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Does Airbnb Have Towels? How to Be Prepared For Your Guests

Guests who are new to Airbnb sometimes do not know exactly what to expect.  I get a lot of questions from these guys. One of the more frequently asked questions is: “Do I need to bring my own towels or are they provided?”

Does Airbnb Have Towels

So Does Airbnb Have Towels? Is there a Requirement?

Airbnb does not have a lot of requirements as to how you manage your property, but they do suggest that you have fresh linens and towels for each guest.  If you want to get positive ratings, you will definitely need to provide towels.

Guests may need to launder their own towels if they are staying for a length of time, but you should stock a good supply so that they do not run low.

While this is a suggestion on the part of Airbnb, it is also a good practice.  Ensuring that towels are made available will make for a more comfortable stay for your guests.

You are likely to get better reviews from your guests if you have provided the things they will need, such as towels.  The provision of towels will also help to keep your property cleaner.

Why Should You Provide Towels?

Like me, you probably want to provide the most comfortable stay possible for your guests.  That means you need to think about the amenities they will need beforehand.

You can be as basic as you like, or go out of your way to make their stay lavish.  Towels are a basic need, and something every Airbnb host should stock in their rental properties.

Imagine you are on vacation.  You take a nice, hot, luxurious shower, and then step out to realize there have been no towels supplied.  That would kind of ruin the experience, wouldn’t it? That’s not something you want happening to any of your guests.

Make sure towels are stocked in the bathroom and kitchen and that they can be easily located by your guests.

In addition to making for a comfortable experience for your guests, you also want to bolster your reviews.  Providing the correct quality and quantity of towels can make a difference in the review your guests leave you.  Attention to detail will have a lot to do with the ratings that you receive.

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What Kinds of Towels Should be Provided?

Of course, you want to make sure you provided standard-sized towels for the bathroom, but you should also make sure that there are washcloths and hand towels available.

Guests often first judge the quality of the Airbnb by the cleanliness and convenience of the bathroom. Towels are something guests assume will be there and take for granted.

It is a good idea to make sure your guests have every type of towel they might need.  As well as stocking the bathroom, make sure there are also dish rags and hand towels available in the kitchen.

If you are renting out your Airbnb to guests with a pet, you might also consider providing a basket of older towels for their pet care needs.

Not every guest will remember to travel with extra towels for their pet.  Showing that you care by going the extra mile will make a good impression on your guests who are bringing a dog or cat along.

This will also help your reviews and probably help to keep your property tidier and keep your good towels from getting used for pet care purposes.

If your Airbnb is near a beach or waterfront of any kind, providing beach towels is also a good idea.  If you do not provide these, chances are your nicer bathroom towels are going to get used outdoors and covered in sand or mud.  This will be an appreciated gesture by your guest and serve to keep your bathroom towels in better condition.

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How Many Airbnb Towels Should be Provided?

It is a good practice to keep two sets of towels for each guest stocked in your Airbnb, plus several dish rags and pet towels.  If you have a washer and dryer unit in your Airbnb, this gives guests the option of not having to do laundry every day of their stay.

Obviously, no one wants to do laundry on vacation! This practice can also save you time on cleaning.

If there is not a washer and dryer unit available to your guests, you will need to provide them with freshly laundered towels.  Having two sets already stocked in the Airbnb gives you an extra day between washing as well.

You probably want to have a third set put back so that you can change out the towels quickly either in between guests or after two days for longer-term guests.

How Can You Ensure that Your Towels are Well-Cared For?

In addition to providing towels, you should also provide hampers or clothes baskets for the soiled towels.  This will keep them off the floor and off of your furniture.

The last thing your next set of guests want to walk into is a couch that has been drenched by wet towels.  If you have provided guests with their own laundering station, they will probably be respectful enough to use the baskets.

If you are doing the laundry for your guests at another location, having the soiled towels collected in hampers will help make transportation easier for you.

Providing paper towels for the clean-up of messes is another strategy that will save your good towels.  If paper towels are available, your guests will be less likely to clean up Kool-Aid spills with your quality towels.

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What Amenities Does Airbnb Consider Essential for your Guests? 

While you can go all out and make your Airbnb as lavish as you like, there are some basic amenities that you should include no matter what.  While we discussed how having two sets of towels per guest could be beneficial, you will need to make sure you are at least providing one set.

You should also make sure your Airbnb is stocked with toilet paper, soap, bed linens, and at least one pillow for each guest.  These are all items guests will expect you to provide. Your guests will need the basics to enjoy their stay. Making sure these items are well-stocked will help you obtain a 5-star review.

What Are Some Amenities that will Make Your Airbnb Stand Out?  

It is a great idea to have books and magazines available in your Airbnb.  This will give your guests something to look at in their down-time. Creative artwork hanging from the walls is a nice touch.  This makes for good conversation if you will be spending time with your guests.

Some hosts even go the extra mile and make a “Welcome Basket” for each set of guests with wine, chocolate, and/or spa items.  Fresh cut flowers are a nice touch as well. These can be strategically placed in a vase on the dining room table or on the nightstands.

How Many Sets of Bed Linens Should I Purchase for my Airbnb?

It is a good idea to have two sets of bed linens for each bed on the property.  This way, you do not get in a tight spot when it comes to washing the linens in between guests.

Also, if a guest calls to let you know something has been spilled on the bed, you have a quick replacement for them while the sheets and comforter are being laundered.

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