10+ Tips To [Improve Your Airbnb SEO Strategy & Your Ranking] 2023

When hosting on Airbnb, it is critical to optimize your Airbnb SEO strategy. We’ve done some research for our own Airbnb, and have come up with some great tips to give your listing a boost!

Here is how to improve your Airbnb SEO strategy:

  1. Respond Quickly to Guest Inquiries
  2. Keep Your Calendar Up To Speed
  3. Have Instant Booking Enabled
  4. Keep Your Bookings Up
  5. Link Listing To Social Media Sites
  6. Get Five Star Reviews
  7. Fill Out Your Listing Completely
  8. Use the Power of Google to Boost SEO
  9. Don’t Decline Guests
  10. Don’t Cancel Guests
  11. Provide High-Resolution Photos

Airbnb SEO Tip #1: Respond Quickly to Guest Inquiries

Airbnb rewards hosts that respond quickly to guests. So you want to try and have a 100% response rate to guest inquiries….preferably within 0-10 minutes of the inquiry, but no more than an hour. A host will get penalized for any response after 24 hours.

If you are too busy to fully respond to the guest’s question or comment, send them a canned response set up in your message templates. This may say something like this:

“Hello, thank you for your inquiry on my listing! I’m traveling at the moment, but will get back to you in short order! Thank you for your patience.”

Airbnb SEO Tip #2: Airbnb Calendar SEO

Open Up Your Airbnb Calendar

Airbnb’s algorithm responds favorably to hosts who keep their calendar continually maintained. So you’ll want to check your calendar once a day. This is as easy as opening up your app and clicking the calendar icon. Doing this task, at a minimum, will let Airbnb know you are a serious host.

Change Pricing and Block/Unblock Calendar

In addition, EVERY DAY you should change pricing and block/un-block a day. This has been shown to give a boost to your ranking.

Updating Your Title and Description

Your Airbnb SEO strategy should also include updating your photos, or description/ title regularly, as this forces the Airbnb system to update your information.

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Airbnb SEO Tip #3: Having Instant Booking Enabled Improves Your Airbnb SEO Strategy

Turning Instant Booking on allows guests to make an instant reservation, similar to sites like Travelocity and Hotels.com. This is more convenient for guests since they won’t need to send a reservation request prior to the host confirming their reservation.

Also, when guests are doing their search, most will select the Instant Book option so they can book immediately (if certain criteria are met). If you don’t have Instant Book enabled, you’ll automatically be removed from their search results.

Worried about turning on Instant Book? I was…. But hosts are able to screen Instant Booking guests, by setting their up their guest requirements. You can select to only accept Instant Book guests that have no negative reviews. See the screenshot below:

Airbnb SEO

Airbnb SEO Tip #4: Keep Your Airbnb Bookings Up

The more bookings you have, the higher you rank in the search results. So make sure your prices are right at the upper threshold of the competition so that you still get bookings, but don’t leave extra money on the table.

Rental Recon Tip: When you start hosting, Airbnb will give you a boost in your rankings for the first three months. During this period, price below all your competition to get as many bookings as you can within that 3-month window. You’ll have to sacrifice income in order to get reviews. Once the boost is finished, you can price your Airbnb more competitively. Hopefully you will have racked up at least five 5-star reviews.

Airbnb SEO Tip #5: Link Airbnb To Social Media Sites

Sharing your listing on your social media platforms is a great way to improve your Airbnb SEO. Generating traffic to your listing from social media will be rewarded with a boost in your listing search results.

Provide a link to your listing in Facebook groups where you might get a backlink to your listing. This will help your Google ranking as well. You may even consider creating a Facebook group dedicated to short term rentals in your specific market.

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Airbnb SEO Tip #6: Get Five-Star Reviews to Improve SEO

Great reviews signals to Airbnb that you are a serious host who cares about their guest’s overall experience. Keep getting great reviews and you’ll receive Superhost status, further boosting views on your listing. Guests will be able to search specifically for Superhosts in your area, limiting competition, and boosting your bookings.

Also, the more reviews you get, the higher you will appear in the search results.

Airbnb SEO Tip #7: Fill Out Your Listing Completely

Airbnb will penalize your listing if it is not fully filled out. So make sure all descriptions are completed.

Most hosts will fill out their listing description and then move on to the next screen, skipping the remainder of the optional boxes. But by doing this, you take a hit to your SEO.

Instead, you should take the time to fill out boxes listed under the “Want to add more info? (optional) heading. You’ll get a boost in SEO since most hosts elect not to fill out this extra information.

Airbnb SEO Strategy

Double-check that every amenity that your home offers is clearly listed and checked! The goal is to be honest about what your listing offers, but check as many boxes as possible that apply. As an example, I have street parking available in front of my Airbnb, so I checked the Free Parking amenity checkbox.

Airbnb SEO Tip #8: Use the Power of Google To Improve Ranking

You can utilize the power of Google to boost your Airbnb rankings. Google indexes your Airbnb wishlists, listing titles, and listing description which helps hosts get more eyes on their listing through Google’s search results.

So if someone searches Google for “downtown Boise Airbnb”, and you have a wishlist named “downtown Boise Airbnb,” your wishlist will come up in Google’s search results. The same applies to Google searches for keywords in your title and description.

To wishlist, you just click on the little heart symbol found in the upper right-hand corner of every Airbnb listing. Create a name for your list of homes you like. This is basically a saved “favorites” section for you to review later.

Airbnb has also confirmed that the amount of wishlists your listing receives does impact your SEO status.

Airbnb SEO

So go ahead and wishlist your own listing, and have your friends help you out as well. There are several Facebook groups dedicated to wishlisting each other’s listings. Just provide a link to your listing in the Facebook group, and request people wishlist your listing, and that you’ll return the favor.

Airbnb SEO Tip #9: Don’t Decline Guests

If guests don’t meet all of your Instant Book requirements, they can still send you a message to request to stay at your place. If you get a request that you’re not interested in, send them a message stating the reason why their reservation won’t work for you. And that’s it…..!

You don’t want to ever decline a guest by hitting that “Decline” button. This will damage your Airbnb SEO.

Airbnb SEO Tip #10: Don’t Cancel Guests

Airbnb does not look favorably on hosts who cancel guests after the reservation is confirmed. Cancellation is sometimes a must but try and avoid them wherever possible. Otherwise, your SEO ranking will take a major hit.

Airbnb SEO Tip #11: Up Your Photo Game to Improve SEO

Photo Orientation

If you have vertically oriented photos as part of your listing, you are hurting your Airbnb SEO. Yes, Airbnb actually gives an SEO boost to listings that have all of their photos oriented horizontally.

The Number of Photos Matters

Additionally, you need to have at least 8 photos in your listing, and all of your photos need to be high-resolution images. The images must not be under or over-exposed since Airbnb’s algorithm can pick up on the quality of the photos.

Photo Resolution

Airbnb recommends a minimum of 1024px x 683px for your photos. We’ve noticed that the Airbnb algorithm gives higher ranking status to listings with higher resolution, so make sure your photos are very crisp and clear. Even 10 pixels higher than your competition could make you jump ahead of them!

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