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How to Delete an Airbnb Account [Or Deactivate]

It isn’t hard to deactivate an Airbnb account, and you can take care of it yourself in a few quick steps. Deleting an account is less straightforward and will require the assistance of Airbnb Help. Deactivating your account can be undone, but deleting it is permanent, so be careful and make sure you’ve decided what you really want! 

What are the steps to delete an Airbnb account?

In order to delete your Airbnb account, you will need to log into your Airbnb account, and go to Manage Your Data. Airbnb will verify your identity for security purposes. Any existing reservations that you have (as a host or a guest) will be cancelled. Once Airbnb processes your account deletion, your personal information will be permanently deleted, (other than the data that Airbnb is legally required to keep). See their privacy policy for more information.

How To Delete Your Airbnb Account
Screen Snapshot

How to Delete Your Airbnb Account
Screen Snapshot

How to Delete Your Airbnb Account
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How Do I Deactivate My Account on Airbnb?

  1. On, navigate to your profile in the upper right-hand corner
  2. At the bottom of next screen, click on Need to Deactivate Your Account? Take Care of that Now
  3. On next screen, tell Airbnb why you are deactivating, and click “Continue”
  4. On next screen, click “Deactivate Instead”

(See Images Above- They work for both deleting and deactivating)

Why would you delete an Airbnb account?

There are several reasons why people might want to delete their Airbnb account. Some are simply done with the platform and don’t want to deal with having to respond to messages or continue getting notifications about things they no longer care about. 

On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes people with bad intentions continue to delete and create new accounts in order to take advantage of people. In the latter case, Airbnb’s security system would eventually catch up with them and would likely result in them being banned entirely from the website. 

Some hosts feel the need to get a clean slate because they may have had a rocky start with Airbnb. The truth is that there’s quite a steep learning curve in the hospitality industry, and you shouldn’t let a few mixed reviews turn you off from the entire platform! As long as you’re listening to guests, hosting to the best of your ability, and striving to make improvements, there’s no reason not to power through. 

Having trouble getting consistent bookings on Airbnb? We’ve all been there. I’ve compiled my best advice on how to increase bookings right here, so be sure to check it out! 

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Can I delete my Airbnb account and make a new one?

While Airbnb doesn’t give us clear guidance on this topic, it can be assumed that deleting and remaking accounts is a bad idea for several reasons. If you delete your account on Airbnb (really delete it, not simply deactivate it), your information cannot be recovered. This is probably meant to deter people from temporarily “going off the grid” if they get into an unfavorable situation, but it does also give people a way to completely start over if they were determined to do so. 

A lot of people are tempted to delete their account and make a new one if they get a negative review, get reported, or have some other kind of negative experience on Airbnb. While this impulse is understandable, it’s very unethical to create a new account in these circumstances. It’s not fair to others that you encounter on the platform, and it is better to address any past issues honestly and move forward.

Can Airbnb delete my account?

It is possible to get banned from Airbnb. There aren’t many cut-and-dry rules on when this would happen, but violations of Airbnb’s terms of service are probably one of the biggest reasons. 

These violations can come in a variety of forms that affect both guests and hosts. In order to get banned, there needs to be very concrete evidence of misconduct. One of the most common things that can happen is someone bringing a dispute against someone else within Airbnb. While individual disputes are unlikely to result in someone getting banned (except for extreme circumstances), repeated violations will definitely not work in your favor. 

If someone gets banned from Airbnb, the decision is almost always permanent and will affect any duplicate accounts that person tries to create, since Airbnb tracks IP addresses. Sadly, Airbnb is notorious for having a less-than-accessible customer service department, and their terms of service state that they are not obligated to explain why someone got banned, which can be extremely frustrating. 

Related Questions:

How do I delete an Airbnb listing?

There are three different “levels” of deleting a listing on Airbnb. The first, and most temporary, option is to snooze the listing. If you know you’ll rent it out in the future but need a break from hosting for a while, simply go to your listings and find the one you want to snooze. Click the three dots next to the listing, and select Edit. Scroll down until you see Listing Status, and click Edit, then Change Status and select Snoozed from the different menu options. 

Snoozing is a great tool that allows you to set a timeframe for where you don’t want to rent out your listing. If you’d like to unlist your Airbnb, follow the same steps as above but select Unlist from the dropdown menu. You can always relist from your listings manager if you want. 

To fully and permanently delete a listing, follow the same steps to Snooze or Unlist but select Deactivate from the dropdown menu. If you have any reservations or requests on the listing, you won’t be able to deactivate it. 

How do I delete a review on Airbnb?

You cannot delete a review on Airbnb, sadly. The purpose of this is to keep both hosts and guests accountable for their actions in order to protect others who may interact with them in the future. However, sometimes you may feel you have received an unfair review that you would like others not to see. 

If this happens, there are a few courses of action you can take. My main recommendation would be to respond to the review. After a review is posted, you can make a response that will show publicly underneath it on your profile. Use this as an opportunity to clear up any miscommunications, mishaps, or even false statements that someone else may have made. 

Unfortunately for some, Airbnb reviews do not expire. If you’ve gotten a bad review, don’t panic! Check out Rental Recon’s best tips for dealing with a negative review here!

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