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16 Awesome Airbnb Message Templates [2020], Examples & Tips For Hosts

Airbnb Message Templates

When I started hosting on Airbnb, I searched forums and articles looking for the correct way to message guests during their stay. I found several good Airbnb message templates that I thought I’d share.

The message configuration below is for multi-day stays. For single night stays, you can just omit After Check-In Message.

Pre-Arrival Airbnb Message Template

Your pre-arrival message should be sent to your guest between 36-72 hours before guest arrival. This is because the check-in guide is only available to guests within 72 hours of arrival.

Airbnb Message Templates Download

I typically send the check-in message three days before arrival. Otherwise, you may get an anxious guest wondering where their check-in instructions are, or if you forgot about them. And to my knowledge, Airbnb does not automatically send out your check-in instructions, so you have to send out the message. Here is the greeting I use:

“Dear Name, thank you so much for booking. Please click this link to access the Check-In Guide. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Your Name”

The check-in instructions and link are created within the Airbnb app, where you will provide pictures of your lockbox, front door, street address, etc. The instructions are bundled up into a little link that you can easily send your guests.

USB Alarm Clock Airbnb

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Once you start corresponding with your guest, there will be a key icon right below your message box in the Inbox. If you click on this key icon, your check-in instruction link will be inserted into your message. Then you can easily send your link, which guests will click on and be taken to your instructions. Very cool…and easy!

After Check-In Message

If your guests haven’t touched base with you during the check-in process, and haven’t had any follow-up questions for you, use this message. The day after the guest arrives, preferably before noon, message the guest on your Airbnb app:

“Hi Name, I hope your check-in went smoothly. Let me know if I can do anything to make your stay more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

This extra message shows that you truly care about them as a guest, and are not just looking to collect their rental money. It’s also a way to politely reach out to them and see if there is anything out of place, if they need anything, or if they don’t know how to operate something.

Some guests don’t know how to log into the Wi-Fi, even if clear instructions are provided, so if you reach out to them, they may not have to reach out to you out of frustration, and you may avoid losing a star on your review.

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Night Before Check-Out Message

This is your opportunity to tell them that you hoped they enjoyed their stay, and to provide any check-out instructions. This can include items like where the guests can leave their parking pass, where they can leave their keys, how to lock up the home, etc.

Most guests won’t read the House Manual, which provides check out procedures. So this is a good opportunity to remind them of the necessary check-out rules, and also gives guests a clear direction so there is less confusion.

Here’s how mine sounds:

“Name, I hope you are enjoying your stay! In preparation for your departure tomorrow, I’ve included the check-out instructions below:

Please put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start. (dish detergent under the sink).

Please leave bed linens on the bed- cleaner will remove and wash.

Leave keys on the dining room table.

Lock doors and windows prior to leaving.

Thank you!”

Yes, I ask guests to do the dishes, even though I have a cleaning deposit. I haven’t had any complaints from guests, and it helps to keep my cleaning fee lower.

Final Message

Two or three days after the guests checks out, you will send them one final message. This is an example:

“Hello Name, thank you again for staying! It was a pleasure having you stay at our home. My cleaner says you were impeccably clean and left the place looking great. That is much appreciated! If there’s any feedback you have for me, I’d love to hear more about it. I look forward to getting your review, and I hope that you’ll come back and stay again soon. Happy travels!”

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Saved Responses

This may sound like a lot of writing for each guest, but luckily Airbnb provides a setting within the app that allows you to save canned messages that are ready to submit to guests with just a click or two.

When you go into your inbox in the Airbnb app and click on a message string, you’ll see a series of icons right below your message box. If you click on the icon that looks like a square document, your Saved Responses page will pop up. From there you can create a new saved response.

Airbnb Message Templates

Once your saved responses are written and stored on your app, every time you click your document icon you’ll have access to all of your saved responses. Walla! All you’ll need to do is change the name and hit send.

Airbnb Automated Messages To Save You Time

If you want to automate your Airbnb messages, you are in luck! There are several companies outside of Airbnb that provide these services. You can automate check-in instructions, check-up messages (to see if your guest has settled in well), or check-out instructions.

It will take a little bit of work on the front end to set up these services, but it’ll save you time, energy, and hassle as you take on more and more bookings.

All of the services below offer automated messaging and other handy tools for Airbnb hosts:

  • iGMS – Free to use if you have one property. Easy to set up and automate your messages. Customer service is prompt and helpful. You can also set up automated messages to notify your cleaner.
  • YourPorter – This link gives you $20 off your first month! If you sign up with the YourPorter app, use code RENTAL.RECON to get $20 off.
  • Uplisting – Another great Airbnb/ VRBO/ Homeaway management platform to automate your guest messages and automatically notify your cleaner when a booking is created.

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