[The 5 Best Hot Tubs for Airbnb]: Ideas for Vacation Rental Hosts

You don’t need a pool or waterfront property to offer your guests the ability to take a dip at your Airbnb. Hot tubs are an ever-more popular amenity these days, and they don’t have to be as costly as you might think.

Best Airbnb Hot Tub Vacation Rentals

How does one go about deciding which type of hot tub to add to their vacation rental? With so many on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is right for your needs (and your wallet)! We’re here to break it down for you with Rental Recon’s TOP hot tubs for Airbnb.

What are the 5 Best Hot Tubs for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals?

Best Option: In-Ground Hot Tub for Your Airbnb

An in-ground hot tub is sure to wow your guests no matter what. Who can argue with the seamless look and stunning ambience they provide? Sometimes more similar to a pool than the traditional hot tubs that we’re used to, in-ground hot tubs are certainly more of an investment.

In my opinion, this investment would pay off greatly. With a “Wow” factor off the charts, guests will be sure to think twice about passing up your rental when they see that you’re offering professional-looking spa-like amenities!

Though they are pretty pricey, in-ground hot tubs can be more practical than other, less permanent options. They always have built-in plumbing, so there are no worries about transporting hot water. They also don’t tend to break or experience electrical shorts. Overall, they’re my TOP choice for Airbnb hot tubs.

No matter what kind of hot tub you choose to include in your Airbnb, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of liability and potential issues (hello, expensive repairs!). For these reasons, it’s even more critical to make sure your house rules manual and vacation rental insurance are in tip-top shape!

Runner Up: Above Ground Hot Tub

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge (no pun intended) and invest in a built-in hot tub, an above-ground hot tub might be a great option for you.

They provide all the great features of an in-ground variety and can heat their own water, unlike soaking tubs. They also have a pretty self-contained electrical circuit, so you don’t typically have to worry about running lots of new lines out to your yard.

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If a guest is seeking out an Airbnb with a hot tub specifically, they typically won’t differentiate between an above-ground or an in-ground one. After all, once they’re relaxing in the nice hot water and enjoying the massaging jets, they certainly won’t notice the difference!

Above-ground hot tubs are my runner-up pick because they’re great for those who can’t afford or simply don’t want to make a permanent alteration to their home’s yard. They allow you to reap all the benefits of a built-in spa without the commitment or the large price tag.

Best Budget Hot Tub: Inflatable Hot Tub

A bit of a newcomer to the market, inflatable hot tubs are a fantastic choice for the Airbnb owner on a budget. They can be put up and taken down with relative ease as well, meaning you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning and draining a large volume of water nearly as often as with other models.

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These also heat up their own water, so there is no need to try to finagle a way to funnel hot water out onto your patio in large quantities. They’re even less permanent than above-ground options, making them great choices for people wanting to try out offering a hot tub without committing to a construction project or a large bill.

Rental owners in colder climates can save time and money with an inflatable hot tub as well! You don’t have to worry about maintenance during the colder months because you can simply store the hot tub away. There is the added hassle of inflating and deflating over and over again, but only you can decide if that outweighs the benefits for your situation.

Best for Budget Spa Experience: Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are gaining popularity along with a rise in homeopathic remedies and a focus on inner and outer wellbeing. The benefits of these tubs can be remarkable, so it’s no wonder that guests love when they’re offered as an amenity! Pro tip: place two of them next to each other for a cute couple’s retreat!

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The downside to these tubs is that their price can sometimes rival that of a real, functioning hot tub! In the case of soaking tubs, you are paying for a solid and well-crafted piece of metal rather than one made of plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials.

There is also the issue of filling the tub with hot water. Unlike factory-made hot tubs, these cannot heat their own water. I recommend running a hot water line into your yard in order to make filling them as hassle-free as possible for your guests. This is, of course, an added cost, which is why these tubs don’t perform so well in the Price category. They are still much cheaper than a built-in hot tub, however.

Wondering what else you’ll need to provide a spa-like experience for your guests once they get out of the hot tub? Be sure to read all of my TOP Airbnb bathroom essentials HERE!

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Last but not least, a rustic bathtub out on the deck can still function as a great way to unwind. I find that this works really well in rentals with a more rustic setting such as a cabin or a cottage. Better yet: one with a great view!

Best Airbnb Hot Tubs
Airbnb Hot Tubs for Vacation Rentals

As with the soaking tubs, you would need to find some way to fill them with hot water. The most effective way would be to run a hot water line out to wherever the tubs are placed. This could be as simple as a spigot outside the house, depending on the layout. After your guests finish up with their luxurious soaking experience, be sure to provide with linens to match! Check out my top towel recommendations today!

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