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Airbnb Superhost Requirements (2024): 4 Ways to Ensure You Earn That Badge

A Superhost is an Airbnb host who has demonstrated that he has the capacity to consecutively provide guests with positive experiences.  Superhosts are the top-notch hosts of the Airbnb world.  When I first became a host, my ultimate goal was to reach Superhost status.  This is something most Airbnb hosts strive for, so how do you become a Superhost?

To become a Superhost, you will need excellent ratings.  You will need to have hosted your fair share of trips and have a high response rate and a low cancellation rate.  Basically, Superhosts demonstrate that they care about their guests by providing them with a positive experience from the first message sent, all the way through departure and the review process.

What are the 4 Airbnb Superhost requirements?:

  • Host at least 10 separate trips or 3 trips that total to over 100 nights of bookings
  • Keep a 90% or higher response rate
  • Keep a 1% or lower cancellation rate
  • Have at least a 4.8 overall rating

Airbnb evaluates Superhosts quarterly.  You do not have to apply for Superhost status.  If you meet the qualifications to be or to continue to be a Superhost, Airbnb will automatically place the Superhost badge on your profile.  Superhost status will help you retain more bookings, as well as gain you some benefits from Airbnb. This is a badge every serious host should seek to earn!

The Host Needs At Least 10 Separate Trips To Receive Superhost Status

To become a Superhost, you must show that you are experienced and trustworthy.  One way of doing this is simply by demonstrating the capability to host multiple sets of guests and keep them happy during their stays.  The first requirement for becoming a Superhost is that you have to have hosted at least 10 different trips.  It is okay if some of these trips were booked by the same guests.

If you often have long-term guests, there is an alternative to the 10-trip requirement.  You can still reach Superhost status as long as you have hosted 3 trips totaling over 100 nights of bookings.  In this way, you would have still demonstrated that you had the capability to continuously host happy guests in your Airbnb.

This is obviously a requirement you are hoping to meet, regardless of your Superhost status.  The more bookings you have, the more money you are making. Accepting reservation requests can benefit you in more than one way and contribute to your status as a Superhost!  Unless you have a good reason not to, you should accept reservation requests, so that you can meet this requirement and make more money.

Airbnb Hosts Must Keep a 90% or Higher Response Rate

If you want to become a Superhost, you’ll have to maintain a good record of responding to potential guests.  If someone sends you a message or reservation request, it is important to respond in a timely manner.  Not only is this the courteous thing to do, but it will help you achieve Superhost status! If that is what you are shooting for, then be sure you respond to all of your messages.

This is really a simple requirement to follow.  Chances are, you are already responding to your messages and reservation requests anyway.  After all, that’s how you getting bookings and make money. A 90% or higher response rate is required to become a Superhost.  Response rate and time are determined by the percentage of messages and requests you responded to within 24 hours of receiving them.  You should always respond as soon as possible to ensure that you have met this 24-hour window. Answering later than 24 hours after a message or request is sent could negatively impact your Superhost status and search placement.

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Airbnb Hosts Must Keep a 1% or Lower Cancellation Rate

This is another easy requirement to follow.  If you want to become a Superhost, then you shouldn’t cancel reservations on your guests.  No one appreciates this anyway, so it’s a good policy to have.  You must maintain a 1% or lower cancellation rate to achieve Superhost status.  Hopefully, this is a record you are already maintaining.

There are some exceptions made regarding this rule when it comes to extenuating circumstances.  On the whole though, to be a good host, you need to make sure you are following through on your word.  That means keeping your commitments to host guests once you have accepted their reservation requests.

Your Airbnb Must Have At Least a 4.8 Overall Rating to Receive Superhost Status

To be a Superhost, you have to maintain at least a 4.8 overall rating.  You are rated with stars by your guests in the areas of the overall experience, cleanliness, accuracy of how you have described and represented the property, communication, the arrival experience of the guests, and your location.  If you keep 5-star ratings in these areas, you are a step closer to becoming a Superhost.

To keep your ratings positive, be sure you have represented your property accurately and that you have provided for an easy check-in experience for your guests.  Of course, cleanliness is important. In fact, this is one of the first things guests will notice about your Airbnb. It boils down to practicing the Golden Rule when it comes to hosting.  Treat your guests as you would like to be treated.

Essentially, happy guests make for a happy host!  You benefit yourself in multiple ways by maintaining a high rating.  Not only will it help you obtain Superhost status, but high ratings also equal more bookings.

Positive star ratings will follow if you pay close attention to each area you will be rated in.  It also may help to encourage your guests to leave a rating upon their departure.  You need excellent ratings in order to become a Superhost, so it doesn’t hurt to send a quick message thanking your guests for staying with you and kindly reminding them to please leave a review.

Related Questions:

Can You Lose Your Airbnb Superhost Status? 

Yes.  Since all Superhosts are evaluated quarterly, it is possible to gain, lose, or maintain Superhost status each quarter.  To keep Superhost status, you must meet the Superhost requirements each quarter. That’s incentive to keep providing the best service to your guests if you want to keep that badge!

What is the Difference Between Airbnb Superhosts and Airbnb Plus? 

Superhost status is extended to any host who can meet the 4 requirements we have discussed in this article.  Becoming a Superhost highlights your hospitality and accessibility as a host. Airbnb Plus is a program that recognizes homes that are above the bar.

These homes must meet qualifications on design and a checklist of requirements for outstanding Airbnbs.  Whether or not a home meets the requirements is verified in person by an Airbnb representative. Basically, the Superhost program recognizes wonderful hosts, while the Airbnb Plus program recognizes outstanding homes.

When are Superhost Assessments Completed? 

You can always check your Superhost status under the “Progress” tab.  If you are meeting all the qualifications, then you will attain Superhost status after the next Superhost assessment.  Superhost assessments are performed quarterly, on the first days of January, April, July, and October.  

By checking your progress, you can know ahead of time if you are going to rate as a Superhost after the next assessment.  Of course, you can also track whether or not you will be becoming a Superhost by checking to see that you are meeting each of the 4 requirements we have discussed in this article.

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