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Airbnb TV Tips for Hosts (2024): How to Set Up Your System

If you want to make sure that your Airbnb TV keeps your guests happy (and maybe even a little bit spoiled), there are many features to consider. 

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Here are Our Top Airbnb Tips for Hosts: 

  1. Make sure your Airbnb TV is a “smart TV” capable of accessing Netflix, Hulu or other streaming apps.
  2. Your Airbnb TV should be secured to the TV stand or wall so that small children cannot pull the TV down, potentially hurting themselves or others.
  3. The Airbnb TV should be the appropriate scale for the room. Not too big and not too small.
  4. Airbnb TV operation should be very clear with instructions given in the House Manual. Try and minimize the amount of remotes required to run your equipment.
  5. Consider mounting your Airbnb TV to a wall bracket to reduce the possibility of theft.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a TV for your Airbnb, including price and quality.  Don’t worry.  Below, we’ve got a list of aspects that you should consider before making a purchase. 

Why Should You Choose a Smart Airbnb TV?

  • Your guests are likely to expect access to their favorite streaming services.  Netflix has over 115 million subscribers.  With that big of a following, it’s safe to say that many of your guests will have a subscription to this popular streaming app or another streaming service such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video

Providing a Smart Airbnb TV for allows your guests to either sign in to their own streaming applications through your TV, or you could provide this service for them (basically, you’d give them access to your account).

What is the Best TV for Airbnb or Vacation Rental?

The best TV for an Airbnb is the TCL Roku Televisions that have a guest mode feature built in (like this one). When guests turn on the TV the first time, ROKU asks when they will be checking out. When the guest checks out, ROKU signs them out from all of their streaming accounts.

What if You Already Have an Older HDTV Without “Smart” Capabilities?

You should probably upgrade! As inexpensive as televisions are these days, there is no reason not to provide your guests with seamless entertainment while at your Airbnb. But if you still want to keep your old TV, you can purchase a Roku or similar streaming device, which will allow you to offer the same “smart” capabilities to your guests.

  • It feels more like home.  I’ve stayed in countless short-term rentals, and this upgrade- as opposed to standard cable- was convenient and made me feel like I hadn’t traveled too far away from home. 
  • Likewise, your guests could end up spending a great deal of time in your Airbnb, and they may want to catch up on their favorite shows, watch a movie, or put on a specific cartoon for potentially cabin-fevered kids. 
  • Guests will remember a user-friendly and easy TV experience.  The last thing you would want your guests to remember is adjusting the rabbit ear antennae to watch a show (okay- maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea).  Since TV programming is changing rapidly, guests expect to be able to watch what they want when they want it.  A smart TV or a TV with a streaming device will give guests what they expect from a modern Airbnb.
Airbnb Television TV

Wi-Fi Advice For Smart Airbnb TVs

Of course, none of this is possible if you don’t have a wired internet connection or Wifi in your Airbnb.  Your guests’ access to the internet is the largest consideration when purchasing a TV because all smart technology is inoperative without it. 

If internet access is already one of your amenities, make sure that your router is close enough to your guest’s TV to avoid glitchy streaming. 

If that’s not an option (for example, your router is two floors above the basement apartment that you’re renting), you can look into purchasing a new router that has a larger range, or you could purchase and install a range-extender for your current router. 

More Airbnb Wifi Advice…Keep in mind that WPA3 routers are highly recommended for your Airbnb, to provide the latest in Wi-Fi security. Most smartphone anti-virus apps like Avast and McAfee will notify guests that the “network is not safe” when accessing a WEP, WPA, or WPA 2 router.

Here is the router I use, and it is screaming fast!:

Whatever Wi-Fi router you have, make sure it is locked and out of access of your guests, especially if you have a smart video doorbell or smart thermostat. Guests could turn them off for certain periods of time to let extra guests in, etc.

How Much Will This TV Cost You?

All of this sounds great, but are you wondering if you can afford this kind of purchase?  You’re in luck – a great TV has become more and more affordable over the past decade.  When I purchased our first 32-inch, flat-screen TV, it cost us over $1,000!  Today, we could purchase a higher quality (and larger!) TV for 1/10th of the price! 

  • Of course, screen size and brand name will affect the price of the TV you choose, but the average price of a 55 inch TV (which may be much larger than the size you need for your space) is between $600 and $900 depending on it’s capabilities.
  • What about the price difference between a smart TV and one that can be outfitted with Roku or other streaming device?  The average smart TV is more costly than the average HDTV without smart capabilities, but the difference is not monumental.  On average, you’ll pay about $100 more for a smart TV, but you’ll also get much more than automatic streaming ability.  It’s likely that the smart TV has other valuable features that set it apart from a regular HDTV, including higher resolution and higher refresh rate.  This isn’t always the case, though, since there are so many different TVs out there.  Read on and I’ll tell you what to look for on your product description when purchasing.
  • Lastly, one notable consideration that you’d have to take into account if you aren’t prepared to buy a smart TV (but you still want to offer streaming services to your guests) is the cost of a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.  Both of these devices only charge a one-time purchase fee.  Once you hook up this device, you will be able to download whatever apps you choose and pay for subscriptions a la carte. 

Airbnb TV Options To Consider…

While we’re discussing the features of your perfect Airbnb TV, we can’t leave out some of the must-have options when it comes to quality.  As technological advances produce bigger, better, and higher quality TVs, it’s important to know what product features make a TV rise above the competition so that you can get your money’s worth.  For one, make sure that your new TV has 4K resolution. 

Another Airbnb TV option…..Make sure that the TV has no less than a 120 Hz refresh rate and at least 3 HDMI ports.  Discuss these features with the associate at the department store where you make your purchase or, if you’re purchasing online, be sure to search for these features in the product description.

How about providing a DVD player? I considered providing players, but I figured this wasn’t really necessary since I am providing streaming services.

What if My Guests Don’t Know How to Use Streaming Applications for your Airbnb?

There is a good chance that you may have some guests who don’t have any experience with smart TVs or streaming devices.  Just in case, be sure to provide very clear instructions in hour house manual to teach your guests the specifics of how to use your TV and remotes.  These small considerations go a long way when it comes to making your guests feel comfortable and welcome. 

An Airbnb Without Wi-Fi? Should You Purchase a TV at All…..

Even if TV watching is not your thing, it is still a general American pastime.  So, yes, we highly recommend that you purchase a TV for your Airbnb.  Hosts should keep in mind that their guests are customers whose comfort and happiness are of paramount importance.  

The last thing you would want is to receive messages from confused guests wondering where the TV is (since they’ll assume there is one hiding somewhere in your Airbnb) or asking to borrow yours. 

Never underestimate your guest’s obsession with “This is Us” or “Designated Survivor” or even “Game of Thrones.”   

Should I Secure My Airbnb TV? Should I Use a Bracket?

Most hosts will sit their large Airbnb TV on top of an entertainment console or dresser. If you allow kids to stay at your Airbnb, you’ll want to make sure to secure your televisions from behind.

This will reduce the risk of a child tipping over the TV on top of them. Even if you don’t allow children to stay at your Airbnb, this may be a good precaution in case a guest has visitors who have kids.

These straps have worked well for my Airbnb, and I would recommend them to others.

Last update was on: June 15, 2024

Although fairly rare, I have heard instances of guests walking right out the door with your nice smart TV. If this concerns you, you may want to invest in a wall-mounted TV bracket. They are not the expensive and my make it a little more work for a guest to take their TV with them. Of course, you’ll have your Ring Video Doorbell to catch anyone doing nefarious, criminal activities (at least at the front door).

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