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So Do Airbnb Hosts Rate Guests? Find Out if You Will Be Reviewed (2024)

Guests have the opportunity to rate their hosts within 14 days of their check-out date.  This system lets other prospective customers know what the experience at a particular Airbnb and with a particular host was like.  If you are getting great reviews as a host, naturally your property is going to stay booked more often. On the flip side, though, do hosts get to rate their guests?

Do Airbnb Hosts Rate Guests

Do Airbnb Hosts Rate Guests?

Just like the guests, hosts have 14 days after the check-out date to leave a rating for their guests.  These reviews will not appear publicly until after the guest has also left a rating or the 14 days has passed.  There are a number of ways hosts can rate their guests. This feedback provides information to other Airbnb hosts that the same guests may want to book with in the future.

If a guest has several positive reviews left by hosts, it will positively impact their booking experience.  Other hosts will want to accept the reservation request when they see that good things have been written by previous hosts.   The review system as a whole is great because it provides an opportunity for both guests and hosts to know what to expect from one another.

What Types of Ratings Can Hosts Provide?

Airbnb will send you a message as the host, after your guests’ departure, reminding you to leave a review.  There are several ways that hosts can choose to rate their guests.  Below is a list of rating options:

  • Public Reviews
  • Private Feedback
  • Star Ratings
  • Group Reviews

Public Reviews

Public reviews are made visible to all those in the Airbnb community.  As a host, you might leave comments like, “(Name) was very respectful of the property and maintained a neat and tidy space.  He was a model guest!” This would let other hosts know that they would probably want to accept a reservation request from this guest.

Likewise, you could leave a negative review that would be visible to other hosts.  Suppose your guest left wet towels all over the furniture. You are free to write a public review regarding this experience.  Other hosts may think twice before accepting a reservation request from that guest in the future.  

Just like your own ratings, guest ratings have the ability to positively or negatively impact that guest’s future use of Airbnb.

Private Feedback

If you want to rate a guest in a more personal way, you may choose to leave private feedback.  This is in the form of a message to the guest and will not be seen by the Airbnb community. 

These messages can be both appreciative and constructive.  If hosting a particular guest was a truly wonderful experience, you might want to commend them privately on how much you enjoyed their stay.

If the experience with a guest was not so great, sending a private message is a way to provide constructive criticism without damaging the guest’s profile or ability to book with other Airbnb hosts. 

If there were small actions that bothered you on the part of the guest, you might choose to share your complaints with him privately, rather than in a place that everyone could see the review.

If a guest has small complaints with you as a host, obviously you would rather them private message their constructive criticism, rather than sharing it publicly.  Private feedback is a way to show that same consideration to your guests.  

Star Rating

You may choose to leave a star rating for a guest, rather than writing a review.  You can rate your guests from 1 to 5. A rating of 1 star would mean that hosting this guest was a truly horrible experience. 

A rating of 5 would mean that the guest was wonderful to host. These ratings will impact whether or not other hosts choose to accept the guest’s reservation requests.

You can rate your guests with stars ranging from 1 to 5 in several different categories, including cleanliness, communication, and overall experience. 

Therefore if a guest was lacking in one area but wonderful in the rest, you can divvy up their stars in each area.  You do not have to give them an overall low rating just because one part of the experience did not go well.

Group Reviews

Group reviews are public reviews, visible to the Airbnb community.  These reviews work exactly the same way that a public review would for a single guest.  The only difference is that group reviews appear on the profiles of all of the guests on the reservation.

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Which Rating Option Should be Used?

Which mode of rating you use is at your discretion.  If a guest has been especially pleasant or unpleasant, this may be good information to share publicly.  Other hosts can use this information. After all, you would appreciate knowing a guest was a cleanliness nightmare before you accepted their reservation request!

Other times, it may be more pertinent to use a private message to provide feedback.  Rating your guests with starts from 1 to 5 is a good option to give that guest an indication of behaviors they may need to change in the future. 

This also affords other hosts the option of knowing exactly what went wrong or right during that guest’s stay.

Why Should Hosts Rate Guests?

You, as a host, appreciate it when guests leave you good ratings.  They lead to more bookings for your Airbnb.

If guests have a good experience, then it is courteous of them to leave a review that lets others know what a wonderful host you were! 

If guests had a bad experience, they can at least offer you clarity on what went wrong. Hopefully, they will use private feedback!

Rating your guests is your opportunity to return the favor.  If they were great guests, you can show courtesy by letting the Airbnb community know that their reservation requests should be accepted.  

If your experience with a certain guest was below par, you can also let them know what went wrong. The guest can use this information to modify the way they treat Airbnbs and hosts in the future.

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Related Questions:

Can You Leave an Airbnb Review from Your Phone?

 You can leave a review from your phone if you have downloaded the Airbnb app.  If you are simply accessing the Airbnb website from your phone, you will not be able to leave a review. 

Your options are to either use the app or to use a computer. Airbnb is currently working on making it possible to leave a review by accessing the website through a phone.

Can You Delete Negative Airbnb Reviews or Reviews You Disagree With?

You cannot delete reviews left on your profile by guests.  Let’s face it. If this was possible, no one would have any poor reviews, and the whole review system would be worthless.  You are able to respond to reviews by guests, though.

If you disagree with something a guest has said about you as a host or your property, you can write a response that identifies why you feel their claims are wrong or exaggerated.  This way, if a prospective guest is viewing your profile and sees negative comments, they can at least also view your side of the story.

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