefs, and even doctors at their disposal.  This adds to the draw for wealthy travelers who do not want to have to lift a finger during their vacation.  The staff is also there to keep the properties running smoothly any time the owner is not occupying them.

Staff at these locations are instructed not to share the identity of the homeowner with the guests or of the guests with the homeowner.  All items that could be used to identify the owner of the home are removed before the arrival of guests. Owners of these homes are often celebrities.  Renting out their luxury homes generates lucrative income but also keeps the properties in working order when they are away.

Airbnb Luxe Destinations

Airbnb Luxe offers some of the most amazing destinations in the world.  There are castles, vineyards, and even whole islands available for rent.  Some of these destinations will accommodate over 50 guests at one time. In this way, groups can get an experience not afforded to them at a luxury hotel.  If guests are pooling their money, they can have a truly once in a lifetime experience in a gorgeous location.

Check out these amazing Airbnb Luxe destinations! 

Rental Recon Tip:  Set your Airbnb apart by including prices and descriptions for nearby attractions in your house manual.  Let your guests know everything the area has to offer so that they can plan for adventures and activities in which they would like to participate.

Related Questions:

What is Airbnb Plus?

 Airbnb Plus is a program that recognizes outstanding Airbnb rental properties.  While Airbnb Luxe properties must meet a 300 point inspection, Airbnb Plus properties must meet a 100 point inspection.  Airbnb invites hosts with excellent reviews to participate in this program. Hosts must schedule a home visit with an Airbnb representative.

Once the Airbnb representative visits the property, he or she will provide the host with a list of “fixes” that need to happen before the property can be officially listed with Airbnb Plus.  These “fixes” represent any areas within the home that need additional work. Once the host has provided photo evidence of completing all “fixes” the property can be listed as an Airbnb Plus property.

What is Airbnb for Work? 

There is a “for work” filter provided through Airbnb.  This filter will narrow down your search to only properties that have been reviewed specifically for work-related trips.  Using the “for work” filter will provide you with the homes and boutique hotels that have been given the best ratings by others who are traveling for work.

Once you add a work email address to your Airbnb profile, you are eligible for additional perks through Airbnb.  These include an admin dashboard that makes booking work trips easier and more streamlined. You will also receive price alerts and payment groups to help you search and find the best deal for your dollar when it comes to traveling for work.

Can Your Children Travel with you Through Airbnb? 

Yes.  Children can travel through Airbnb.  Many Airbnb Luxe destinations provide ample room for the whole family.  Some properties even have amenities for groups of over 50 people!

When planning a family trip through Airbnb, it is important to check to see if the property you are booking has been specified to be unsafe for toddlers or infants.  Hosts can add “Family/Kid Friendly” as an amenity. If you see this, then you know that the property is safe and equipped to house children. Of course, you can always message a host ahead of time to ask if the property is safe for children.

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