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Here’s How to Deal with Loud Airbnb Guests (2024): Tips for Hosts

If you’re hosting a property on Airbnb, there are a ton of factors you must take into consideration. One important thing to think about is your rental’s neighbors. Even though Airbnb doesn’t allow parties, even smaller groups of excited vacationers can get rowdy. What do you do when your Airbnb guests are loud and disruptive?

Loud Airbnb guests are a common problem, but there are several ways you can deal with this issue while maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors and guests.

Do You Have Loud Airbnb Guests?

How Do I Deal with Loud Airbnb Guests?

Dealing with loud Airbnb guests can be tricky, but it is best to communicate your house rules and quiet hours when guests book their reservations. If your guests violate these rules and continue to be loud, you should start by communicating with them and reminding them of your house rules. If this doesn’t solve the issue, reach out to Airbnb to report the problem.

The Consequences of Loud Airbnb Guests

Handling loud Airbnb guests before it becomes a repeated problem is essential as an Airbnb host. If loud Airbnb guests repeatedly disrupt your neighbors, they can now contact Airbnb to file complaints against you as a host. This can put your hosting status with Airbnb in jeopardy.

In addition to Airbnb repercussions, noise complaints can result in police action and possible fines and fees for you as the property owner.

How to Avoid Noise Complaints as an Airbnb Host

The best way to avoid the annoyance and consequences of noisy guests is to be proactive in preventing loud Airbnb guests. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways.

Screen Your Guests

As a host, you are allowed to screen Airbnb reservations for potential issues. When you receive a reservation request, view the renter’s profile. Do they have any negative reviews? Have other hosts commented on noise or communication issues? These are important factors.

You can also consider who will be staying at your property. If you properly vet your guests, you can avoid noise issues altogether. A couple looking for a relaxing retreat is much less likely to be loud than six young friends looking for a fun getaway.

Not sure how to go about vetting your renters? Check out our article about how to screen your Airbnb guests.

Communicate Your House Rules

Every rental should have house rules displayed in the Airbnb listing and then again on paper at the actual rental. Make sure your house rules include a maximum occupancy for your rental as well as quiet hours. It is common and reasonable to have quiet hours between 10 pm and 7 am. If your rental is in a residential area with neighbors, make sure this rule is communicated to your guests.

Be sure to include consequences for violating house rules like termination of the reservation or additional fees. You can make guests responsible for any fines resulting in noise complaints by neighbors.

Maintain Good Communication with Your Neighbors

Communication is key in preventing noise issues between your guests and neighbors. First, make sure your neighbors are aware that your property is an Airbnb. Provide them with a way to contact you if they have a noise problem rather than resorting to calling the police or complaining to Airbnb.

How to Handle Loud Guests

Even with all preventative measures in place, you may still have loud and disruptive guests. In this case, follow these steps to handle your noisy renters:

  1. Speak to Your Guests

Communicate the issue with your guest first. Ask them nicely to respect the rules and your neighbors while staying on your property. Let them know complaints were made against them, and they agreed to quiet hours in the house rules when they booked.

Whenever you communicate with your guests, be sure to use the messenger on Airbnb. All of your messages will be saved with Airbnb in case you need them as evidence moving forward with noise complaints.

  1. Give Your Guests One Last Try

If your guests are still noisy, give them a final warning using the Airbnb messenger. Inform them that if you receive any more complaints, you will be forced to report the rule violations and behavior to Airbnb.

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  1. Report Your Guests to Airbnb

If your guests continue to violate your house rules and disrupt you or your neighbors, you need to report the guests to Airbnb and request the booking be canceled. You can do this by clicking the link on “Your reservations.” After receiving the complaint, Airbnb will contact the guests.

  1. Review Your Guests

If you have a genuinely bad experience with loud guests who refuse to listen to house rules, you need to share this information on Airbnb. You can leave a negative review for your guest on their Airbnb profile.

Do you need more tips on how to prevent your Airbnb rental from potential parties and loud guests? Read our article about protecting your vacation rental.

Final Thoughts

Loud Airbnb guests might be unavoidable sometimes. Even when you vet guests and have clear house rules in place, noise complaints can happen. Be sure to maintain good communication with your guests and the neighbors around your Airbnb to prevent any issues from escalating. Always report ongoing guest problems to Airbnb so they can help handle the situation. Finally, if your guests are loud and refuse to follow the rules, leave them a bad review to warn other hosts. Your negative review may prevent another host from having a literal headache.

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