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How Do I Contact Airbnb by Phone? (2024) Here’s the Number…

Whether you are an Airbnb host or guest, there are many reasons you may need to contact Airbnb by phone. There may be an issue at your rental, or you may have a question about payment policies. Either way, if you use Airbnb’s services, you should have a contact phone number readily available.

How to Contact Airbnb by Phone

So How Do I Contact Airbnb by Phone?

If you are a US resident, the best toll-free number to contact Airbnb is 1 (844) 234-2500. This number will send a secure link to your phone to confirm your account, then connect you to a call menu. You can select options like safety, reservations, payments, or describe why you are calling. The system will then connect you to a helpful representative.

Does Airbnb Have 24 Hour Customer Service?

Yes. Airbnb has representatives standing by 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have, whether you are hosting an Airbnb or are a guest at a rental. These representatives are trained to assist Airbnb users with specialized support for urgent issues.

Some reasons you may need to contact customer service for an urgent issue include:

  • You arrive to check in to your Airbnb but cannot get in contact with your host
  • A host has safety concerns about their guest
  • There has been property damage
  • You are facing discrimination

This urgent response line is available during active reservations and 24hrs before and after an active reservation.

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Other Ways to Contact Airbnb

Airbnb has several communication options available. You can request a call from the Neighborhood Support team, chat with an Airbnb representative through the app or website, or email Airbnb through the app or website. Airbnb representatives are always standing by to assist you with any needs.

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