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11 Essential Airbnb Safety Issues for Hosts & Guests (2024

Airbnb rentals have certainly become the norm when it comes to travel accommodations, whether it’s for business or pleasure. And one important facet of any great trip is safety. That’s why we’re helping you address some Airbnb safety issues so that your guests know that they’re in safe hands by booking your place.

So, what are some essential tips when it comes to Airbnb safety for guests?

To keep your Airbnb safe for your guests, you can install outdoor cameras and a home alarm system, secure all entry and exit doors, communicate parking safety to your guests, and provide curtains for security and privacy.

If you rent your Airbnb to families, consider child-proofing your house, securing sharp objects, chemicals, and medicines far out of children’s reach. In addition, provide a baby gate, pool or hot tub cover (if applicable), and secure breakables before the guests arrive.

Lastly, place outlet covers over all electrical outlets within reach of children.

Providing Airbnb Safety for Guests is Easy

Your Airbnb, whether located in a relatively safe or high crime area, should be a place of refuge for your guests. In order to provide your guests with peace of mind, consider adding the following safety features to your place:

  • Outdoor cameras: Surveillance inhibits the likelihood of crime. So, if you want your guests to feel safe as they enter and exit your Airbnb, you may want to consider affordable security cameras. You could surveil the lawn, the driveway, the front step or porch, or any other area on your property that concerns you. However, be careful. There may be local laws that limit or prohibit the use of these cameras. And you’ll want to make sure that you make your guests aware of these cameras in accordance with Airbnb policy.
  • Home alarm system: Give your guests assurance that they’re safe from intruders by installing an alarm system. In recent years, the price of a quality alarm system has drastically decreased. And most alarm systems, like one from SimpliSafe (, can be installed without any fuss (by you!) and you no longer have to be roped into a monthly contract. Great for you. Great for your guests.
Airbnb Safety
  • Secure doors: If you rent out an older home, make sure your doors can close and lock securely. You may have some old, rickety doorknobs and, while they certainly add to your place’s character, they may not be sturdy enough to keep your guests safe. You could also add an electronic keypad and provide guests with the code in your check-in instructions. Whatever it takes to keep your guests feeling comfortable.
Airbnb Safety
  • Parking: You might not have any say about the safety of the parking at your Airbnb. But if there are options, try to make sure that your guests know the best place to park. For example, if you have two parking options, let’s say on-street and in the side alley, advise your guests about which is the best choice. Of course, you can’t predict the future but think about the advice you would want, and provide that for your guests.
  • Curtains: This is a simple and inexpensive way to make your guests feel safe. Without curtains, your guests may feel exposed to anyone who happens to be walking or driving by. They may also feel like an open target. Either way, they’ll be uncomfortable. If you provide some affordable window-coverings, then guests can decide how much privacy they want, giving them control over their own safety.

Airbnb Child Safety Tips so Parents can be Worry-Free

We can’t talk about guest safety without addressing children, can we? Unless you’ve decided that your place isn’t suitable for children (you’d need to clarify that in your item description, then child safety is certainly a must.

As an Airbnb host, you’ve no doubt had families stay at your place. Children of all ages could end up booking your Airbnb, and it’s important to parents that their kids are safe and secure.

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Parents want to take a breather on vacation, not have to experience the added worry of new surroundings and potential safety hazards. So, how can you help parents get that peace of mind that they so desperately need? Check out our tips below:

  • Childproof your kitchen. Kids will inevitably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether they’re eating snacks or helping mom or dad cook dinner. That’s why you’ll need to keep sharp objects (knife blocks, scissors, steak knives) out of reach. You could sharp items in a cabinet up high or in a closet on a just-out-of-reach shelf. Either way, just make sure that kids can’t get to those items. You may also want to think about installing drawer or cabinet locks (they make it difficult for a toddler or young child to pull open drawers). If you don’t want to childproof the entire kitchen, you could just put them on the drawer or cabinet that contains sharp objects and leave the rest of the kitchen alone.

  • Keep chemicals and meds out of reach. If your bathroom or kitchen contains cleaning chemicals, place safety locks on the doors/cabinets or put the items way out of reach. Kids may mistake medicine for candy or cleaning supplies for drinks. You never know. That’s why it’s important not to take any risks.
  • If you have stairs, provide a baby gate. Your guests may not ever need a baby gate to keep youngins from falling down the stairs (or crawling up them). However, imagine the relief of a parent of a crawling baby when she realizes that there’s a baby gate in the nearby closet. No more having to worry. Time to relax!
  • Remove breakables. If you’re really concerned not only about the safety of your guests but also the safety of your decorations, simply remove the breakables. You can always put them back on display when you’re renting to a family without kids. Vases, glass frames, and glass trinkets should not be anywhere within the reach of curious children.
  • Outlet covers. This is a cheap and easy way to keep curious children safe. Outlet covers should be used in any outlet within a child’s reach, and again, it will allow parents some much-needed solace on vacation.
  • If you’ve got a pool or hot tub, make sure it’s safe for kiddos. First, make sure your guests know that there is a pool or hot tub, and let them in on the safety precautions if any, that you’ve put in place so that they can decide ahead of time if they’re comfortable with staying at your place. So, what are your safety options? A fence with a locked gate, a safety pool or hot tub cover, or both!

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