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How To Add Value To Your Airbnb (2024): 11 Valuable Tips For Hosts

Like so many other Airbnb hosts, looking for a way to add value to your Airbnb rental is not uncommon. Adding value to an Airbnb rental by investing in more details upfront provides an increased monetary value for your rental.

How To Add Value To Your Airbnb

So how do you add value to your Airbnb?

  1. Supply towels that are plush and quick to dry
  2. Upgrade to quality toilet paper
  3. Customize toiletries
  4. Caffeinate guests with awesome Keurig and Nespresso options
  5. Provide exceptional bedding
  6. Grab a mattress that ensures any guest gets a good night’s sleep
  7. Supply a several of pillows to satisfy any sleeper
  8. Make guests feel they are sleeping on a cloud with the perfect mattress topper
  9. Go the extra mile to makes guests feel welcome and special
  10. Provide entertainment options to ensure fun
  11. Make check-in a breeze

The following article will provide useful tips to add value to your Airbnb and keep clients booking. 

Household Items That Add Value

When guests book an Airbnb, they are looking to relax, unwind, and enjoy the luxury they may not have at home. If you upgrade some simple household items, it will add value, keeping great client reviews and your rental booked. 

1.Towels – Provide towels that are plush but quick to dry. White seems to be the best color that hides stains and keeps that new look. It would also add value to keep extra towels in an accessible linen closet. Depending on the size of your rental, it would be best to keep one or two extra Airbnb towels per guest, per night. 

2. Toilet Paper – Don’t cheap out here and buy the one-ply. Upgrade to either Cottonelle, Quilted Northern, or Charmin. Check out my article on toilet paper etiquette here. As an added tip, make sure to include what’s stated in your listing.

3.Toiletries – Your guests will appreciate the extra travel items they likely forgot to pack which all come standard in any Airbnb rental. However, you can make them feel extra special by customizing what you provide like homemade hand soap, make-up removal pads, etc. Instead of buying travel items in bulk, purchase an automatic dispenser shower soap dispenser. Here is the one that I use in my Airbnb.

4.Coffee Maker – Most guests will probably agree that coffee is a crucial way to start the day. Upgrade to a better coffee maker and decent k-cups to keep guests happy and caffeinated. An even better option would be to provide a Nespresso Verturo machine. This has worked great in my Airbnb. Many coffee lovers enjoy espresso but don’t spend the money to have it every day. This will make guests feel like they are getting an upgraded morning coffee. Add a little more value by creating a coffee station for your guests. Include sugar packets, creamer, and a variety of k-cups or Nespresso pods. 

Bedding Tips That Add Value

Nothing can ruin a rental and ultimately result in a poor review like a terrible night’s sleep. So, getting the right bedding is crucial to increasing the value of your Airbnb rental.

5. Sheets – Upgrade to at least a 500 thread count. These tend to be more durable and easily washed. Go for a simple, white sheet for that fresh look and replace them as necessary. The white sheet actually adds to the bedroom and value of the space. Guests view white sheets as similar to hotel quality.

6. Mattress – Sleeping on the right mattress can make a world of difference. However, as an Airbnb host, you cannot predict what type of mattress will be right for each of your guests. You actually don’t have to break the bank to grab a decent mattress. If you make sure the mattress has memory foam it will form fit to each individual guest. This will ensure a restful, good night’s sleep for your guests. 

7. Pillows – Look for pillows that are plump, avoid sagginess, and stay in place while you sleep. These pillows usually come in gel-like sleep technology and are covered in Egyptian cotton. Pillows like these tend to appease an array of sleepers and will get you that ultimate 5-star review. Stacking multiple pillows on each bed also gives the guest the choice of how they normally like to sleep… actually, Airbnb Plus requires 2 pillows per guest. Whether guests like to sleep surrounded by fluff or just need simple support under their head, you can keep anyone happy by providing an array of different pillows.

8. Mattress Topper – The right mattress topper will contain memory foam for extra comfort but also help to protect the mattress. This will add to the comfort of the mattress itself. In addition, by selecting a mattress topper that serves as a mattress protector, it will keep each bed clean and fresh, adding to the guest’s sleep and the value of your rental. 

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Go the Extra Mile For Your Airbnb Guests

Any Airbnb can create a wonderful house that feels like a vacation. But, if you truly want to add value to your Airbnb rental, you need to make your guests feel like they are on a luxurious getaway. Here are a few ways to boost the guest experience: 

9. Pillow Chocolates – This may seem very small and simple but many people find little extras that much more special. Have quick notes made up with chocolates, mints, or a favorite candy attached. Make sure either the property manager or cleaning service will assist you in placing these items in the guests’ rooms after the cleaning is complete. It will serve as a nice welcome for your incoming guests.

10. Entertainment – Many Airbnb guests will be staying for a variety of reasons but no matter what the reason, they are on vacation. So, people on vacation tend to want to let loose and have a little more fun than their everyday life. Put a sound system or portable speaker system in the house. This option carries great sound, is waterproof, and has a battery life that allows hours of listening:

Allow guests to have the ability to hook up their phones or devices and partake in the music and entertainment they enjoy. In addition, provide options to do other activities while they stay. Whether it is skiing, kayaking, or biking, set your guests up with the option to rent these items with ease.

11. Check-In – Most guests that stay at an Airbnb are looking for the ease of a hotel stay with the benefits of a home instead. In order to make check-in most efficient and easy for each guest, it is important that you install a keyless entry. Keyless entries come in many forms. You can personalize codes for each guest or send them access through smartphones. Either way, this gives you a sense of security and control while allowing guests to easily check-in.

By adding extra perks and benefits to your rental, guests will see you have gone the extra mile and you can almost guarantee a 5-star review and returning guests. Happy Hosting!

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